Which Canadian Electrical Distribution Startups are Influencing Industry Trends Now?

The landscape of Electrical Distribution Startups in Canada is diversifying and expanding at an impressive pace. These startups are employing innovative solutions to address the challenges within the Electrical Distribution Industry. This piece highlights 15 startups that are making a real impact and shaping the industry’s future.

These startups are venturing into numerous niches within the Electrical Distribution industry including Energy, Fleet Management, Machine Learning, Mining, Renewable Energy, SaaS, Software, Solar, Wind Energy, and various other sectors. Each has carved out their own place within the industry, contributing unique solutions.

Combining cutting-edge technology, pragmatic sustainability goals, and a pioneering outlook toward their services and products, these startups exhibit the dynamism of Canada’s Electrical Distribution Startups. Get on board as we explore each of these trailblazers.


BluWave-ai is a startup that has developed a SaaS-based grid energy optimization platform. Co-founded by Devashish Paul. Their unique platform assists clients in making electrifying decisions for sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy solutions.


Entering the Green-tech and Renewable Energy sectors, Reeddi innovates sustainable solutions for the production of clean and affordable electricity. The brainchild of Olugbenga Olubanjo, Reeddi is a climate technology company that’s stepping up the game.


Co-founded by Colin Gagnon, David L’Heureux, and Mateusz Goral, PowerTree offers a convenient platform for the documentation and maintenance of electrical distribution systems.

Electric Royalties

Electric Royalties focuses on the acquisition of royalty interests in advanced-stage mineral projects, aiming at efficient management of industrial and mining projects. The company is the collective initiative of Brendan Yurik and Marchand Snyman.

SmartD Technologies

Pushing the envelope further, SmartD Technologies creates efficient power distribution solutions using cutting-edge solid-state technology and sensor-driven motor control products.


Founded by Luke Begley and Travis Dunn, CircuitIQ is an electrical mapping company that offers innovative power mapping and management solutions to tackle cable management challenges.

Seacliff Electric

Seacliff Electric specializes in the commercial aspect of electrical systems, providing stellar services and maintenance for all designs of electrical systems.


TREX-Ai utilizes artificial intelligence to engineer cost-effective and sustainable electricity distribution systems. The company is the brainchild of Daniel C. May, Peter Atrazhev, and Steven Zhang.

Mep Technologies

Located in Laval, Mep Technologies is an electronic design automation electrical distribution company, driving forward the world of electronic design and electronics.

Elexicon Energy

Elexicon Energy is fulfilling the electricity distribution needs of residential and business customers as a municipally-owned electricity distributor.

snf Electrical Services

Offering commercial and residential electrical services, snf Electrical Services serves customers with services like heat pumps, new home wiring, switches, and lighting.


RecognAIse Technologies are Streamlining the management of aging electrical transmission infrastructure with advancing electrical needs.

DigiQ Power

DigiQ Power is a technology company known for manufacturing intelligent controllers and miniature power supplies for AC to DC applications.

RFQ Experts

Dedicated to becoming your go-to shopping solution, RFQ Experts specialize in E-Commerce and local business solutions among other niches within the Electrical Distribution industry.

Alpha & Omega Electrical

Alpha & Omega Electrical provides both residential and commercial electrical services, exhibiting their versatility as an electrical contractor.

Each of these revolutionary Electrical Distribution Startups in Canada is paving the path to a more diverse, technologically advanced, and efficiently sustainable electrical distribution sector in Canada.

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