Which Canadian Dental Startups Redefined the Oral Health Industry in 2023?

It’s an exciting time in the dental industry. The rise of artificial intelligence, tele-dentistry and personalized oral health care offered by digital platforms are making access to dental care easier and more widespread. For those looking to invest in or keep an eye on emerging technologies in Canada, here are fifteen Canadian dental startups that are revolutionizing the industry, from AI-powered image assessment services to on-site services in corporate offices and educational institutions.

Startups like these are a demonstration of Canada’s innovative spirit and commitment to health-tech evolution. They not only combine cutting-edge technology but also broad healthcare knowledge to improve patient comfort, dental procedure efficiency, industry standards, and overall oral health outcomes.

The listed startups below provide distinctive and strategic solutions, designed to improve every aspect of the dental care industry. From clinical decision support systems to dental support organizations, these pioneers are trailblazing the dental industry in a whole new light.


OraQ AI is an empowering clinical decision support system that aims to boost patients’ wellness practice through a holistic approach. Founders Amreesh Khanna, Michael Parchewsky, and Wayne Madhlangobe have developed technologies incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Dental Health Care, Machine Learning, and Software into their industry-leading platform.


SnapSmile, the brainchild of founders Kartik Bala, Myooran Nadesan, Navine Manivannan, is a personalized oral health monitoring app. The startup operates within the Dental and Health Care sectors, offering personalized dental health monitoring catered to individual patients.


A cloud platform aiming to improve dentistry quality and productivity, Denti.AI was established by Dmitry Tuzoff. The company provides automated analysis of dental images using AI.


Introducing clear, comfortable, professional aligners, Sequence32 was co-founded by Jeremy Sebbag and Steve Perez. The startup operates within the Beauty, Dental, Health Care, and Medical Device industries.

Doc Clik

Co-founded by Andrew Moubarak, Mark Moubarak, and Romeo Antoun, DocClik provides a superior healthcare experience for millions of patients with its technology-driven services.

Passion Dental Group

Passion Dental Group is a dental support organization. Founded by Brett Sorensen, Michael Parchewsky, and Richard Burns, the startup operates within the Dental, Health Care, and Marketing sectors.


Xcare is all-in-one clinic solution which automates clinic tasks for better patient experience and administrative efficiency.

A Medical Partner

A Medical Partner is a startup organization offering services to support dental professionals and practices in achieving their goals.


Smile Innovations provides root canal treatment, dentures and veneer services. Founded by Donald Park and Manny Padda, the company innovates within the Dental, Health Care, and Medical industries.


Dentli™, co-founded by Aidan Payne and Tomas Henkenhaf, is a dental directory SaaS platform built and operated by Lumens Dental Corp.

RevUp Dental

With a focus on marketing and advertising services for dental practices, RevUp Dental was established by founder Nick Fotache.

Northmount Dental Care

Northmount Dental Care is a dental clinic offering a range of family dental care and cosmetic dentistry services to its patients.

Online Exodontia, Inc.

Online Exodontia, Inc. concentrates on continuing dental education specifically for dental extraction procedures.


Clover, conceived by founder Eric Tolic, is an on-site dental care provider at retirement homes, corporate offices, and educational institutions, ensuring that dental care is accessible to all strata of society.


Identcare is a manufacturing company offering dental solution for oral health, including image processing, AI, mobile application.

Canadian dental startups are not only changing the face of oral health care in the country but also making a significant impact on the global stage. As these companies continue to innovate, the future of the dental industry looks bright, with technology and patient comfort at the forefront. The potential for improvement and expansion in dental care is vast and largely untapped, providing ample opportunities for these startups to thrive and grow.

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