Content Revolutionaries: These 15 Ontario Startups Are Taking Over the Internet!

Driving Innovation and Engagement.

Ontario, Canada, is not only known for its scenic landscapes and vibrant culture but also for being a thriving hub of innovative startups. Among the various sectors, the content industry has been witnessing a remarkable surge in recent years. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most exciting content startups in Ontario that are redefining the way we create, share, and engage with content.

Bettermode: Revolutionizing User Engagement

Bettermode is a powerful community platform that seamlessly integrates with products, making user engagement, retention, and lifetime value soar to new heights. With a focus on communities, content marketing, customer service, and social CRM, Bettermode, founded by Mohsen Malayeri, Siavash Mahmoudian, and Soheil Alavi, has become a game-changer in the content industry.

Disco: Empowering Learning Communities

Disco is an all-in-one platform catering to learning communities. With its unique approach and dedication to content creators, education, and information technology, Disco, led by founders Candice Faktor and Chris Sukornyk, has become a preferred choice for many seeking a comprehensive learning experience.

Mash: Monetizing Digital Experiences

Mash is an online platform that radically monetizes digital experiences and content, particularly in the realm of Bitcoin, content creators, digital entertainment, and payments. Founded by Jared Nusinoff, Mash is making waves in the digital content landscape.

Tech Spark Canada: Personalized Education for All

Tech Spark’s Spark Plug platform utilizes data, AI, and curated content to personalize education for middle school students. With a focus on artificial intelligence, e-learning, machine learning, and predictive analytics, Tech Spark Canada, founded by Tamar Huggins, is bringing personalized education within reach. Redefining Social Media is a unique social network and mobile app that is at the forefront of the creator economy. With its broad appeal to content creators, information technology enthusiasts, podcasters, and video enthusiasts,, founded by Ali Shah, is building a strong community for authentic connections.

Communyco: Empowering Creators

Communyco is a creators-only platform catering to their core needs. By focusing on communities and content creators, founders Bar Kirshon, Jeremy Aube, and Rony Rom have created an ecosystem that nurtures creativity and collaboration.

ONO Social: A Decentralized Social Network

ONO Social stands out as a blockchain-based decentralized social network that values attention and creates a unique ecosystem. Founder Ke Xu envisions a social media landscape that empowers users and ensures fair value for their attention and engagement.

Node App: Bridging Brands and Micro-Influencers

Node App is a private platform that connects brands with verified micro-influencers for product sampling and promotion. With a strong presence in advertising, e-commerce, marketing, and social media, founders Armin Faraji, Mackenzie Derival, and Preet Rawal are helping brands amplify their reach.

Cloutdesk: Empowering Creator Marketing

Cloutdesk serves as the infrastructure layer for creator marketing. With a focus on advertising, B2B, marketing, and social media marketing, founders Paul Xue, Samantha E. Cutler, and Trevor Mengel are simplifying the process of marketing collaborations.

Answerable: Empowering Sales with AI

Answerable’s gigify platform uses AI to help brands recruit, engage, and reward customers as brand advocates, leading to higher sales and lower returns. With a focus on AI, content creators, SaaS, and social CRM, Answerable, founded by Alex de Bold, is making strides in sales optimization.

The Urban Writers: Crafting Engaging Content

The Urban Writers provides content creation services with a focus on content, e-commerce, and eBooks. Their team of skilled writers is assisting various businesses and individuals in crafting engaging and compelling content.

Vodra: Reinventing Live Broadcast Advertising

Vodra offers advertising infrastructure for live broadcasts, tapping into the potential of advertising, content creators, social media, and video streaming. Founded by Conner Romanov and Zachary Bys, Vodra is making waves in the realm of live content marketing.

Phyxter: Empowering Home Service Contractors

Phyxter is a technology company that offers business management technology and digital marketing solutions to home service contractors. With a strong presence in consulting, content marketing, digital marketing, and software, founders Jake Gibson are enabling contractors to grow their businesses.

SEOTWIX: Toronto’s Most-Awarded SEO Company

SEOTWIX, led by founder Yulian Fediukov, has earned a reputation as Toronto’s most-awarded SEO company. With their expertise in advertising, content marketing, lead generation, reputation management, and search engine optimization, they are driving success for businesses across the city.

Microdose Psychedelic Insights: Pioneering the Psychedelics Business

Microdose Psychedelic Insights is an advertising firm that provides content, financial analysis, engaging events, and guidance to businesses operating in the psychedelic sector. As the interest in psychedelics grows, their insights are becoming increasingly valuable to industry players.


Ontario’s content startup ecosystem is buzzing with innovation and creativity. These 15 startups we’ve explored are making significant contributions to their respective niches, revolutionizing how content is created, shared, and engaged with. Their dedication, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial spirit serve as an inspiration to aspiring startups and content creators alike, propelling Ontario’s content industry to new heights. As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they are sure to leave a lasting impact on the content landscape not only in Ontario but worldwide.

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