Which Edmonton Machine Learning Startups are Revolutionizing Alberta’s Tech Industry?

Edmonton, Alberta is a vibrant hub for technology and innovation, nurturing a thriving community of startups. Within the diverse startup scene, machine learning has emerged as a path-breaking domain. Several innovative startups are leveraging machine learning and other allied technologies, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, to revolutionize an array of industries, including real estate, energy, healthcare, and financial services. Here are some pioneering machine learning startups based in Edmonton that are making their mark with distinct offerings and valuable solutions.

AltaML is a prominent startup that provides both technical and strategic expertise while creating transformative applications utilizing applied AI. The expertise of founders Cory and Nicole Janssen enrich AltaML’s solutions. Specializing in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, enterprise software, and intelligent systems, AltaML is at the forefront of AI-driven innovation.

The next startup, Testfire Labs, stands out with its AI-driven software and consulting services. Creating products based on the newest developments in AI, Testfire Labs is leading the way in AI-driven solutions. Testfire Labs was founded by Dave Damer, an industry veteran.

GreyJay Energy

Founded by Kam Shergill, GreyJay Energy is making waves in the energy domain. As an energy service technology company, GreyJay Energy assists firms in transforming their facilities into energy efficiency powerhouses. Their expertise spans energy efficiency management, data visualization, SaaS, machine learning, and software.


HonestDoor, a startup established by Dan Belostotsky, uses big data and predictive analytics to combine real estate data with data science in a unique way. Their machine learning driven solution produces estimated property values, changing the game in real estate analytics.

Naiad Lab

Naiad Lab is a healthcare focused startup founded by Esmat Naikyar. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Naiad Lab enables the connection of healthcare providers with remote patients, encompassing the domains of analytics, artificial intelligence, health care, and machine learning.


At Medo.ai, founders David Quail, Dornoosh Zonoobi, and Jacob Jaremko work tirelessly to simplify both the acquisition and interpretation of ultrasound examinations. Their solution uses AI technologies to revolutionize the healthcare industry.


Vellgus is a comprehensive solutions provider offering a range of services including web and mobile app development, AI-powered solutions, and software for startups and businesses. They operate across several sectors including analytics, apps, artificial intelligence, IT, machine learning, mobile, software, web design, and development.


The financial markets are being reshaped by AlphaLayer, a startup that uses AI to enhance the understanding of these markets. They develop alpha-generating solutions for investment management firms, with a key focus on financial services, fintech, IT, machine learning and software.

Xkey AiEstimation and Business Services

Xkey AiEstimation and Business Services offers AI-assisted build side estimation for construction estimators. Co-founded by Mark Chappell and Rob Swynar, the startup has implications for business development, strategic growth and effective operations.

Robolution Technologies Inc

Providing automated solutions for heavy industrial equipment, founders Bowen Xie, Linjian Xiang, and Mingjie Han bring their wealth of expertise to Robolution Technologies Inc.


Within the foodservice industry Consomme, founded by Saeed Burki, leads with intelligence and automation. Their core areas include artificial intelligence, machine learning, restaurants, robotics, SaaS, and software.


Moogle is a data-analysis division of the Seasia group of companies that leverages machine learning for data analytics solutions. The startup was founded by R P Singh.


In the energy sector, Rogue7 has emerged as a pioneer. Their machine-learning application is specifically designed for the oil and gas industry, promising a new era of energy management efficiency.


Pollen uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in its quest to improve energy efficiency. Their innovative solutions are redefining the energy management field, and how organizations approach energy usage.


Lastly, IoTNdT is democratizing data and sensors using 3/4D printing, AI, IoT, and Blockchain. Their interdisciplinary approach spans artificial intelligence, industrial infrastructure, and machine learning.

In conclusion, Edmonton’s tech scene brims with ingenious startups harnessing the power of machine learning to break new ground across multiple industries. Their pioneering approaches promise to keep Edmonton at the cutting edge of technology and startup innovation.

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