Who Leads Innovative Canadian Furniture Startups Revolutionizing Home Décor?

As one of the leading countries in technology and innovation, Canada also presents a diverse field of flourishing startups in the realm of furniture. These businesses range from novel e-commerce platforms to innovative manufacturers, all showcasing unique and creative ways of improving the industry. Here, we highlight 15 furniture startups that represent the robust entrepreneurial spirit of Canada.

Whether it’s streamlining the online furniture shopping experience, making modern and ergonomic office furniture easily accessible, or creating one-of-a-kind artisan pieces, these companies are pushing the envelope in terms of design, sustainability, and technology. It is equally exciting to see how some of these startups have been able to reinvent traditional industries through innovative business models and cutting-edge technologies.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the trailblazers from Canada’s furniture startup scene.


Cozey is a furniture brand venture that stands out in the e-commerce world by specializing in designing and retailing modular and comfortable sofas for the home.

ESolutions Furniture

Making commercial spaces more efficient and appealing, ESolutions Furniture offers office furniture and ready-to-assemble furniture. They also venture into space planning design services.


Understanding the importance of good workstation ergonomics, EFFYDESK provides a range of standing desks, chairs, monitor arms, rolling cabinets, and various office accessories.


WaayWood puts the spotlight on the charm and durability of wood with their array of furniture pieces.

Impact Office Furniture Renderings

Impact Office Furniture Renderings ventures into the niche market of rendering services for office furniture dealers, offering drawing and interpretation services.

Northdog Wood Co

Pioneers in bespoke furniture design, Northdog Wood Co crafts retail, desks, counters, tables, chairs, and other furniture for commercial and home use.

Moderate Art and Furniture

Art meets function at Moderate Art and Furniture, where wood, metal, and leather are restored and re-engineered to create stunning furniture and art pieces.

AMY Inspired

AMY Inspired offers fresh, fashionable furniture that can be paid monthly. They also feature a mobile app that combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence to lend a helping hand with interior design needs.

Cambium Butcher Block

Cambium Butcher Block is known for manufacturing solid wood and butcher block countertops, adding a touch of warmth and durability in custom kitchens.


With a team of 90 professionals, Emblm assists architects, designers and business leaders by contributing to the office furniture landscape.


Origyns has developed a furniture marketplace for buyers, providing an online platform that encourages more efficient and time-saving transactions.


Specializing in enhancing outdoor living spaces, NovoNook sells kits with everything needed to make balconies more inviting and enjoyable.

Pivot Furniture

Pivot Furniture taps into the growing sustainability trend with their high-quality furniture rental services, ensuring durable design pieces are accessible for a variety of experiences.

Xando Beds

Xando Beds brings joy to children’s bedrooms with its special line of kid-friendly bed designs.

Hank Modern Furniture

Hank Modern Furniture accomplishes a balance of contemporary and vintage with its mid-century modern-style furniture available in diverse wood types and colors.

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