Breaking Boundaries: Discover the 15 Hottest App Startups in British Columbia

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technologies and Transforming Industries.

British Columbia, Canada, is home to a vibrant and thriving startup ecosystem. Among the many innovative companies shaping the future, a wave of app startups has emerged, revolutionizing industries and offering unique solutions to various challenges. In this article, we will showcase and explore 15 remarkable app startups that are pushing boundaries and making a significant impact in British Columbia.

LayerZero Labs: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchains

LayerZero Labs stands at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, presenting an omnichain interoperability protocol. By seamlessly connecting decentralized applications (dapps) across disparate blockchains, LayerZero Labs enables enhanced collaboration and efficiency. Founded by Bryan Pellegrino, Caleb Banister, and Ryan Zarick, this startup is paving the way for a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

PocketPills: Reinventing Pharmacy Services

PocketPills is revolutionizing the way Canadians access medication by combining e-commerce with healthcare. As Canada’s leading online pharmacy, PocketPills delivers medication by the dose straight to customers’ doors. With founders Abhinav Gupta, Harj Samra, and Raj Gulia leading the charge, this app startup is streamlining the pharmaceutical industry and improving patient experiences.

Goose Insurance Services: Empowering Customers with Mobile-First Insurance

Goose Insurance Services disrupts the insurance industry with its mobile-first B2C insurance platform. With an emphasis on simplicity and convenience, this startup is reshaping how individuals access and manage insurance services. Dejan Mirkovic and the team at Goose Insurance Services are revolutionizing the insurance landscape in British Columbia.

Snack App: A Fresh Take on Video-First Dating

In the realm of dating apps, Snack App stands out with its unique video-first approach. Catering specifically to Gen-Z users, Snack App facilitates meaningful connections through engaging video interactions. Founded by Kim Kaplan, Snack App is redefining the dating experience for the digital era.

Beatdapp: Protecting Artists and Music Labels with Blockchain

Beatdapp brings transparency and protection to the music industry through its real-time media tracking system. This innovative startup authenticates, verifies, and validates media streamed on various platforms, empowering artists and music labels. Andrew Batey, Morgan Hayduk, and Pouria Assadipour are the driving forces behind Beatdapp’s groundbreaking solutions.

Commerce.js: Empowering Developers with Modular E-Commerce

Commerce.js offers developers and designers a modular e-commerce platform, unlocking new possibilities for creating customized online shopping experiences. With Andrew Underwood and Devan Koshal leading the team, Commerce.js is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape, empowering businesses to build exceptional online stores.

Dyne: Enhancing the Restaurant Experience through Technology

Dyne brings a seamless digital experience to the food and beverage industry with its restaurant SaaS and B2C mobile app marketplace. By combining marketing and software solutions, Dyne improves operational efficiency and customer engagement. Arnav Mishra and Parsa Riahi are the visionary founders behind this transformative app startup.

Renaissance: Amplifying Artists’ Streaming Traction

Renaissance is empowering artists to expand their streaming traction and connect with super fans. This mobile app startup fosters a private social networking community, enabling artists to grow their fan base and amplify their presence in the music industry. Arpan Deol, Devon Ulrich, and Kiki Jaspal are the driving force behind Renaissance’s innovative approach.

Yervana Services Inc: Connecting Outdoor Enthusiasts and Locals

Yervana Services Inc is a two-sided marketplace that connects outdoor adventurers and locals, facilitating unforgettable outdoor experiences. With a strong focus on data analytics, Yervana also provides valuable insights for the tourism and hospitality industry. Jim McGovern and the team at Yervana are reshaping the adventure travel landscape.

Hengam: Empowering Shopify Merchants for Increased Revenue

Hengam develops Shopify apps that empower merchants to boost their net profit and revenue. By providing innovative sales automation solutions, this app startup is transforming e-commerce businesses. Led by Ali Rajool, Hengam is dedicated to helping Shopify merchants thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Care2Talk: Bridging Generations Through Technology

Care2Talk is revolutionizing healthcare by leveraging technology to connect different generations. With its mobile app, Care2Talk facilitates communication and support between seniors and their loved ones, promoting a sense of connection and well-being. Jordan Schley is the visionary founder behind this impactful app startup.

GameOn: Engaging Superfans in the World of Gaming

GameOn is reshaping the world of gaming by offering a platform that engages superfans in a new and exciting way. With a focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, GameOn is at the forefront of innovation in the gaming industry. Matt Bailey and his team are driving this startup’s success.

Karve IT ltd.: Streamlining Franchise Operations with Vertical SaaS

Karve IT ltd. specializes in vertical SaaS software development, specifically catering to the operational needs of franchised organizations. By providing comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, this app startup is simplifying franchise management. Alex Benjamin, James Warren, and Laurie Baggio are the founders behind Karve IT ltd.’s success.

ROAR: Consolidating the Service Industry in One Powerful App

ROAR is a marketplace that consolidates the service industry, offering a one-stop solution for users. With its powerful and user-friendly app, ROAR is reshaping the way people access and interact with various service providers. Maya Adly and the team at ROAR are streamlining the service industry. Streamlining Development Environments is empowering modern software teams with on-demand and one-click development environments. By simplifying and streamlining development processes, this app startup is enabling teams to work more efficiently and effectively. Evandro Miquelito is the driving force behind’s innovative solutions.


British Columbia’s startup scene is brimming with innovation and creativity, with app startups playing a pivotal role in transforming industries. From blockchain interoperability and pharmacy services to video-first dating and streamlined e-commerce, these 15 startups are pushing boundaries and driving change. The founders and teams behind these remarkable companies are reshaping the future of technology, proving that British Columbia is a hub of entrepreneurial talent and technological advancement.

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