Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Angel Investment Startups in 2023?

Canada’s startup ecosystem is dynamic and ripe for investment. The country hosts a plethora of innovative ventures that span across numerous fields, from blockchain and IoT to health care and clean energy. One crucial component of this thriving ecosystem is the growing number of Angel Investment startups that have emerged to help fuel this innovation.

Angel Investment startups assist early-stage ventures by providing much-needed funding and resources. Investors operating in this space engage directly with startups, offering finance, proficiency, and a valuable network of contacts. These startups epitomize a unique blend of creativity, resilience, and passion for creating a destructive, innovative product and service that brings a difference in people’s lives.

Today, we will be showcasing fifteen of the most promising Angel Investment startups from Canada. They not only bring novel ideas to the forefront but also make angel investing more accessible, efficient, and fruitful.

International Deal Gateway

Co-founded by Dean Lindal, Elizabeth Priestman, and Jordan Trimble, International Deal Gateway exclusively serves exceptional entrepreneurs, investors, and Family Offices, giving a unique edge to its investment approach. Their focus spans from angel investment and venture capital to blockchain, education, and real estate investment.

XTY Capital

XTY Capital was founded by Alex Hua and Fathi Qaddoura. It is an early-stage angel investment fund that empowers visionary entrepreneurs as part of the C2C Startups Platform.

Allied Venture Partners

With Matthew Wilson at the helm, Allied Venture Partners is one of Western Canada’s largest angel syndicates. They engage in early-stage tech startups across Canada and the US.

Sublime Ventures

Sublime Ventures distinguish themselves as a web3 venture capital firm that invests in promising projects with the world’s leading institutional VC. Their focus includes angel investment, venture capital, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.


fundii, under the leadership of Maryam Fouladirad, directs its efforts towards financial services for tech startups, operating within the realms of angel investment, finance, and fintech.

Crescendo Royalty

The innovative startup Crescendo Royalty has ventured into an unconventional field for angel investors – music royalty for digital streaming.


Jeff Waldman’s company, ScaleHR, is driven by the belief that every growth conversation boils down to one thing – people. They focus on finding the right people and investing in human resources and recruitment startups.

Equation Angels

Equation Angels stands proudly as the second-largest angel investor network in Canada, making their mark in the funding platform sector.

Ravenstone Capital Management

Ravenstone Capital Management operates as a boutique investment management and advisory firm, focusing on angel investment, finance, and financial services.


Co-founded by Kendra Garagan and Mohamed Ibshara, Moken serves as a global hub for startups & founders, providing guidance throughout the journey of building a successful venture from ideation to scale.

Evoke Capital

Blending traditional and tokenized securities via their dealer relationship and platform technology, Evoke Capital under the leadership of Greg Murphy, Matt McGuire, and Natalie Ochrym, offers a unique investment avenue.

JC+CO growth accelerants

JC+CO, lead by Jacquelyn Corbett, invests in and scales ecommerce brands via site experience, email+sms marketing, and paid performance.

5D World

Pushing frontiers in the sphere of psychedelics and mental health innovation, 5D World, led by David Heden, provides its investors with an integrated approach to angel investment.

Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL)

Founded by Jaspal Singh, Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL) works on bridging the gap between city authorities, operators, industry organizations, and startups in the field of mobility.

Battalion Consol

Battalion Consol is a private equity investment firm with diversified operations in Canada, offering its extensive services in the angel investment and consulting verticals.

These fifteen startups are remolding the Canadian Angel Investment landscape with their cutting-edge ideas and bold investment strategies, contributing significantly to the growth and diversification of Canada’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

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