Top Collaborative Canadian Startups Revolutionising the Industry 2023: A Deep Dive?

In the realm of contemporary business, Collaboration Startups are gaining significant importance as they leverage technology to simplify, streamline, and promote teamwork and communication. These startups, honed with a diverse digital toolset, are transforming how organizations interact with their teams and stakeholders. They provide state-of-the-art platforms for meetings, data integration, learning & development, geospatial software, presentation software, and customer relationship management, among others. This article offers a closer look at fifteen such avant-garde Collaboration startups, offering unique solutions in various industries, hailing from Canada.

Each one of these companies has its unique philosophy, mission, and set of innovative products. They all share a common objective – to enhance collaboration and improve business efficiency using technology. This article will explore each startup’s insights, their founders’ vision, and how they contribute to the business world.

Dive into the exciting world of Canadian technological advancements and witness how these startups are carving their niche while transforming the digital landscape of the 21st century industry practices. is a meeting management software designed to facilitate meetings, one-on-one interaction, feedback, and goal setting. It is a pioneer in its field, appreciated and widely used by managers and their teams. This startup was founded by Amin Mirzaee, Aydin Mirzaee, and Samuel Cormier-Iijima. They have successfully positioned in the market as one of the top-rated productivity tools contributing to the Apps, Collaboration, Meeting Software, and Productivity Tools industries.

Cognota (formerly Synapse)

First of its kind, Cognota is an operational platform created to empower Learning and Development teams. This startup effectively combines different business realms like Collaboration, E-Learning, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, SaaS, Software, and Training, providing an all-in-one solution. It was born from the discussions and aspirations of its founders – Josh Crohn, Ryan Austin, and Sebastian Leks.


IQGeo is a complete geospatial software company that enhances productivity and collaboration across enterprise operations. Founders Andrew Ward and Peter Batty have made a meaningful impact in the Collaboration, Enterprise Software, Geospatial, and Software industry with IQGeo’s innovations.


Founded by Amir Hashemi, Farokh Shahabi, and Hasan Noori, Formaloo aims to allow businesses to build custom applications without the use of code, making the process as easy as playing with Lego. Formaloo operates across diverse industries like B2B, Collaboration, Consumer Research, Database, Developer Tools, EdTech, and Mobile Apps.


Vizetto, the brainchild of Avanindra Utukuri, has developed Reactiv SUITE, a remote presentation software designed to make sales team meetings more engaging and memorable. Vizetto contributes significantly to the Collaboration, Software, and Unified Communications industry through this innovative solution.


Cinchy, founded by Dan DeMers and Karanjot Jaswal, presents an innovative Dataware platform that revolutionizes integration. The company operates within the Collaboration, Data Integration, Enterprise Software, and Software industry, offering a product that makes integration obsolete.


ImMail, the brainchild of founders Leonardo Valença, Rafael Menezes, and Rafael Menezes de Souza, is a contemporary solution focusing on providing chat and video tools for companies. With a stronghold in the Collaboration, Enterprise Software, Messaging, Predictive Analytics, Productivity Tools, Video Chat, and Video Conferencing industries, imMail augments corporate communications.


MASV is a company that serves as a file transfer service for massive (20GB+) files, with no size limits. Co-founded by Greg Wood and Majed Alhajry, MASV operates based on usage-based pricing – at just $0.25/GB. Its horizons span across the Collaboration, Developer APIs, Developer Tools, Digital Media, File Sharing, Internet, Media and Entertainment, and Software industries.


AntEater offers AI-based consumer relationship management software, effectively enhancing IT functionalities. Engaging with industries like Artificial Intelligence, Collaboration, CRM, Email, Google, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, SaaS, Sales Automation, AntEater’s products significantly improve customer experience and agency efficiency.


Founders Ashley Janssen and Dana Janssen are the innovative minds behind Tadum. An online shared meeting agenda, Tadum is a SaaS web app that enhances organization and accountability within teams. Tadum’s reach extends to industries including Collaboration, Management Consulting, Meeting Software, Project Management, and SaaS.


Hippohub, co-founded by Jason Michaud, Laura Brooker, and Mayra Michaud, is an e-learning, collaboration, and communication platform contributing to the SaaS industry. The platform promotes interactive learning and improves accessibility and ease of communication.


HOSTCLASS is a cutting-edge video conferencing tool brought to life by its founders, Eric Bastarache, and Rico Monden. It could convert live classes into courses, benefiting the Education, Information Technology, Meeting Software, and Video Conferencing industries.


Feature, led by founder Sanjay Singh, has created an innovative payment solution for the Collaboration and Information Services industries. Their commitment to simplifying and digitizing transactions has carved a significant relevance in today’s industry.

Investor Leadership Network

Investor Leadership Network is an international organization focusing on accelerating Cross-Border Investor-to-Investor Collaboration. The organization continues to deliver financial mechanisms that amplify Asset Management, Collaboration, Finance, and Financial Services.

Collaborative Minds Lab

Collaborative Minds Lab, founded by Jared Ross, focuses on the interactive sharing, collaborating, learning, and understanding of business processes. Their platform is making waves in the Business Development, Collaboration, and Social Network industries, by promoting constructive engagement among business professionals.

In conclusion, while each startup has its area of focus, they all share the common goal of fostering collaboration in multifaceted industry practices. Through their innovative use of technology and impressive entrepreneurial spirit, these Canadian startups are making a significant impact worldwide. Their disruptive technologies and strategies have set new standards, and they continue to shape the future of business collaboration.

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