AI Brilliance Unleashed: Meet the 15 Startups Elevating British Columbia’s Tech Landscape

Empowering Innovations in Artificial Intelligence.

British Columbia, Canada, has become a hotbed for groundbreaking technological advancements, particularly in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This article shines a spotlight on 15 AI startups that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this dynamic field. From revolutionizing robotics to driving data intelligence, these startups are at the forefront of AI innovation. Join us as we delve into their unique contributions and explore the exciting future they are shaping.

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation focuses on developing human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. By combining the power of AI, industrial automation, machine learning, and robotics, they aim to create advanced machines that can seamlessly integrate into various industries.


Fobi is a cutting-edge data intelligence company that assists clients in transforming real-time data into actionable insights. With expertise in analytics, AI, information services, and technology, Fobi empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and drive growth.


Spade is revolutionizing transaction enrichment through its API, which enables the creation of applications and mission-critical systems. With a focus on AI, developer APIs, fintech, and machine learning, Spade empowers businesses to optimize their financial processes.


Metaspectral specializes in real-time analysis of ultra-high-resolution imaging. Their AI-powered solutions provide advanced insights and analysis, catering to industries relying on precise and detailed imaging data.


Picovoice offers a developer-first platform for adding voice capabilities to any application or device. With a focus on AI, machine learning, and speech recognition, Picovoice opens up new possibilities for voice-driven interactions.


Olive is an AI technology and business consulting company. With expertise in enterprise software, information technology, machine learning, market research, and procurement, Olive assists businesses in leveraging AI for optimized operations and strategic decision-making.

Charli AI

Charli AI introduces “Charli,” an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to streamline workflows. With a range of productivity tools and software engineering expertise, Charli AI aims to simplify and automate tasks, allowing individuals to focus on more impactful work.

Apera AI

Apera AI specializes in building robot vision intelligence software for manufacturing, prioritizing speed and precision. By combining AI, computer vision, machine learning, and software, Apera AI helps manufacturing businesses enhance productivity and efficiency.


Trendi harnesses AI-driven robotics to tackle food waste in the agricultural and food industry. By rescuing and upcycling food waste into delicious products, Trendi contributes to a more sustainable and efficient food ecosystem.


Verdi brings the benefits of indoor farming to outdoor crop cultivation. Leveraging AI, agriculture, and information technology, Verdi empowers farmers with data-driven insights to optimize their crop yield and minimize environmental impact.

OneCup AI

OneCup AI utilizes computer vision to identify livestock and track their health, growth, activity, and phenotypes. This technology enables effective livestock management, contributing to improved farming practices and animal welfare.

Minerva Intelligence Inc.

Minerva Intelligence Inc. specializes in knowledge engineering and AI applications across various industries. With expertise in geospatial data, information technology, insurtech, machine learning, and mining technology, they provide cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges.

Variational AI

Variational AI is dedicated to generative AI for drug discovery. By leveraging AI, biotechnology, and machine learning, they accelerate the development of novel drugs, potentially revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.


BlockMint is at the forefront of distributed networks and blockchain technology. Combining AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and machine learning, they pave the way for secure and efficient decentralized systems.

Skylab Technologies

Skylab Technologies develops AI-powered photo editing tools that empower businesses, freelancers, and hobbyists. With a focus on AI, computer vision, machine learning, photography, SaaS, and software, Skylab Technologies opens up new possibilities in the digital age.


These 15 AI startups in British Columbia are driving innovation and revolutionizing industries with their groundbreaking solutions. From humanoid robots to data intelligence, computer vision to drug discovery, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. By harnessing the power of AI, these startups are transforming industries, improving efficiency, and paving the way for a more sustainable and connected future.

As we witness the continued growth and evolution of AI, these startups serve as a testament to British Columbia’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. With their pioneering spirit, technological expertise, and dedication to innovation, these companies are putting Canada at the forefront of the global AI landscape. As they continue to make strides in their respective domains, we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact they will have on our society and economy.

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