Breaking Boundaries: 15 Innovative E-commerce Startups from Quebec

Embracing Cutting-Edge Solutions to Transform Online Shopping.

Quebec, Canada, is witnessing a surge in the development of innovative startups in the e-commerce sector. These companies are revolutionizing the way we shop, leveraging advanced technologies, and delivering exceptional experiences to customers. In this article, we’ll explore 15 fascinating e-commerce startups from Quebec that are reshaping the landscape of online shopping. From data analytics platforms to AI-powered marketplaces, these startups are propelling the future of e-commerce in Canada and beyond.

Nolk: Empowering E-commerce Brands with Data and Analytics

Nolk is an e-commerce startup based in Quebec, providing a comprehensive data and analytics platform for brands. Their solution enables businesses to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, optimize marketing strategies, and enhance their online presence. With Nolk, e-commerce brands can unlock the power of data-driven decision-making, resulting in improved customer engagement and revenue growth.

QuoteMachine: Turning Conversations into Online Sales

QuoteMachine offers a cloud software solution designed to assist local retailers in transforming in-store conversations into online sales. By leveraging QuoteMachine’s platform, businesses can seamlessly transition from physical interactions to digital transactions. This innovative startup empowers retailers to enhance customer engagement, extend their reach, and boost their revenue through e-commerce.

Cozey: Redefining Furniture Shopping with Modular Sofas

Cozey, a Quebec-based furniture brand, is revolutionizing the way people shop for sofas. With their modular and comfortable designs, Cozey offers a unique e-commerce experience to customers. By combining style, functionality, and adaptability, Cozey provides furniture that perfectly fits customers’ needs and preferences. Their online platform makes it easy to browse and order personalized modular sofas, transforming the way we furnish our homes.

Gallea: An Artistic Journey through an Online Gallery

Gallea is an online art gallery and distribution network that connects artists with art enthusiasts. By bridging the gap between creators and consumers, Gallea democratizes the art world and makes it more accessible to everyone. This e-commerce startup showcases a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and photography, offering a unique digital space for artistic expression and appreciation.

Pelcro: Simplifying Digital Commerce and Subscriptions

Pelcro offers an all-in-one platform tailored for businesses selling digital memberships, subscriptions, magazines, and more. This Quebec-based startup streamlines the billing and payment processes associated with digital content, simplifying the overall e-commerce experience. With Pelcro, businesses can efficiently manage their subscription services, improve customer retention, and drive revenue growth.

MoveMate: On-Demand Transportation for Businesses and Consumers

MoveMate is an online platform that provides on-demand transportation solutions for businesses and consumers. Whether it’s moving goods, furniture, or equipment, MoveMate offers a seamless e-commerce experience for transportation needs. By connecting users with reliable and professional movers, this Quebec startup simplifies the logistics involved in moving and creates a convenient solution for businesses and individuals alike.

Heyday AI: Elevating Customer Service with Conversational AI

Heyday AI is a leading conversational AI platform designed specifically for retailers. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Heyday AI enables businesses to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences across various channels. From automated chatbots to video chat capabilities, Heyday AI empowers retailers to enhance customer service, drive sales, and build long-lasting relationships.

B2B Quotes: Connecting Businesses with Service Providers

B2B Quotes operates as a managed marketplace, connecting businesses with the most relevant service providers for their specific needs. This Quebec-based startup simplifies the process of finding and engaging professional service providers across different industries. By leveraging their platform, businesses can efficiently source digital marketing services, e-commerce solutions, web development, and more, driving growth and efficiency in their operations.

PodiumIO: A Comprehensive E-commerce Platform for SMBs

PodiumIO offers an all-in-one e-commerce platform specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) selling services. With features tailored for service-based industries, PodiumIO enables SMBs to manage their online operations, bookings, and payments seamlessly. This Quebec startup empowers service providers to create a compelling online presence, attract customers, and streamline their service delivery.

Shopicar: Transforming the Automotive Buying Experience

Shopicar is an automotive marketplace that offers an end-to-end online buying and selling experience. This Quebec-based startup simplifies the process of purchasing and selling cars through their intuitive online platform. With Shopicar, customers can browse a wide selection of vehicles, access detailed information, and connect with trusted dealers. This innovative e-commerce solution revolutionizes the way people buy and sell cars.

Grolift: Grocery E-commerce and Efficient Delivery

Grolift is an e-commerce startup focusing on grocery shopping, mobile apps, fleet management, and delivery services. By offering a user-friendly mobile app, Grolift streamlines the grocery shopping experience, allowing customers to easily order and receive their groceries at their doorstep. With a strong focus on efficient delivery, Grolift ensures that customers receive their groceries fresh and on time, transforming the way we shop for essentials.

PivoHub: Empowering Craft Brewers in B2B Sales

PivoHub is a B2B craft beer ordering platform that simplifies the sales process for brewers. This Quebec startup enables craft brewers to connect with retailers and easily sell their products. By leveraging PivoHub’s platform, brewers can expand their reach, streamline their sales operations, and establish valuable partnerships within the industry. PivoHub empowers craft brewers to focus on what they do best: brewing exceptional beer.

Angel Softwares: Web3 SaaS for the Blockchain Era

Angel Softwares is a Quebec-based startup that specializes in Web3 SaaS solutions. With a strong focus on blockchain technology and e-commerce, Angel Softwares develops cutting-edge software to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the digital era. By embracing decentralized technologies, Angel Softwares offers innovative solutions that enable secure and efficient online transactions.

Tote: AI-Powered Mobile Apparel Marketplace

Tote is an AI-powered mobile apparel marketplace that brings together multiple brands and offers a personalized shopping experience. By leveraging advanced algorithms and user preferences, Tote enables shoppers to easily find the clothing they desire from a variety of brands. With Tote, e-commerce enthusiasts can discover new styles, access exclusive deals, and enjoy a tailored shopping experience, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Exitget: Enhancing User Engagement through Automation

Exitget provides a seamless interaction-based automation platform designed to capture user attention at the right moment. This Quebec startup empowers businesses to engage with customers effectively and drive conversions through strategic marketing automation. By offering personalized experiences and targeted messaging, Exitget enables businesses to optimize their e-commerce efforts and maximize their online presence.


Quebec, Canada, is becoming a hub for innovative e-commerce startups that are reshaping the way we shop and do business online. From data analytics platforms and AI-powered marketplaces to seamless automation and customer-centric solutions, these startups are driving the future of e-commerce. By leveraging advanced technologies, embracing entrepreneurship, and focusing on customer needs, these Quebec-based companies are revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape, not just in Canada but globally. As they continue to grow and expand, we can expect exciting developments that will further enhance the online shopping experience for everyone.

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