Which Ontario E-Learning Startups are Transforming Canada’s Educational Landscape?

Ontario, Canada’s most populous province is not only known for its diverse culture and bustling cities, but also for its growing tech industry. Within this burgeoning tech landscape, e-learning startups are pioneering innovative solutions, especially now when technology-enabled instruction has never been more critical. In this article, we’re showcasing 15 ground-breaking e-learning startups based in Ontario who are leveraging technology to reimagine the learning experience.

From AI-based learning platforms to operations software for Learning and Development teams, these startups are leading the shift in the education sector. Collectively, they aim to make education accessible, personalized, and effective, offering tailored solutions for learners, educators, businesses, and institutions alike. Let’s dive in to explore these trailblazers who are transforming not just Canadian, but global education.

Cognota (formerly Synapse)

Founded by Josh Crohn, Ryan Austin and Sebastian Leks, Cognota is revolutionizing the operational aspect of learning and development teams. As the first and only operations platform designed specifically for these teams, it layers technologies like collaboration, e-learning, enterprise software, information technology, SaaS, and software.


This career success platform is the brainchild of Derek Hall, Donna Litt and Joseph Fung. Uvaro provides professionals with the necessary skills, coaching and job opportunities to lead fulfilling careers. Its focus industries spread across e-learning, education, higher education, professional networking, recruiting, sales, and training.


YOURIKA, an intelligent learning support platform, was founded by Amit Bhanot, Drew Green and Fakhri Karray. Its primary focus is on providing smarter learning solutions at scale, leveraging artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of e-learning and education pass as a service (PaaS).


Co-founded by C. James Cooper, DigitalEd provides cloud-based online education solutions focusing on science, engineering, and mathematics courses. It offers a convergence of e-learning, edtech, education, software, and STEM education.


Founded by Sarah Sedgman, LearnExperts is utilizing artificial intelligence to expedite course creation. This pioneering approach to e-learning development neatly ties into the fields of machine learning.

Tech Spark Canada

Launched by Tamar Huggins, Tech Spark Canada’s Spark Plug platform personalizes education for middle school students. Using data, artificial intelligence, curated content and a blend of e-learning, edtech, machine learning and predictive analytics, it seeks to revolutionize the educational experience.


Created by Carine Marette, Mark Deepwell and Mohsen Shahini, Kritik is a peer-to-peer learning platform. It stimulates e-learning and education by encouraging knowledge exchange among learners.


Learnify, founded by Eric Tolic and Richard Antao, constructs learning platforms allowing teachers and students to create their individual learning paths. It promotes access, tools, and flexibility through e-learning, education, and software.


LemonadeLXP is a learning digital adoption platform catering specifically to financial institutions. It’s remodelling the approach towards e-learning and information technology while simulating real-world applications for optimized learning.


Co-founded by Jonathan Davis, Trualta provides skills-based training platform for family caregivers living at home. This innovative solution intertwines e-learning, elder care and health care into a comprehensive learning experience.

Zero To Mastery

Zero To Mastery, an online coding academy, elevates e-learning, education, and information technology through its platform that enables learners to develop mastery from ground zero.


Go Plus simplifies assessments with its powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. It explores the potential of e-learning and edtech to enhance and simplify assessment process.


Edusity, co-founded by Arvind Betala and Vishal Shah, brings teachings from across the globe right to your screen. This real-time online teaching platform facilitates exchanges amongst millions of learners and teachers worldwide.


With Atin Sengar, Rahul Singh, and Vivek Ghartan at the helm, Pragra aims to train professionals for a transformed career. From cloud computing to web design, Pragra is your one-stop solution for professional learning in the tech industry.


Glish was established by Ben Constanty and Jasmine Johal to provide modern English educational services. Through its online platform, learners can access courses and study abroad programs, opening up a world of opportunities in e-learning, higher education and vocational training.

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