What Are Canada’s Most Influential Event Management Startups in 2023?

As technology continues to evolve, startups centered around event management are sprouting fast. These startups are revolutionizing how various events are organized, run, and attended. Some are leveraging AI to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Canada, the home to various startups, is leading these advancements. Below, we look at some of the groundbreaking event management startups in Canada, their specific industries of operation, and those behind their brains.

These businesses operate in diverse sections, bringing unique solutions to those industries. They range from those offering personal and executive assistant services, green technology, Blockchain to online portal services. As we’ll find out, the founders of these startups are visionaries passionate about transforming event management and related industries while addressing various societal issues.

Not only are the startups contributing significantly to Canada’s economy, but they are also helping in the transition towards digital, aiding multiple other sectors, and promoting innovation through their services. Here’s a look at 15 Canadian startups, reshaping event management and other related sectors.


Planned is a platform fundamentally altering how in-person events are planned. The event management and events platform is brainchild of Emeric Noel and Marc-Antoine Bonin.


Socialveil is a visual-oriented SaaS platform that helps in managing & scheduling social media focused on smart design, efficiency, and education. Dario Joseph Verrelli and Jonathan Stiansen are founders of the startup.


BCBAC is an NGO offering business communities professional development, networking and social events services.

One Toronto Gaming

One Toronto Gaming is a partnership venture formed by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and Brookfield Business Partners L.P. The startup is into event management, gaming, and media and entertainment.


P.E.A.S is a personal and executive assistant solutions company providing counsel on achieving personal and professional objectives.

Funkey Token

Funkey Token is into big data, Blockchain, hospitality, app, green technology, and clean technology. Craig Shenher is one of the founders.

BeHuman Communications

BeHuman Communications organizes virtual events to exchange portfolios, resumes, products, and services live.


EventFlex is a platform that prioritizes flexible venues, flexible rates, and fast experiences. Crystal Yong is one of the founders of this startup.


Hippin is a mobile app that shows where the best action is in your area. The application enables users to identify where their friends are going and to share superb experiences. It was founded by Sam Young.

U Event Pro

U Event Pro assists organizations in planning their events by offering creative virtual event ideas with blueprints.

Raising the Bar Sales and Marketing

Raising the Bar Sales and Marketing is an advertising agency that provides broadcast advertising, event planning, and sponsorship services. The startup was founded by Aaron Garfat.

Ology Mavens

Ology Mavens organizes Medical, Engineering, and Business annual conferences, meetings, and events (CME) across the globe.

IGNITE Atlantic

IGNITE Atlantic is a rural innovation hub that rallies people to explore how to make change possible in rural communities. Matthew Doucette is one of the founders.

AI Launch Lab

AI Launch Lab is an AI-driven startup that organizes climate change hackathons and supports end-to-end AI-related R&D projects. AI Launch Lab is also a non-profit organization.

Genu Venue

Genu Venue simplifies event planning by listing all vendors and services at a single place. The startup is prominently an event and wedding planning company.

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