Breaking News: 15 Consulting Startups in Vancouver Disrupting Industries!

Revolutionizing Industries Through Cutting-Edge Consulting.

Vancouver, British Columbia, has long been recognized as a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. This bustling Canadian city is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem, with a diverse range of companies leading the charge in various industries. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 exciting consulting startups that are making waves in Vancouver. From artificial intelligence to environmental consulting and blockchain technology, these startups are reshaping their respective sectors with their groundbreaking solutions. Join us as we delve into their inspiring journeys and explore the transformative impact they are creating.

Penny: Scaling Direct Sales Businesses with AI

Penny is an AI-based virtual assistant that has been specifically designed to revolutionize direct sales businesses. Founded by Chris Noble and David Abbey, Penny utilizes advanced algorithms to streamline operations and enhance sales efficiency. With its cutting-edge technology, Penny equips businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Carbin Minerals: Tackling Carbon Dioxide Removal from Mine Waste

Carbin Minerals has set its sights on unlocking the immense potential of carbon dioxide removal from mine waste. By leveraging innovative solutions, this environmental consulting startup is paving the way for sustainable practices in the mining industry. Carbin Minerals aims to mitigate the environmental impact of mining activities while simultaneously harnessing the power of carbon capture and utilization.

Karve IT Ltd.: Revolutionizing Franchise Operations and Management

Karve IT Ltd. focuses on vertical SaaS software development for franchised organizations. Through their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Alex Benjamin, James Warren, and Laurie Baggio are empowering franchises to streamline operations and optimize management processes. Their software is tailored to meet the unique needs of franchisors and franchisees, enabling them to scale their businesses effectively.

Viridis Research: Transforming Water Treatment and Recycling

Viridis Research tackles systemic socio-economic water problems through its innovative water treatment and recycling solutions. With a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses biotechnology, electronics, renewable energy, and water purification, Viridis Research is at the forefront of addressing water scarcity and promoting sustainable practices.

Powertrust: Pioneering Renewable Energy Projects

Powertrust specializes in developing, financing, and operating renewable energy projects. With a team of experts, this consulting startup offers invaluable expertise in the field of sustainable energy. By supporting the growth of renewable energy initiatives, Powertrust is driving the transition to a greener future.

SIXBC INC.: Assisting Businesses in Achieving ISO Certification

SIXBC INC. provides ISO certification assistance to organizations seeking to establish and maintain international standards. Through their consulting services, Kiran Murthy and his team guide businesses through the complex certification process, helping them achieve excellence and credibility in their respective industries.

Aqua Intelligent Technology: Improving Water Quality for Communities

Aqua Intelligent Technology has developed an innovative platform to help small and indigenous communities improve water quality. By combining aquaculture, environmental consulting, and software solutions, Aqua Intelligent Technology is making a significant impact in ensuring clean and safe water resources for communities in need. Empowering Advisors and Consultants with Financial Scenario Planning offers a highly visual, low-code financial scenario builder and presentation platform for advisors and consultants. By eliminating the reliance on formulas and spreadsheets, founders Alex Cruise, Jon Cowley, and Robert Sanchez have created a user-friendly tool that allows professionals to create compelling financial scenarios and make informed decisions.

Kai Analytics: Unlocking the Power of Data with Natural Language Processing

Kai Analytics is a consulting startup that specializes in natural language processing and market research. With their cutting-edge SaaS solutions, they enable businesses to extract valuable insights from large volumes of data. Kai Chang Chang and his team are revolutionizing analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization to drive informed decision-making. Accelerating Growth through Market Research and Machine Learning assists B2B companies in understanding their market size, growth dynamics, and opportunities for accelerating growth. By leveraging market research and machine learning, founder Ryan Detwiller and his team provide invaluable insights that guide strategic decision-making and drive business success.

Fastloop: Empowering Businesses with Data and Advanced Analytics

Fastloop offers consulting services for data and advanced analytics, helping businesses harness the power of data-driven insights. With a team led by Breedon Grauer and Trevor Carr, Fastloop assists companies in optimizing their marketing strategies, improving operational efficiency, and making informed business decisions.

Keter: Pioneering Blockchain Technology and Token Engineering

Keter is a technology research and development firm specializing in token engineering and blockchain economics. Founded by Alberto Cevallos, Keter is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, offering consulting services and expertise to organizations looking to harness the power of decentralized technologies.

Beeznests: Connecting Students and Companies for Valuable Work Experience

Beeznests is an innovative platform that connects companies with students seeking work experience. By offering consulting opportunities and outsourcing projects to students, Beeznests enables businesses to tap into fresh talent while providing valuable learning opportunities for students. This consulting startup, driven by the vision of its founders, is bridging the gap between education and industry.

Greenlines: Empowering Sustainable Practices in Mobility and E-Commerce

Greenlines develops carbon revenue generator systems for the mobility and e-commerce sectors. With a focus on sustainability, Arturo Miguel, David Oliver, and Jonathan Whitworth have created solutions that enable businesses to monetize their carbon footprint and drive positive environmental change.

Shape: Transforming Retail and E-Commerce Through Immersive Technologies

Shape provides a range of services, including 3D production, consulting, marketing, augmented reality, and app development, to the retail and e-commerce sector. By leveraging immersive technologies, Shape empowers businesses to create engaging experiences for their customers and drive digital transformation.


Vancouver’s consulting startup scene is brimming with innovation and talent. The 15 startups showcased in this article are a testament to the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to driving positive change. From AI-driven virtual assistants and sustainable energy solutions to blockchain technology and immersive retail experiences, these startups are reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As Vancouver continues to foster a supportive ecosystem for startups, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking ideas and ventures emerging from this vibrant Canadian city.

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