Toronto-Based AI Startup Shakudo Raises 9.5M CAD in Series A Funding, Leads Charge in Data Stack Compatibility

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Shakudo, a Toronto-based AI startup, raised 9.5 million CAD in a Series A funding round.
  2. The funding round was led by GreatPoint Ventures, with participation from Golden Ventures, Parade Ventures, and RTP Global.
  3. The total funding raised to date by Shakudo now amounts to 13.7 million CAD across two funding rounds.
  4. Shakudo is revolutionizing the AI, Machine Learning, and Software industries with their best-of-breed data tool compatibility solutions.
  5. The company is expected to use the new funds to continue expanding their robust, performant, and cost-effective data stack.

Shakudo, a Toronto-based artificial intelligence startup specializing in data stack compatibility, has recently announced the successful completion of a Series A funding round amounting to 9.5 million CAD. This substantial injection of funds is expected to fuel the company’s drive to deliver more reliable, performant, and cost-effective data stack solutions.

The Crunchbase profile of Shakudo reveals that the funding round was led by GreatPoint Ventures. Other significant contributors included Golden Ventures, Parade Ventures, and RTP Global. With the Series A funding successfully closed, Shakudo’s total funding now reaches an impressive 13.7 million CAD across two funding rounds.

Shakudo is making a name for itself in the AI, Machine Learning, and Software industries by creating solutions that enhance compatibility across best-of-breed data tools. In an era where data drives the decisions of businesses worldwide, Shakudo’s work is increasingly relevant and crucial.

The recently acquired funding is expected to be utilized in further expanding Shakudo’s innovative product suite, which is set to break new ground in how businesses use and interact with their data stacks.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Shakudo is proudly Canadian and part of a growing tech hub in the region. The successful funding round underscores the vibrant tech industry’s rise in Canada and cements Shakudo’s position as a key player in the global data stack solutions market.

For more information about Shakudo and their innovative approach to data stacks, visit their official website at

This latest fundraising round is another testament to the explosive potential and promise within the AI and Machine Learning sector. Keep a close eye on Shakudo as it continues to innovate and redefine the data stack landscape.

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