Revolutionizing Geo-Services: Who are Canada’s Top Mapping Startups in 2023?

The art of mapping has made incredible strides since the days of paper charts. Now, the digital revolution has opened up a whole new way to examine the world, with tools ranging from data visualisation and geospatial mapping to 3D modeling and augmented reality (AR). This article will take a closer look at 15 innovative Canadian startups that have been making waves in the mapping services industry, using new technologies in novel ways to shape the future of cartography.

Canadian mapping service startups are playing a crucial role in transforming various sectors such as agriculture, transportation, real estate, and more, by providing intricate data and exceptional visuals. They are not only putting themselves on the map, pun intended, but also helping shape the decision-making process of various entities in a more informative way.

Let’s delve into the landscape of these emerging startups and how they are redefining mapping services in their respective sectors.

Nextech AR Solutions

Nextech AR Solutions is a publicly-traded Metaverse company specialising in augmented reality solutions, spatial mapping and 3D models. Nextech is known for its contributions in 3D Technology, Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, E-Commerce, Geospatial, Mapping Services, and Software. Founded by Evan Gappelberg and Nikhil Sawlani, the firm continues to evolve, bringing innovative products and services into the marketplace. is a project management software providing real-time fieldwork information through live map. This startup was founded by Sean Huang and Vincent Lam, who brought their expertise in Geospatial, IT, Location-Based Services, Mapping Services, SaaS, and Software together to offer this innovative solution.

Juicey Turf

Juicey Turf utilizes AI to create a door-to-door sales mapping application, with the goal of maximizing the profits of veteran salespeople. Juicey Turf was founded by William Tsui, and it operates within various spheres including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Direct Sales, Machine Learning, Mapping Services, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, and Sales Automation.

4. Lux Modus Ltd.

Lux Modus Ltd. is a 3D mapping service responsible for LiDAR as a service as well. Joseph Hlady, Lance Fugate, and Matthew Glazner are the brains behind the startup, and their innovation is impacting several industries such as Autonomous Vehicles, Construction, Geospatial, Infrastructure, Mapping Services, Power Grid, Railroad, Software, and Transportation.

Volatus Aerospace

Volatus Aerospace specializes in providing technology-enabled unmanned aerial solutions. The firm is known for its contribution to the Aerospace, Drone Management, Drones, Mapping Services, and Training industries.


GeoMate is a location intelligence company for urban mobility. It operates within Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Geospatial, Last Mile Transportation, Location Based Services, Machine Learning, Mapping Services, and Software industries, helping to solve urban movement issues.


SoilOptix founded by Barry Raymer, offers a digital soil mapping service for farmers. The startup functions within the Agriculture, IT, and Mapping Services sectors, helping to transform farming practices around the globe.


Providing in-line pipeline inspection and mapping services is Novitech. The company operates within the Data Integration, Mapping Services, and Technical Support industries, aiding utilities and infrastructure companies with crucial data and insights.


GeoVerra is a geospatial and mapping company offering land survey services to oil & gas, forestry, construction, and legal industries. Using cutting-edge technologies, GeoVerra’s services are shaping the future of various industries.


CircuitIQ is an electrical mapping company providing power mapping and management solutions to solve cable management challenges. Founded by Luke Begley and Travis Dunn, they operate in the Construction, Electrical Distribution, and Mapping Services industries.


DigiGeoData is pioneering modern mining cartography and has set the global standard regional maps in the mineral exploration industry.

Mapster Technology

Mapster Technology offers interface development, interactive mapping, and consultation services. Founded by Victor Gerard Temprano, it operates within the Information Services, IT, Internet, and Mapping Services industries.

Visible Value Stream Consulting

Visible Value Stream Consulting is a technology firm that offers DevOps consulting, engineering, mapping & various technology services.


LOCUS is the smartest way to manage property. It’s a platform to control and share property data with mobility providers. LOCUS operates within the Data Visualization, IT, Mapping Services, PaaS, Real Estate, SaaS, Smart Cities, and Software industries.

Northern Robotics Laboratory

Northern Robotics Laboratory specializes in robotics, market research, 3D mapping, cloud management, and artificial intelligence services. They are contributing significantly to the AI, Cloud Management, Mapping Services, Market Research, and Robotics industries.

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