Canada’s Energy Game Changers: 15 Startups You Need to Know About

From sustainable lithium extraction to ocean-based carbon removal technology, these Canadian startups are paving the way for a cleaner, greener energy future

Canada is known for its abundant natural resources, including oil and gas. But as the world shifts towards cleaner, renewable energy sources, Canadian startups are leading the charge. These 15 innovative energy startups are developing cutting-edge technologies that are making energy production more sustainable, efficient, and affordable.

Summit Nanotech: Sustainable Lithium Extraction

Summit Nanotech is revolutionizing the way lithium is extracted for use in batteries. Using patented direct lithium extraction technology, Summit Nanotech creates lithium economically and sustainably, making it an essential component for the growing electric vehicle market.

BluWave-ai: Grid Energy Optimization

BluWave-ai’s SaaS-based grid energy optimization platform helps energy providers make more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy decisions. By using machine learning algorithms, BluWave-ai optimizes grid performance, reduces costs, and increases renewable energy penetration.

Audette: Carbon Free Planning

Audette’s B2B SaaS platform provides carbon-free planning for corporate real estate. By analyzing energy usage and identifying areas for improvement, Audette helps companies reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and meet sustainability goals.

Ionomr: Next-Gen Ion-Exchange Materials

Ionomr develops next-gen ion-exchange materials for use in clean technology applications involving electrochemistry. Their products, Aemion™ and Pemion™, are used in advanced batteries, fuel cells, and water purification systems, among others.

Moment Energy: Renewable Energy Storage

Moment Energy is committed to providing greater access to reliable renewable energy storage. Their energy storage systems are designed to integrate with solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy sources, making it easier to power homes and businesses with clean energy.

Planetary: Ocean-Based Carbon Removal

Planetary develops ocean-based carbon removal technology to accelerate the natural carbon cycle. Their innovative technology helps reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Climative: Building Decarbonization

Climative uses AI and blockchain to expedite the decarbonization of the built environment. By collaborating with building owners, Climative identifies energy efficiency opportunities, reduces carbon emissions, and helps companies meet sustainability targets.

Elocity: Transportation Electrification

Elocity transforms the transportation electrification journey for electric utilities, cities, and businesses. Their energy management software helps reduce the cost and complexity of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Daanaa: Semiconductor Power Transactions

Daanaa’s proprietary semiconductor technology provides power transactions that are medium and modality-free, allowing for wired or wireless power transmission in AC/DC modes. This technology is essential for developing cleaner, more efficient energy systems.

Entropy: Commercializing Energy-Transition Technologies

Entropy is focused on commercializing energy-transition technologies. Their innovative products and solutions help companies transition to clean energy while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

VRB Energy: Vanadium Redox Battery Technology

VRB Energy is a global leader in vanadium redox battery technology. Their energy storage systems are used in renewable energy systems, microgrids, and other applications where reliable energy storage is essential.

TROES: Smart Power Energy Storage

TROES develops smart power energy storage technologies, products, and solutions. Their innovative products help companies reduce energy costs, improve grid stability, and increase the penetration of renewable energy.

Moduly: Virtual Power Plant

Moduly is developing a smart virtual power plant that brings resiliency, cost-saving, and clean energy to homes and businesses. By aggregating and managing energy from multiple sources, Moduly creates a more efficient, sustainable energy system that benefits both the environment and the economy.

Westgen Technologies: Remote Power Generation

Westgen Technologies specializes in remote power generation, providing cost-effective, sustainable energy solutions for remote communities and industries. Their innovative technology reduces development costs and improves environmental sustainability.

Solaires Entreprises Inc: Solar Energy for All

Solaires Entreprises Inc is a group of scientists and engineers dedicated to bringing solar energy to a broader audience. Their focus is on developing clean energy solutions that are accessible, affordable, and sustainable.


Canada’s energy sector is evolving rapidly, and these 15 startups are at the forefront of this transformation. By developing innovative technologies that promote sustainability, efficiency, and affordability, they are helping Canada to become a global leader in clean energy. As we look to a future that is powered by renewable energy sources, these startups are paving the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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