Bite into the Future: 15 Alberta Food and Beverage Startups You Need to Know

Fueling Creativity and Nourishing Communities.

Alberta, Canada is not only known for its stunning landscapes but is also home to a thriving ecosystem of food and beverage startups that are pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. From farm-to-table solutions to cutting-edge technology applications, these startups are reshaping the way we think about food and beverages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most captivating ventures emerging from this dynamic province.

Provision Analytics: Revolutionizing Food Processing

Provision Analytics has carved a niche for itself in the agriculture and food processing industry with its practical and precise software solutions. Founded by Chris Elias, Erik Westblom, and Michael Gibbons, the company’s software aids food processors and manufacturers in optimizing their operations, leading to increased efficiency and reduced waste.

Ordr: Elevating Experiences through Technology

Ordr is an enterprise-level SaaS platform that’s enhancing the premium experiences within various venues, particularly in the events and food and beverage sector. Founded by Evan Wain and Jade Chiles, Ordr’s platform revolutionizes the way orders are taken, processed, and delivered, resulting in seamless event experiences.

Axiomm Technologies: Pioneering Nanotechnology in Nutrition

Axiomm Technologies is pushing the boundaries of nutrition by utilizing nanoemulsion-based technology. This innovation, aimed at increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption, holds promise for revolutionizing the food and beverage industry’s approach to nutrition.

E.O.I Technologies: Precision Data Collection for Enhanced Productivity

E.O.I Technologies has developed a remote laser-based vibration sensor tailored for rapid and large-scale data collection in the food and beverage industry. Founded by Alex Sulkin, the technology assists in predictive analytics and maintenance for machinery manufacturing, ensuring optimal production processes.

Doortender: The Doorstep of Convenience

Doortender is an online platform that simplifies the process of ordering alcoholic beverages, offering free home delivery service. This startup has tapped into the E-commerce and retail space, providing a convenient solution for those seeking quality wine and spirits.

Bessie: Bridging Local Farms to Your Table

Bessie is a hyper-local farm-to-table brand that prides itself on delivering natural food with personalized care. Founded by Alexander Leakos, Shanika Abeysinghe, and Spencer Kerber, Bessie offers a unique enterprise software solution in the food and beverage delivery sector.

ALGI Foods: Algae’s Innovative Potential in Food

ALGI Foods is on a mission to bring algae-based food products into the mainstream market. Founded by Alessandra Amato and Devon Hawkins, the company leverages E-commerce to introduce innovative food ingredients made from algae, contributing to sustainable and nutritious diets.

Mundii: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Mundii is an online store that offers farm-fresh foods with on-demand delivery services. This startup, founded by Pratik Patel, is revolutionizing the E-commerce and delivery space within the food and beverage industry.

Mugshare: Sipping Sustainability

Mugshare presents a sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups. This initiative aligns with environmental consulting and community-driven efforts to reduce single-use waste, offering an easy-to-use solution for eco-conscious consumers.

More Than Protein: Powering Plant-Based Nutrition

More Than Protein is a local producer of plant-based, pure protein ingredients. With a focus on CleanTech and sustainability, founder Kanagaraj C Selvraj (RAJ) is leading the charge in offering nutritious alternatives in the food and beverage sector.

TruCelium: Exploring the Potential of Mushrooms

TruCelium is a health company producing nutraceutical mushroom superfoods and innovative mycelium foods. This startup, with a focus on organic and sustainable options, is carving a niche in the food processing and organic food space.

Alpha Phenomics Inc.: Bridging Science and Agriculture

Alpha Phenomics Inc. brings disruptive technology to the veterinary, agribusiness, and medical professions. By harnessing biotechnology, this startup is revolutionizing the intersection of agriculture, food and beverage, and healthcare.

Syzl: Kitchens on Demand

Syzl offers certified kitchens on demand, anywhere. Founded by Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin, this startup is shaping the food and beverage industry through its innovative approach to commercial real estate and sharing economy.

AgGene: Engineering the Future of Agriculture

AgGene specializes in agricultural biotechnology, focusing on developing plant traits to address crop production challenges. Founders Logan Skori and Marcus Samuel are driving innovation at the intersection of agriculture, biotechnology, and food and beverage.

My Fungi: Fostering Fungi Innovation

My Fungi specializes in producing high-quality mushrooms in fresh, dried, and extracted forms. This startup, led by founder Dave Auger, is contributing to the agriculture and food and beverage industries with its unique approach to mushroom farming.

Conclusion: Nurturing Alberta’s Culinary Future

The startup landscape in Alberta’s food and beverage sector is thriving, with these 15 startups leading the way in innovation, sustainability, and culinary creativity. As these ventures continue to grow and evolve, they are not only shaping the local economy but also contributing to the broader conversations around food production, consumption, and the future of sustenance. Alberta’s startup ecosystem serves as a testament to the power of human ingenuity and its potential to transform even the most traditional industries.

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