Which Canadian Startups are Innovating the Identity Management Landscape?

With the rise of digital innovation, the need for robust and reliable identity management systems has become more critical than ever before. Startups across Canada are increasingly leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data to tackle challenges in identity management, ranging from fraud prevention to data privacy and compliance. Here, we share insights into 15 notable Canadian identity management startups, shedding light on their solutions, industries of focus, and founders.

These startups serve a wide range of industries, including finance, cybersecurity, blockchain, and software among others. Notably, they have attracted significant attention for their innovative strategies and potent solutions, with many already carving out a niche in the identity management sector. The companies endeavor to help businesses and organizations enhance their security stance, improve compliance, and deliver a more personalized customer experience.

Let’s delve into the varied world of Canadian identity management startups, discovering how these companies are mapping identity in the digital age and contributing to shaping the future of identity management.

iComply Investor Services Inc.

iComply Investor Services Inc. is a innovative software company focused on streamlining regulatory compliance in financial markets. The company uses technology to tackle challenges in several industries, including blockchain, finance, financial services, fintech, identity management, information services, legal, professional services, and software. Founders Matt Masiar, Matthew Unger, and Qayyum Rajan are at the helm of this award-winning venture.

Proof Zero

Proof Zero leverages data complexity to generate opportunities, connecting data with confidence. Founders Adrian Maurer and Alexander Flanagan utilize their solution to address compliance, cybersecurity, big data, business intelligence, fraud detection, identity management, and related software needs.


Operated by founders Sid Sharma and his team, Rehuman offers a blockchain identity and metaverse platform that effectively utilizes cryptocurrency and identity management solutions.


Defastra is a fraud prevention platform dedicated to helping high-risk businesses verify the identity of their users and restore trust. Jon Condouret leads the venture, creating solutions for fraud detection, identity management, and software.


Founder Roy Firestein runs Autohost, an automated fraud detection and identity verification solution at scale, designed to aid fast-growing companies in their digital ventures, focused primarily on cybersecurity, fraud detection, and identity management.

One37 ID

One37 ID specializes in developing web3 enablement platforms, paving the way for future innovation in the identity management and information technology sectors.

Cycurid Technologies

Cycurid Technologies develops software solutions focused squarely on the problems associated with digital identity, spanning industries as diverse as blockchain, compliance, cryptocurrency, identity management, privacy, security, and software.


Proxi.id aims to convert students and faculty into lifelong customers by immediately verifying the status of millions of academic users worldwide, offering solutions in the B2B, identity management, and software spaces.

FinCrimeTech AI

Co-founded by Issa Berthe and John Doe, FinCrimeTech AI operates an AI-powered analytics SaaS platform designed to help institutions more efficiently combat financial crime, focusing on AI, compliance, financial services, fintech, identity management, IT, Machine Learning, NLP, and predictive analytics.


Vaultie, founded by Meyer Mechanic, prevents fraud by linking real people to their digital documents using digital identity, with solutions spanning blockchain, computer, document management, enterprise software, identity management, insurtech, and software.

ModoHR Technologies Inc.

ModoHR Technologies Inc., led by Derek Smith, James Ash, and Ken Cahoon, develops technology solutions that deliver background data information efficiently and securely to a variety of industries, including developer APIs, enterprise software, human resources, identity management, information services, Internet, risk management, and software.


Kevin Gordon’s Memi is a SaaS and PaaS provider offering security, social media, and identity management solutions, specifically focused on fraud detection and Identity Management.

Tethys e-ID

Guided by founder Ulysses-Pacome Koudou, Tethys e-ID is a digital identification system based on artificial intelligence, offering software solutions in the AI and identity management landscape.

Visoclock Software

Founded by Neji Tawo, Visoclock Software provides identity authentication and verification solutions focusing on the biometrics, identity management, and software industry verticles.

Azoig Corp.

Azoig Corp. leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to shrink the ever-expanding information security threat scene, offering solutions in AI, cloud security, cybersecurity, identity management, IT, machine learning, network security, and privacy.

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