Breakthrough Technologies: Uncovering 15 Revolutionary Predictive Analytics Startups in Canada

Predictive analytics is a rapidly growing field that uses data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make accurate predictions about future events or trends. In Canada, there are several startups at the forefront of this exciting industry. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 interesting predictive analytics startups that are making significant contributions to various sectors.

Perceiv AI

Perceiv AI is a startup focused on AI-driven precision medicine and forecasting disease progression. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, Perceiv AI aims to revolutionize clinical trials, health diagnostics, and pharmaceutical research. The founders, Christian Dansereau, César Laurent, and Maor Zaltzhendler, bring a wealth of expertise to this venture.


Citylitics delivers predictive intelligence on local utility and public infrastructure markets. With a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Citylitics helps cities and utility companies make informed decisions to improve efficiency and optimize resources. The founders, Ahmed Badruddin and Sunit Mohindroo, have created a platform that holds great promise for the future of urban development.

Basetwo AI

Basetwo AI is dedicated to helping manufacturers troubleshoot and optimize their production processes. By using predictive analytics, Basetwo AI aims to increase efficiency and reduce waste in industrial manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. The founders, Kiefer Eaton, Tawfeeq Abdul Gaffoor, and Thamjeeth Abdul Gaffoor, are driving innovation in this sector.


Niricson is bringing a digital revolution to infrastructure condition assessment and risk management. This startup uses predictive analytics and productivity tools to improve asset management in various industries. The founders, Aki Tomita and Harsh Rathod, are creating a powerful solution to enhance the longevity and performance of critical infrastructure.


imMail is a platform that offers chat and video solutions for companies. By integrating predictive analytics, imMail aims to enhance collaboration, productivity, and video conferencing experiences. The founders, Leonardo Valença and Rafael Menezes de Souza, are passionate about making communication more efficient and effective.


MicroTraffic is a startup that specializes in road safety video analytics. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, MicroTraffic provides valuable data as a service to improve transportation safety. The founders, Craig Milligan and Joel Penner, are making significant strides in the emerging field of GovTech.


PigeonLine aims to automate report building while respecting data privacy. This startup focuses on artificial intelligence, market research, and natural language processing to create a platform that simplifies reporting processes. The founders, Audrey Ooi, Cody Dodd, and Jae-Yong Lee, are making data analysis more accessible and efficient for businesses.

Hopeful Inc.

Hopeful Inc. is a unique social fundtech platform that enables nonprofits and charities to monetize their social media followers for fundraising. With predictive analytics and machine learning, Hopeful Inc. is driving innovation in the non-profit sector. The founders, Ahsan Javed and Alexander Jivov, are making a positive impact on charitable initiatives.

Intelense Inc

Intelense Inc offers a SAAS-based AI platform for IoT devices, providing anomaly detection and analytics for cameras, sensors, and more. By leveraging predictive analytics and smart city technology, Intelense Inc is at the forefront of the Internet of Things revolution. The founders, Dinesh Prasanna Arivalagan and Sailesh Sasidharan, are shaping the future of connected devices.


Faimdata is a leading computer vision AI platform for location-based operators in various industries. By incorporating predictive analytics and text analytics, Faimdata provides valuable insights to retail, food service, hospitality, and finance sectors. The founders, Ari Himmel, Bin Zhu, and Michael Whitehouse, are driving innovation in computer vision technology.


HonestDoor is a startup that combines big data and predictive analytics to produce estimated values of houses. This innovative approach is transforming the real estate sector by providing more transparent and accurate property evaluations. The founder, Dan Belostotsky, has created a powerful tool for home buyers and sellers.


TRACKiTT serves as the App Store for manufacturing, allowing factories to speed up their digitization efforts. With predictive analytics and industrial automation, TRACKiTT is revolutionizing the B2B sector by making factories more efficient and connected. The founders, Akshay Vishwakarma and Gibran Kichlu, are driving change in the manufacturing industry. accelerates supply chain digitalization by automating document extraction and data entry with artificial intelligence. By incorporating predictive analytics, is optimizing logistics and supply chain management processes. The founders, Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo, are making strides in streamlining business operations.

Tech Spark Canada

Tech Spark Canada’s Spark Plug platform uses data, AI, and curated content to personalize education for middle school students. With predictive analytics and machine learning, Tech Spark Canada is shaping the future of EdTech. The founder, Tamar Huggins, is passionate about providing personalized learning experiences.


CandidateHub is a recruitment marketing automation platform that uses predictive analytics to match candidates with suitable job opportunities. This startup is driving innovation in the recruiting industry, making the job search process more efficient and effective. The founder, Bradley DiPaolo, is making waves in the world of HR tech.


These 15 predictive analytics startups in Canada represent a diverse range of industries and applications. From precision medicine and infrastructure management to manufacturing optimization and recruitment, these startups are leveraging data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to drive innovation and create valuable solutions. As they continue to grow and make advancements, they are sure to play a vital role in shaping the future of predictive analytics in Canada and beyond.

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