Startup Showcase: SusGlobal Energy – Leading the Way to Sustainable Organic Waste Management


SusGlobal Energy is a Toronto-based renewable energy company that is dedicated to sustainable global management of organic waste. The company has been at the forefront of developing innovative and proprietary technology to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy. With the growing amount of organic wastes being produced globally, SusGlobal Energy is equipped and confident to deliver a sustainable solution through their expertise in renewable energy.

In this startup showcase, we will explore SusGlobal Energy’s mission, services, and how they are leading the way in sustainable organic waste management.

Sustainable Global Management of Organic Waste

The growing amount of organic waste produced by society has become a global challenge. SusGlobal Energy, through their proprietary technology, is committed to sustainable organic waste management, converting organic material into valuable end products. Biomass, one of the renewable resources, is derived from organic material such as forestry, food, plant and animal residuals. SusGlobal Energy provides a solution by converting this waste into valuable resources such as biogas, liquid biofuels, and compost, which can be converted into electricity, fuels, and marketed to agricultural operations.

Services Offered

SusGlobal Energy offers a full range of services to manage organic waste streams. Their services include anaerobic digestion, dry digestion, biogas production, wastewater treatment, in-vessel composting, source-separated organics treatment, biosolids heat treatment, and composting. The company is focused on meeting the increasing demand for renewable energy and creating an environmentally sound method of organic waste management.

A Sustainable Solution

SusGlobal Energy’s services are designed to benefit both public and private markets. The company diverts organic waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions that result from landfilling organic wastes. The practice of converting organic materials into valuable end products emphasizes the large magnitude of utility. SusGlobal Energy’s services provide peace of mind that the full lifecycle of organic material is achieved, global benefits are realized, and stewardship for total sustainability is upheld.

Cutting-Edge Technology

SusGlobal Energy has proprietary processes and combines different treatments to provide their clients with total solutions. The company’s cutting-edge technology and innovative experience are used to develop sustainable organic waste management solutions that are tailored to the needs of their clients. The company’s team of experts has years of experience and technical knowledge, and they are committed to providing their clients with the best solution possible.


SusGlobal Energy is leading the way in sustainable organic waste management, and their services are designed to benefit both public and private markets. With their expertise in renewable energy and innovative technology, SusGlobal Energy provides a sustainable solution to organic waste management. Their commitment to sustainability and their clients is what sets them apart.



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