Which Canadian Delivery Startups Are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

In the midst of the rise in demand for home delivery services, Canadian startups have stepped up to provide unique and innovative solutions. From same day delivery of groceries, to meals tailored specifically for the health and wellness industry, to autonomous robotic delivery systems, there’s a wealth of variety in the delivery service startup sector. Here, we highlight 15 standout startups challenging the norms of delivery services, and enriching the lives of Canadian consumers.

Based in region known to breed successful startups, these companies are mainstreaming cutting-edge technologies and logistics methods, making delivery more efficient and accessible. Their contributions to the delivery service industry have been nothing short of revolutionary. These rising stars are proving that Canadian entrepreneurs can compete globally, while also meeting local needs in unprecedented ways.

These startups, united in their quest to transform the delivery landscape, offer unique attributes that set them apart. From those providing solutions for last-mile deliveries to those making shopping from complex eCommerce channels a breeze, there’s a Canadian delivery startup for every need. In this article, we present a curation of these businesses, providing a snapshot of their services, industries they operate in and the brilliant minds behind them.


Founders: Kevin Wang, Peter Lu

Website: https://uniuni.com

UniUni is a cutting-edge startup that aims to disrupt the delivery service industry with its crowdsourcing eCommerce last-mile delivery solutions.


Founders: Eugene Bisovka, Oskar Hartmann, Razmik Sukyasov

Website: https://hello.gotiggy.com

Tiggy is an innovative grocery delivery service promising to deliver products within 15 minutes, currently operational in Vancouver.


Founders: Aaron Paul, Jaden Pereira

Website: https://www.tyltgo.com/

Tyltgo offers courier, logistics, supply chain management, and delivery services, crafting a holistic solution for small businesses and enterprises alike.

Vegano Foods

Founders: Conor Power, Kaylee Astle

Website: https://veganofoods.com

Vegano Foods is broadening the scope of meal kit delivery services by focusing on plant-based menus, sourcing high-quality ingredients from local farmers and producers.


Founder: Ricky Gill

Website: http://www.reefreshed.com

Reefreshed is an online platform offering a wide range of goods and services delivered within minutes, 24/7.

FlashBox – Same-day Delivery for Businesses

Founders: Mehdi Nayebi, Mehrshad Pezeshk

Website: https://flashbox.co

Addressing the need for efficient logistics, Flashbox offers the ideal solution for businesses with its last-mile delivery service.

Snap Shop

Founder: Talha Khan

Website: https://www.sshop.ca

Snap Shop aims to be a digital convenience store delivering to your doorstep.

Tiny Mile

Founder: Ignacio Tartavull

Website: https://tinymile.ai/

With delivery robots at its heart, Tiny Mile seeks to reduce the carbon footprint and costs of first- and last-mile deliveries.

Pumpkin Kart

Founders: Philip Correya, Visal Varghese

Website: https://pumpkinkart.com/

Pumpkin Kart is an on-demand platform for the speedy and efficient delivery of ethnic food and grocery items.


Website: http://www.blip.delivery

Blip.delivery offers a unique solution by offering a same-day delivery API for e-commerce platforms.

ChicBear Boutique

Founder: Charlee Letendre

Website: https://www.chicbearline.com/

ChicBear Boutique is an e-commerce boutique providing sleek fashion options delivered to your doorstep.


Website: https://deeleeo.com/

Deeleeo is a tech-based, on-demand crowdshipping delivery service catering to businesses and consumers, offering same-day local delivery.

Synkar Autonomous

Founders: André Barros, Evandro Barros, Lucas Assis

Website: https://www.synkar.com

Synkar Autonomous is an innovative Canadian company providing autonomous delivery solutions globally.

Parcel Port

Website: https://www.theparcelport.com/

Parcel Port designs and develops smart parcel locker solutions, offering comprehensive shipment, warehouse and delivery services for the logistics sector.


Founders: Brian Luk, Jitin Tuli, Tushar Vaid

Website: http://www.foodmylife.com

Delivering nutrition for the body and mind, Foodmylife is a venture focusing on the wellness industry with its tailored food delivery service.

In summary, these startups enrich the Canadian delivery service landscape with their innovative solutions, catered to the specific needs of businesses and consumers alike. With their unique offerings, they transform delivery services from simple product transportation to enriched customer experiences.

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