Which Innovating Coworking Startups are Transforming Canada’s Business Landscape?

Across the vast expanse of Canada, an entrepreneurial revolution is happening. As innovation and entrepreneurship become increasingly significant in the country’s economic blueprint, coworking spaces dedicated to fostering creativity, collaboration, and community are becoming fundamental parts of the infrastructure. In this feature, we delve into some of the most exciting and interesting coworking startups across the country, offering spaces conceived to inspire, assist, and promote connectivity among Canada’s diverse and dynamic entrepreneur community.

These coworking startups are more than just providers of physical workspace. Their offerings go beyond desk space and Wi-Fi – many of these hubs also offer an array of services, from networking opportunities, mentorship and professional development programs to fitness, health care facilities, and more. They’re where ideas germinate, where collaborations form, and where entrepreneurship is nurtured and celebrated.

The list below features fifteen such coworking startups. These are spaces that have not only redefined the traditional concept of ‘office’ but are also helping shape how today’s entrepreneurs interact, build, and thrive.


Placemade holds the unique distinction of being Canada’s first fitness coworking space. Co-founded by Celia Lopez, the startup caters specifically to health and fitness professionals offering a specific blend of coworking facilities with wellness-centered amenities and networking opportunities. The company operates in various industries including Coworking, Fitness, Health Care, Lifestyle, Professional Networking, and Wellness.


Co-founders Andrea García, Carlos Marquez, and Dogan Kaleli established Wanderfy to offer a unique service for business growth. This introduction network allows professionals to expand their business connections and opportunities within a modern coworking environment. The startup operates in the Apps, Coworking, and Internet industries.


Clearspace, the brainchild of co-founder Mark Goh, offers a combination of real estate services, interior design, and cost-effective workspaces. The startup operates in the Coworking, Property Management, Real Estate, and Rental industries.


upSpace is a real estate company that provides flexible commercial space for rent. The startup operates within the Commercial Real Estate, Coworking, and Rental Property industries.

Les Affutés

Known as a “Makerspace,” Les Affutés provides a coworking platform where creators can connect, collaborate, and create together.


Evrywork connects coworkers by helping them find their perfect workspace match. This social coworking platform leverages technology within the Computer, Coworking, and Software industries.


Offering on-demand warehouse and office spaces, TradeSpace caters to businesses in the construction and e‑commerce distribution sectors. The startup focuses on the Coworking and Warehousing industries.


Hedhofis, founded by Frédéric Deshaies, offers a range of working spaces such as coworking facilities, conference rooms, and private offices. Hedhofis operates within the Coworking industry.


USTATION offers commercial rental spaces for office purposes. The startup specializes in Commercial Real Estate, Coworking, Leasing, and Rental industries.

EQ Offices

Founded by Yasmin Alam, EQ Offices provides serviced offices. The startup operates within the Commercial Real Estate and Coworking industries.

NUVO Network

NUVO Network is a versatile creative workspace housing entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative minds. The startup operates within the Coworking, Events, and Rental industries.

Central Alberta Business Centre

From professional office space to coworking environments and catering services for meetings, Central Alberta Business Centre offers a multitude of services to help businesses grow. Central Alberta Business Centre operates within the Coworking and Professional Services industries.

HustleCo Workspace

HustleCo Workspace is a technology-oriented coworking space designed to foster collaboration and innovation within its community. The startup operates within the Commercial Real Estate, Coworking, Property Management, and Software industries.

Sterling Spaces

Sterling Spaces offers flexible work, meeting, and virtual office space services. The startup operates within the Commercial, Coworking, Real Estate, and Rental industries.

Spark Innovation Educational Center Inc.

At the intersection of education, technology and coworking, we find Spark Innovation Educational Center Inc. This dynamic coworking space is designed to help a diverse range of industries. Founders David Robitaille and Dino Miele have managed to create a thriving innovation hub that spans industries like 3D Technology, Business Development, Consulting, Coworking, Education, and Incubators.

These fifteen coworking startups are changing the way Canadians work. With an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and community, these entrepreneurial spaces reflect the shift towards more flexible, supportive, and innovative work environments.

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