8 Canadian Startups Actively Hiring for Mechanical Engineer Roles

From Robotics to Aviation: The Expanding Landscape of Engineering Opportunities in Canada's Startup Ecosystem


Key Takeaways

  1. Canada’s startup scene is ripe with opportunities, particularly for Mechanical Engineers.
  2. Companies hiring include Attabotics, Wisk Aero, Sanctuary AI, Domtar, and Beta Technologies.
  3. Job locations span across Canada, with many positions available in Montreal and Vancouver.
  4. The demand for Mechanical Engineers is indicative of Canada’s rapidly growing tech sector.

The Canadian Startup Boom

Canada’s startup scene has experienced a surge in growth over recent years, producing global tech giants such as Shopify, Hootsuite, and Slack. In particular, the demand for mechanical engineers in the startup space is skyrocketing, signalling the rapid expansion and diversification of Canada’s tech industry. Below are eight Canadian startups currently hiring for mechanical engineer roles.

Attabotics: Mechanical Engineer, Robot

Attabotics, a Calgary-based tech firm that revolutionizes supply chain operations, is hiring a Mechanical Engineer for their Robot division. The successful applicant will be at the cutting edge of warehouse automation, working on innovative robotics solutions.

Wisk Aero: Multiple Roles

Wisk Aero, an autonomous air taxi startup located in Montreal, is currently offering three distinct opportunities for mechanical engineers. Staff Mechanical Engineering Professional, Senior Staff Mechanical Engineering Professional, Thermal, and Sr. Mechanical Engineering Professional are all open roles. Each position provides a chance to work on the cutting edge of electric aviation and self-flying technology.

Sanctuary AI: Hardware Co-op: Mechanical Engineering

Vancouver-based AI company Sanctuary AI has an opening for a Hardware Co-op in Mechanical Engineering for the September 2023 term. This role provides an opportunity to work on advanced AI and robotics systems that aim to create human-like intelligence in machines.

Domtar: Mechanical Engineer (P.ENG)

Domtar, a company specializing in fiber-based products, is looking for a Mechanical Engineer with a P.ENG certification. As part of their team, the hired candidate will be able to work on innovative fiber-based products, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Beta Technologies: Senior Mechanical Engineer- Pilot Flight Controls

Beta Technologies, based in Montreal, is seeking a Senior Mechanical Engineer with experience in pilot flight controls. This exciting opportunity involves working on cutting-edge electric aviation technology.

Exploring Engineering in Canada

These are just a few examples of the mechanical engineering opportunities that abound within Canada’s thriving startup ecosystem. By exploring these opportunities, mechanical engineers can find themselves at the forefront of technological innovations, from robotics and AI to sustainable materials and electric aviation.

Canada’s startup scene is no longer just about software. It’s increasingly about hardware, infrastructure, and real-world solutions – the kinds of problems mechanical engineers are trained to solve. The growth of the Canadian tech sector and the range of opportunities it offers signal a bright future for engineers in the country.

While the tech industry’s continued growth promises exciting opportunities for all, for mechanical engineers, the future seems particularly promising. So, dust off your resumes and get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Canadian startups.

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