Which Canadian Machinery Manufacturing Startups Are Revolutionizing Industry Standards?

As a melting pot for innovation and entrepreneurial talent, Canada is home to a variety of promising startups that are revolutionizing various industries. One of these industries is Machinery Manufacturing which plays a critical role in several sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and more. The following startups are adding a touch of inventive brilliance to the machinery manufacturing industry, with visionary ideas that are contributing to advancements in technology and industrial processes.

All listed startups have different focal points – from sensor systems to robotics, 3D printing and water solutions. With Canada’s supportive environment and resources for startups, these innovative entities are thriving, creating a market of competitive and creative solutions that are being embraced globally.

Below, we will delve into who these startups are, their innovative offerings, the industries they serve, and the minds behind these cutting-edge ventures. Discover how necessity – the mother of all inventions – is driving these Canadian startups towards producing ingenious machinery solutions.

E.O.I Technologies

E.O.I Technologies is a pioneering company that has developed a remote laser-based vibration sensor designed explicitly for rapid and large-scale data collection. This innovation is vital in the food and beverage, predictive analytics, sensor, and software sectors. The company was founded by Alex Sulkin, an entrepreneurial innovator with a passion for technology.


Founded by Allan E., Mario Escoto Damas, and Mario Vasquez, BeltecHub™ is a technology-driven Manufacturing Hub that specializes in Industrial belting, Automation, and MRO supplies. They’re shaping the future of business development, industrial manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Swap Robotics

Swap Robotics is a robot company that manufactures electric snow and grass-cutting robots. This revolutionary enterprise brings a new wave into the electronic design automation and robotics industry.

Shifting Shap3s

With founder Ghazaleh Afrahi at the helm, Shifting Shap3s is developing a line of innovative solutions for decentralizing plastic recycling and recovery efforts. This startup is revolutionizing 3D printing, CleanTech, and recycling sectors.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions

Co-founded by Mojtaba Hedayatpour and Owen Kinch, Mojow Autonomous Solutions provides digital technology for agriculture. This groundbreaking startup masters artificial intelligence and information technology for machinery manufacturing in the agriculture sector.

Digital Water Solutions

Digital Water Solutions sells water leak detection devices and pressure monitoring systems. The firm’s unique approach is vital in the industrial and water machinery manufacturing sector.


Established by the visionary Siamak Akhlaghi, Correct-AI is formed to build platform solutions for clients who need sophisticated, precise, and automated optical navigation techniques. The idea represents a significant leap in artificial intelligence, industrial machinery manufacturing, and robotics.

AIP Industries

AIP Industries specializes in providing CNC machines manufacturing, product development, and engineering services. They’re a driving force in the industry.


Prescientx is a manufacturing firm producing and supplying medical, dental, and hospital equipment. Their contribution to these sectors has immeasurable value.

Helical Pile Solutions

Founded on principles of innovation and practicality, Helical Pile Solutions specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of helical piles & drill shafts.


CORSphere aims to make capturing ground level maintenance data simple and convenient for teams in varied industrial sectors.

Salto Heat Treating

Salto Heat Treating offers cutting edge services in heat treatment and large scale project machineries manufacturing.

Atlantic Equipment

Atlantic Equipment represents LiuGong in Atlantic Canada, supplying heavy machinery in the automotive and industrial sectors.


Specializing in hydrographic solutions and oceanographic monitoring systems,M2Ocean provides an array of innovative products to the electronics and manufacturing realm.


A Vancouver-based technology services company, ZEROCARbrings a new edge to machinery manufacturing.

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