15 Interesting Payments Startups in Canada Revolutionizing the Financial Landscape

In the rapidly evolving world of payments technology, Canada has become a hotbed for innovative fintech startups. These companies are revolutionizing the way we make transactions, offering seamless solutions and empowering businesses and individuals alike. Here are 15 fascinating payments startups in Canada that are making waves in the industry.

Buckzy Payments: Enabling Cross-Border Real-Time Payments and Banking-as-a-Service

Buckzy Payments is a fintech company that enables cross-border real-time payments and Banking-as-a-Service solutions. Their cutting-edge technology facilitates secure and fast money transfers across borders, empowering businesses and individuals with efficient payment options.

PayFacto: Industry Payment Processing Technologies and Flexible Solutions

PayFacto is a leading provider of industry payment processing technologies and flexible solutions for merchants. Their comprehensive suite of payment solutions simplifies transactions, offering secure and reliable processing options to businesses across various industries.

Caary: Digital Credit, Lending, and Payments Platform

Caary is a digital credit, lending, and payments platform that offers a corporate credit card and financial management solution. Their innovative platform provides businesses with streamlined access to credit, empowering them to manage their finances efficiently.

Aya: Healthcare Payment Tools and Programs for Employee Benefits

Aya is a healthcare startup that builds payment tools and programs for employee benefits packages. Their fintech solutions simplify healthcare payments, ensuring seamless processing and enhanced employee experiences.

Payday: Global Payment Solutions and Virtual Mastercards

Payday is a fintech platform that offers global payment solutions, including virtual Mastercards and foreign employee payments. Their innovative approach to payments streamlines international transactions, providing businesses with convenient and secure options.

Sleek: Streamlined 1-Click Checkout from Every Store on the Internet

Sleek is a browser extension that enables users to enjoy one-click checkout from every store on the internet. Their user-friendly solution simplifies online shopping, enhancing the checkout experience and saving time for consumers.

Mash: Radically Monetizing Digital Experiences and Content

Mash is an online platform that helps content creators radically monetize digital experiences and content. Their innovative solutions empower creators to monetize their content effectively, providing new revenue streams and business opportunities.

NetNow: B2B Checkout Platform for Verified Credit Accounts

NetNow develops a checkout platform for B2B payments, allowing merchants to verify and approve their customers for credit accounts. Their solution streamlines the checkout process and fosters efficient B2B transactions.

BlocPal International Inc.: Integrated Digital Transaction Solutions Provider

BlocPal is a digital transaction solutions provider that delivers a suite of integrated financial services and applications to its partners. Their comprehensive solutions facilitate secure and seamless digital transactions, ensuring a smooth payment experience for businesses and individuals.

Relay: Digital Bank Designed for Growing Businesses

Relay is a digital bank designed specifically for growing businesses. Their innovative banking solutions cater to the unique needs of businesses, providing streamlined financial services and empowering entrepreneurs.

Zenbase: Flexible Rent Payments for Financial Empowerment

Zenbase is a leader in flexible rent payments, committed to fostering financial empowerment for renters. Their solutions provide flexibility and convenience in rent payments, contributing to economic inclusion and financial well-being.

Neutronpay: Seamless Integration for Bitcoin Lightning Payments

Neutronpay offers a platform for payments and transactions with seamless integration to accept risk-free Bitcoin Lightning payments. Their innovative technology enables businesses to embrace the possibilities of cryptocurrency transactions with ease.

PayTic: SaaS for Risk and Compliance in Payments Back-Office Functions

PayTic’s SaaS platform helps card issuers and fintech businesses control risk and compliance by digitizing payments back-office functions. Their solution simplifies risk management and compliance processes, ensuring smooth and efficient operations for businesses in the payments industry.

Airswift: Crypto Payments Acceptance for Businesses Around the Globe

Airswift specializes in crypto payments acceptance for businesses around the globe. Their solutions enable businesses to embrace the benefits of cryptocurrency transactions, providing secure and efficient payment options in the digital economy.

Leav: Store Automation Platform for the Future of Retail

Leav is a Montreal-based retail technology company that is building a store automation platform for the future of retail. Their innovative solutions streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize payments within the retail industry.


These 15 payments startups in Canada are at the forefront of transforming the financial landscape, offering innovative solutions that revolutionize the way we make transactions. Whether it’s cross-border payments, digital credit platforms, or streamlined checkout experiences, these startups are shaping the future of payments technology.

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