Canada’s Medical Revolution: 15 Game-Changing Startups to Watch

As technology advances, so does the medical industry, and Canada is no exception. Canada is home to some of the world’s most innovative medical startups, changing the way we view healthcare. From AI-driven precision medicine to home fertility startups, Canada is revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare. Here are 15 startups that are worth watching.


Pocketpills is Canada’s leading online pharmacy, which delivers medication by the dose straight to the customer’s door. PocketPills uses AI and robotic automation to sort, pack, and ship prescription drugs. Their aim is to simplify medication management while providing personalized support.


Adela is a health diagnostics startup that focuses on detecting cancer and other high-morbidity conditions through a routine blood test. Adela’s mission is to make healthcare accessible to everyone, and their blood test can diagnose different types of cancer at an early stage.

Able Innovations:

Able Innovations is developing robotic medical devices to tackle the painful and inefficient problem of patient transfer in healthcare. Able’s flagship product, the Able Chair, is a robotic transfer device that eliminates the need for manual transfers, reducing the risk of injury for both patients and healthcare providers.

Alpha9 Theranostics:

Alpha9 Theranostics is a biopharma company that focuses on radiotherapeutics for the treatment of solid and hematologic malignancies. Their innovative technology can target cancer cells with minimal impact on healthy tissue, minimizing side effects.

Perceiv AI:

Perceiv AI is an AI-driven precision medicine startup that forecasts disease progression. They use machine learning to analyze data from various sources, including electronic health records and genomic data, to predict how diseases progress over time. This technology can help healthcare providers make more informed treatment decisions.


PurposeMed’s mission is to improve access to complex care for underserved communities. They are building a platform that connects patients with specialty care providers remotely, reducing the need for in-person visits.

Braxia Scientific:

Braxia Scientific is specializing in medicinal mushroom and mushroom-infused products. They are conducting clinical trials to investigate the potential therapeutic benefits of mushrooms in treating various mental health conditions.

Congruence Therapeutics:

Congruence Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapies for patients with hard-to-treat cancers. They use a proprietary platform technology to identify drug candidates that can selectively target cancer cells.

Puzzle Medical Devices:

Puzzle Medical Devices is a Canadian company specializing in the development of a minimally invasive long-term hemodynamic transcatheter pump. This technology can help patients with heart failure, reducing the need for heart transplants.

Pathway Medical:

Pathway Medical is empowering clinicians and healthcare organizations to provide better, more efficient care. They use artificial intelligence to automate administrative tasks and streamline workflows, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

Rocket Doctor:

Rocket Doctor is a telemedicine marketplace that enables physicians to bring an advanced doctor’s office directly to patients’ homes. Patients can access healthcare services remotely, reducing the need for in-person visits.


BoomerangFX is a medically-focused SaaS company that provides software solutions for healthcare providers. Their platform allows providers to manage their medical practice more efficiently, improving patient care and reducing administrative burden.


Wisedocs equips businesses with medical insights by rethinking the way they manage medical assessment workflows. Their software platform streamlines the medical assessment process, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Lilia is a home fertility startup that serves as an egg securing concierge for busy people who want the option of having kids later. Lilia provides access to fertility specialists, egg freezing services, and personalized fertility plans.

ncoustics AI:

Oncoustics AI applies AI to raw ultrasound signals for low-cost diagnostics and treatment monitoring of structural diseases. Their technology can detect and monitor various structural diseases, including cancer, with higher accuracy and at a lower cost than traditional imaging methods.


These 15 medical startups in Canada are pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. From online pharmacies to AI-driven precision medicine, these companies are transforming the way we approach healthcare. They are addressing some of the most significant challenges in the medical industry, including access to care, improving diagnosis accuracy, and reducing administrative burdens for healthcare providers. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for these startups and the impact they will have on the medical industry.

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