Beyond Boundaries: 15 BC Manufacturing Startups with Global Impact

The landscape of manufacturing is rapidly evolving, and British Columbia is at the forefront of this transformation with a thriving ecosystem of innovative startups. These startups are not only redefining traditional manufacturing but also pushing the boundaries of technology, sustainability, and product excellence. In this article, we’ll delve into 15 remarkable manufacturing startups in British Columbia that are making waves in various industries.

Xebra Brands: Cultivating Cannabis Excellence

Xebra Brands is a trailblazing cannabis cultivation and product company that boasts global brands and intellectual property. Founded by Rodrigo Gallardo and Todd Dalotto, Xebra Brands is at the intersection of cannabis, industrial manufacturing, and product innovation. Their commitment to quality and cutting-edge practices has set them apart in an emerging and competitive market.

Apera AI: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Robot Vision

Apera AI is on a mission to transform manufacturing with their robot vision intelligence software. Founded by Armin Khatoonabadi and Sina Afrooze, Apera AI specializes in building software that empowers robots with the ability to perceive and navigate their surroundings with speed and precision. Their work in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision is driving automation and efficiency across industries.

Origen Air: Breathing Clean with IoT-Connected Air Purification

Origen Air, founded by Andrew Crawford, Ryan Lider, and Susan Blanchet, is a cleantech startup focused on plant-based, IoT-connected air purification hardware. Their innovative approach to creating cleaner and healthier indoor environments showcases the potential of technology and nature working together. By leveraging data visualization and electronics, Origen Air is setting new standards in clean air solutions.

TMRW Foods: Plant-Based Protein Pioneers

Dean Blignaut is at the helm of TMRW Foods, a Canadian startup that produces plant-based proteins from their HACCP certified facility. In the realm of food and beverage manufacturing, TMRW Foods is pioneering sustainable and nutritious alternatives to traditional protein sources. Their commitment to quality and ethical practices shines through in their products and processes.

Accelovant: Advancing Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

Accelovant stands out as a manufacturing startup specializing in high-quality fiber optic temperature sensors. While the founders’ names might be elusive, their contribution to industries like semiconductor and test and measurement is undeniable. Accelovant’s expertise is crucial in ensuring precision and reliability in critical applications.

Allied: Crafting Cannabinoid Health Products for Wellness

Calum Hughes leads Allied, a startup that crafts premium craft cannabinoid health products to support individuals dealing with PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury). In the realm of health care and pharmaceutical manufacturing, Allied’s dedication to leveraging the benefits of cannabinoids for well-being is both pioneering and compassionate.

Red Leaf Pulp: Pioneering Sustainable Agricultural Fiber Pulp

Darby Kreitz’s Red Leaf Pulp is reimagining agricultural fiber pulp with sustainability at its core. By producing an environmentally friendly alternative, Red Leaf Pulp is making waves in green consumer goods and manufacturing. Their commitment to sustainable practices from production to use showcases their dedication to a greener future.

Vessi Footwear: Stepping into the Future of Sustainable Shoes

Andy Wang and Tony Yu are the visionaries behind Vessi Footwear, a manufacturing startup that specializes in water-resistant, moisture-repelling shoes. In the world of fashion and footwear manufacturing, Vessi stands out for its commitment to creating sustainable, comfortable, and stylish shoes that defy conventions.

BevCanna Enterprises: Infusing Beverages with Cannabinoids

Marcello Leone’s BevCanna Enterprises is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing cannabinoid-infused beverages and consumer products. This startup’s fusion of cannabis, food and beverage, and manufacturing expertise is shaping a new landscape for recreational and wellness products.

Pantheon Design: Spearheading Speed and Quality in 3D Printing

Pantheon Design, led by industry experts, has pioneered 3D printing systems that set industry standards for speed and end-use quality parts. Their contributions in advanced materials, industrial automation, and manufacturing are driving the next generation of manufacturing technology.

3DQue: Automating 3D Printing for Cost and Carbon Reduction

Mateo Pekic and Steph Sharp’s 3DQue Systems Inc. is revolutionizing 3D printing through automation technology. Their innovative approach not only reduces costs but also contributes to a more sustainable future by minimizing carbon footprints in the manufacturing process.

VinFast Auto Canada: Driving Automotive Manufacturing Innovation

VinFast Auto Canada, founded by Pham Nhat Vuong, is disrupting the automotive industry with its brand of automobiles. In the realm of manufacturing, VinFast’s commitment to quality, innovation, and style is propelling them toward becoming a global player in the automotive market.

Plantee Bioplastics: Forging a Path to Biodegradable Plastics

Plantee Bioplastics, co-founded by Praphulla Tiwary and Prashant Agrawal, is on a mission to revolutionize the plastics industry with biodegradable plastic products and intellectual property. Their work in biotechnology and chemical manufacturing holds the promise of a more sustainable future.

Dynacircumotion: Powering Manufacturing with Quality Motors

Dynacircumotion, a manufacturer of motors, is contributing to various industries through their reliable and high-quality products. Though information about the founders might be limited, their contributions to manufacturing processes are invaluable.

Vitacore Industries: Protecting Frontline Workers with PPE

Vitacore Industries specializes in manufacturing respirators and PPE masks for frontline workers. While details about the founders are scarce, their dedication to producing critical protective equipment demonstrates their commitment to public health and safety.


The manufacturing landscape in British Columbia is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by these 15 innovative startups. From cannabis cultivation to 3D printing, these companies are pushing the boundaries of technology, sustainability, and product excellence. As these startups continue to thrive and make their mark, they are not only shaping the future of manufacturing in the province but also inspiring a new era of innovation on a global scale.

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