Shopify Launches First Phase of Initiative to Boost Partner Program

E-commerce giant Shopify has unveiled plans to expand its partner program in a move aimed at helping partners adapt to the constant changes in the retail landscape. The initiative, which will run over several years, will enable Shopify’s partners to gain new skills, earn more rewards, and engage more with the platform. The company said the move aims to help its partners adapt to shifting consumer trends, supply chain challenges, and other macroeconomic factors impacting retail.

Expanding the Partner Program

Under the first phase of the initiative, Shopify will offer expanded plans and product incentives to its partners. Partners will now be able to earn more money for working with Shopify Plus merchants, strategic accounts, and enterprise clients. Shopify is also adding product referral incentives, including bonuses for every merchant referred to POS Pro, the top-tier of subscriptions to its point-of-sale software, as well as US partners when they launch merchants on MarketsPro.

New Learning Opportunities

To ensure its partners have the resources to use the new features, Shopify is launching a certification program with both business foundation and technical certifications. Partners will have access to eight new courses and will be able to earn badges. The first learning path, Business Foundations, will include courses on Shopify 101, Shopify Plus, Shopify Markets, and Shopify POS, as well as marketing, data, and business foundations.

Shopify also plans to support partners’ education and earnings potential with expanded virtual and in-person events, starting with Partner Education Day on April 4. The company said there will also be an in-person event this fall to recognize top-performing commercial partners.

Expanding Opportunities for Shopify Partners

The company’s partner network comprises thousands of development and digital marketing agencies, system integrators, and technology partners worldwide. Partners can earn money by creating e-commerce themes and publishing them in the Shopify Theme Store, as well as by creating Shopify apps and publishing them in the Shopify App Store.

Shopify’s recent financial results show it posted a 26% year-on-year revenue jump, but growth remains below pre-pandemic levels. The company has been consistently updating its mobile shopping app, checkout functionality, and fulfillment network, among others, and its latest expansion of its partner program aims to bring more benefits to its partners.

Shopify’s initiative is set to provide its partners with the resources, knowledge, and opportunities they need to grow and thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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