Which Canadian Battery Startups Are Revolutionizing the Energy Industry?

Shaping the horizon of energy solutions with ground-breaking innovation, battery startups throughout Canada are pioneering technologies that promise to revolutionize industries such as clean energy, information technology, water purification, automotive and more. Comprising versatile creators with astounding competencies, these trailblazers venture to mitigate the energy crisis, propel sustainability and enhance technological functionalism. Let’s delve into an assessment of these promising startups that hold the potential to redefine the future.

The criticality of energy storage systems in the context of renewable energy resources has fueled the inception of multitudinous startups that strategize portable, scalable and efficient solutions. These entities underscore the imperativeness of clean energy and combat the over-reliance on non-renewable forms of energy. Their mission involves establishing a sustainable energy paradigm that not only caters to the intensifying energy demand but also mindfully accords with the ecological parameters.

This article casts light on Canada-based startups that cater to the battery domain, manifesting commendable innovation and providing accessible, reliable and environment-friendly solutions.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ionomr is a groundbreaking startup specializing in advanced materials, including Aemion™ & Pemion™. These are recognized as the next-gen ion-exchange materials earmarked for breakthrough clean technology applications that involve electrochemistry. The founders, Benjamin Britton and Bill Haberlin, seek to provide a comprehensive energy solution through the renewable energy domain, water purification and more.

Moment Energy

Moment Energy, founded by Edward Chiang, Gabriel Soares, and Gurmesh Sidhu, is dedicated to providing greater access to renewable and reliable energy storage. The climactic shift toward energy sustainability enabled the trio to strategize innovative solutions focusing on clean and renewable energy solutions.


Daanaa, founded by Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani, has patented a unique semiconductor technology that can function in AC/DC modes, either wired or wireless. Their aim is to provide powerful and flexible energy transactions, focusing on the renewable energy sector and solar energy products.

PhosphoPOWER Group

PhosphoPOWER Group, founded by Sebastian Alamillo, specializes in manufacturing a saltwater-based storage system, contributing to the renewable energy sector.


Li-Metal is a developer of lithium metal anode and lithium metal technologies, concentrating its efforts on renewable energy and battery technology.


Volinergy, founded by Antoine Gaillardetz and Stefania Duta, focusses on the development of advanced battery solutions promising to augment performance and safety for electric vehicles.


KILOWATTPACK is a startup committed to the development of mobile charging stations and Electric Car-sharing as a part of their energy storage and renewable energy endeavours.


Stacktronic, founded by Ethan Hamshaw, Keith Teeple, and Nicolas Benais-Thomson, provides a modular battery system that connects like LEGO bricks, allowing users the flexibility to create batteries of various sizes.


TRAQC is a startup dedicated to providing quality control solutions for the printed electronics industry. It was founded by Benjamin Dringoli and Mariia Zhuldybina.


Nexpress, founded by Will Fan, focuses on developing Micro Electric Vehicle Technology and Electronic Engineer Design, aiming to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Machinery Analytics

Machinery Analytics, founded by Mitch LeBlanc and Peter Kostka, specializes in developing deep learning software for automating battery cell and materials analysis. They offer their technology to various industries including automotive, energy and electric vehicle segments.


Estream, founded by Jürgen Sonnleitner and Philipp Marktl, provides disruptive best in class GREEN -Li-Ion free Battery Packs in the manufacturing industry.

InnvTek Inc

InnvTek Inc is a company designing a superhighway for Nano-particles, highly useful in every Chemical & Battery Process.


KPM-Accelerate, founded by Boyd Davis and Sebastian Alamillo, offers a chemical accelerator program for startups in advanced materials, materials transformation, nanotechnology, and energy.

XGuard Robotics

XGuard Robotics manufacturers UAVs and drones with advanced threat detection, object identification, and facial recognition features. The company caters to niche sectors such as autonomous vehicles, AI, and battery technology.

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