How Are Toronto’s CRM Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Business in 2023?

For start-ups, effective customer relationship management (CRM) can be the difference between success and failure. CRM tools allow different sized businesses from diverse industries in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to manage customer interactions, streamline processes, and improve profitability. This article showcases 15 interesting CRM-based startups in Toronto that are garnering attention in various sectors, from artificial intelligence to beauty. They are not only offering innovative services or products but are also making a name for themselves in the start-up ecosystem.

These selected Toronto-based CRM startups represent a wide range of sectors, including communities, content marketing, SaaS, social CRM, and more. By enhancing customer engagement, retention, and lifetime value, these startups are creating comprehensive tools and platforms to meet the needs of modern businesses. Each startup’s background and areas of focus are detailed below.

Toronto, a major hub for innovation, fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship, providing an ideal environment for CRM startups to thrive. Given the competitive landscape, the startups included in this list have delivered unique value propositions, true to their mission and vision. Let’s delve into the details of these impressive enterprises.


Bettermode is a potent community platform that seamlessly integrates into your product. It aims to elevate user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. The startup operates in the communities, content marketing, customer service, SaaS, social CRM, social network, and software industries. Bettermode was founded by Mohsen Malayeri, Siavash Mahmoudian, and Soheil Alavi.


WeReno is an online platform offering fast and secure home renovation payments. This startup’s industry focus is primarily on CRM, financial services, and payments.


Presenting a unique sales tech solution for construction industry suppliers, TeamGram has carved a niche for itself in the apps, B2B, construction, CRM, SaaS, sales, and small and medium businesses sectors. The founders of TeamGram are Ahmet Yurekli, Orkun Pesinci, and Pinar Gorsev.


The work communication tool LeadDelta has been designed to maximize the benefits of business networking. The startup operates in the internet, social CRM, and software industries and was brought to life by Vedran Rasic.


Answerable is a service that ‘gigifies’ sales, enabling brands to recruit, engage, and reward customers as brand advocates, thus ensuring high sales and lower returns. Founding entrepreneur Alex de Bold steers this startup focused on artificial intelligence, content creators, SaaS, and social CRM.


As a Single Source of Truth for third-party vendor risk intelligence, assessments, audits, and ESG, ENGAIZ operates in the domains of analytics, artificial intelligence, CRM, IT, machine learning, SaaS, and software. The startup was founded by Jai Chinnakonda.


Groundhogg is a CRM and marketing firm offering automated marketing and sales solutions. Their areas of expertise include advertising, CRM, marketing, and sales automation. Adrian Tobey laid the foundation for this startup.


The startup rolldog provides CRM solutions geared toward business development. They operate in the computer, CRM, and software industries under the leadership of Craig Crawford.

Freight Genie

Offering web-based shipper leads management solutions, Freight Genie makes a mark in the CRM, digital marketing, web design, web development industries.

Nurenyx Inc.

Nurenyx Inc. is leading the future of digital bio-intelligence with technologies including quantum computing, AI/ML, and XR interfaces! The startup was founded by Jason Evans, John Okello, and Palak Patel, who are focussed on revolutionizing the artificial intelligence, big data, CRM, information technology, and machine learning industries.

Sales Canvas

Offering a ground-breaking CRM platform that eliminates barriers to high-quality data collection, Sales Canvas enables sales teams to sell more and management to make intelligent decisions. Anders Rawlins and Chris Hamoen founded this startup that sits at the crossroads of B2B, CRM, enterprise software, and SaaS.


Reimagining the hiring and recruitment experience, Naudix brings a fresh perspective to the artificial intelligence, big data, consulting, CRM, human resources, information technology, and software sectors. The founding trio of this startup consists of Adrian Chan, Stephen Beh, and Terry C.


MarketCatch, an automated marketing and customer relationship management solutions company, has its roots in consulting, CRM, and marketing automation.

Try Jupiter

Try Jupiter offers scheduling and CRM software specifically designed for beauty professionals that operates within the beauty, CRM, IT, and scheduling industries.


An internet service provider-based firm, Hoodoko operates at the nexus of CRM, customer service, and information technology.

These selected Toronto-based startups aren’t merely developing innovative CRM solutions. They are reshaping customer relationships in their respective industries, setting a competitive standard for up-and-coming CRM startups to emulate.

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