Canada’s Construction Revolution: 15 Startups That Are Changing Everything

As the construction industry continues to evolve and adapt to new technologies, Canada is at the forefront of this transformation with a growing number of innovative startups. From sustainable building materials to digitized interior construction, these startups are changing the face of construction in Canada. Here are 15 construction startups to watch out for.

Nexii: Rapid Sustainable Building Solutions

Nexii is a Canadian construction startup that offers a building solution that enables the rapid construction of sustainable and resilient buildings. The company uses a proprietary material that is energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and water-resistant. With Nexii’s innovative building technology, construction time is reduced, and the resulting buildings are more environmentally friendly.

Falkbuilt: Digitized Interior Construction

Falkbuilt is a construction company that digitizes interior construction with next-generation technology. The company offers a modular construction system that is designed to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Their software enables architects and builders to design and construct custom spaces with ease.

Spexi: Two-Sided Platform for Construction

Spexi is a two-sided platform that connects construction professionals with clients. The web app and mobile app use blockchain and SaaS to create a streamlined experience for both parties. Spexi offers drone services and geospatial technology to create accurate site surveys.

Billdr: Home Renovations Made Simple

Billdr is a construction startup that offers home renovations made simple, transparent, and efficient. The company offers a marketplace where homeowners can find and hire reliable and trusted contractors. The platform offers a streamlined experience, including project management and payments.

Brokrete: Storefront Solution for Construction Commodities

Brokrete is a storefront solution for construction commodities. The company offers a digital platform that enables contractors to purchase materials and supplies online. The platform offers delivery services, making it easy for contractors to get the supplies they need.

Maket: Automated Floor Plans Using AI

Maket is a construction startup that automates the creation of floor plans using generative AI. The platform uses machine learning to create custom floor plans based on a user’s requirements. Maket’s platform is designed to reduce time and costs associated with floor plan creation.

Bidmii: Community for Hiring Contractors

Bidmii is a community where homeowners can easily hire reliable and trusted contractors to complete their projects. The platform uses information technology and real estate software to match clients with contractors. Bidmii offers a streamlined experience for both parties, including project management and payments.

Mercator AI: Real-Time Construction Intelligence

Mercator AI offers real-time construction intelligence, helping contractors find and qualify new opportunities faster. The platform uses artificial intelligence and big data to provide insights into the construction industry. Mercator AI offers lead generation and market research services, enabling contractors to make informed business decisions.

UberVac: Platform Connecting Hydrovac Vendors

UberVac is a platform that connects hydrovac vendors with customers, providing flexibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. The platform offers a streamlined experience for both parties, including project management and payments. UberVac’s platform is designed to reduce time and costs associated with hydrovac services.

Luminex Resources: Precious and Base Metals Exploration

Luminex Resources is a precious and base metals exploration and development company focused on gold and copper projects. The company uses innovative mining techniques to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency. Luminex Resources’ projects are designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

SumoQuote: Beautiful Quotes That Sell More Work

SumoQuote helps contractors build beautiful quotes that sell more work. The platform uses innovative software to create custom quotes based on a user’s requirements. SumoQuote’s platform is designed to reduce time and costs associated with quote creation.

3dverse Technologies Inc: Real-Time 3D Platform

3dverse Technologies Inc is a platform provider of device-agnostic, collaborative, cloud-based, and secure real-time 3D. The platform is designed for architecture, construction, and real estate professionals to create immersive and interactive experiences for their clients. 3dverse Technologies’ platform uses augmented reality and virtual reality to enable clients to visualize their projects before construction begins.

Civalgo: Operational Productivity Platform for Specialty Contractors

Civalgo is an operational productivity platform operated as a SAAS for operations-driven specialty contractors. The platform uses artificial intelligence and enterprise software to improve productivity and reduce costs. Civalgo’s platform is designed to help specialty contractors optimize their operations and increase profits.

ZS2 Technologies: Advanced Building Technologies

ZS2 Technologies creates and produces its own line of advanced building technologies, including prefabricated structural panels. The company’s panels are designed to reduce construction time and costs while improving energy efficiency. ZS2 Technologies’ panels are suitable for both commercial and residential construction projects.

TeamGram: Salestech for Construction Industry Suppliers

TeamGram is a salestech platform for construction industry suppliers. The platform uses customer relationship management software and sales tools to help suppliers manage their sales pipelines and improve customer engagement. TeamGram’s platform is designed to help construction industry suppliers increase sales and revenue.


These 15 construction startups are just a few examples of the innovative and transformative companies emerging in Canada’s construction industry. From sustainable building materials to advanced software solutions, these startups are changing the way we think about construction. As Canada continues to lead the way in this industry, we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the years to come.

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