Discover the Top 15 Business Development Startups Shaking up Canada’s Economy

Innovation is at the heart of Canada’s thriving startup ecosystem. From cutting-edge technology to revolutionary business models, Canada has seen an explosion of innovative startups in recent years. In this article, we showcase 15 of the most interesting business development startups in Canada.

Wecommerce – Empowering Shopify Entrepreneurs

Wecommerce is a business development startup that specializes in starting, buying, and investing in top Shopify businesses. With a focus on empowering entrepreneurs, Wecommerce helps Shopify sellers grow and scale their businesses.

NowVertical Group – Vertical Intelligence for Industry-Specific Solutions

NowVertical Group is a vertical intelligence software and services company that combines industry-specific technology and expertise to help businesses make data-driven decisions. With solutions for automotive, retail, government, and more, NowVertical is transforming industries with innovative technology.

CIBC Innovation Banking – Trusted Financial Partner to Entrepreneurs and Investors

CIBC Innovation Banking is a financial services provider that specializes in providing financing and advisory services to entrepreneurs and investors. With a focus on innovation, CIBC is helping businesses grow and achieve their goals.

Startup TNT – Connecting Angel Investors with Early-Stage Tech Companies

Startup TNT is a nonprofit organization that enhances access to capital for early-stage tech companies by connecting angel investors with local startups and entrepreneurs. With a focus on community building, Startup TNT is helping to drive innovation in Canada’s tech sector.

Pipeline Signals Inc. – Relationship Signal Intelligence Monitoring for Account-Based Sales

Pipeline Signals Inc. provides relationship signal intelligence monitoring for account-based sales. With its SaaS integration into CRM, Pipeline Signals helps businesses with lead generation, lead management, marketing automation, sales automation, and more.

Ngex Minerals – Copper and Gold Exploration

Ngex Minerals is a copper and gold exploration company that is committed to responsible and sustainable mineral exploration. With a focus on developing mineral resources, Ngex Minerals is helping to drive economic growth in Canada.

Junip – Customer Review Management Made Easy

Junip takes the pain out of customer reviews with its beautifully built software designed for entrepreneurs at every stage. With a focus on customer service and public relations, Junip is helping businesses manage their online reputations and drive growth.

Koridor – ERP SaaS Platform for Small to Medium Businesses

Koridor is an ERP SaaS software platform designed for small to medium size businesses. With features for CRM, project management, sales, and more, Koridor is helping businesses streamline their operations and drive growth.

Aldebaran Resources – Mineral Exploration for Copper Mining

Aldebaran Resources is a mineral exploration company engaged in the copper mining business sector. With a focus on responsible and sustainable mineral exploration, Aldebaran Resources is helping to drive economic growth in Canada.

vLife app – Shop Small & Local for a Deeper Local Experience

vLife app helps users shop small and local for a deeper local experience. With a focus on supporting local businesses, vLife app is helping to build vibrant and sustainable communities in Canada.

BeltecHub – Technology-Driven Manufacturing Hub

BeltecHub is a technology-driven manufacturing hub for industrial belting, automation, and MRO supplies. With a focus on supply chain management, BeltecHub is helping businesses optimize their operations and drive growth.

Coho Collective Kitchens – Commissary Kitchen for Food and Beverage Businesses

Coho Collective Kitchens operates as a commissary kitchen for food and beverage businesses. With a focus on marketing, Coho Collective Kitchens is helping businesses grow and expand their reach.

Framework Venture Partners – Data-Driven Investment Decision Process for Venture Capital

Framework Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that combines a data-driven investment decision process with a collaborative engagement model. With a focus on software and financial services, Framework Venture Partners is helping businesses in Canada scale their operations and reach their full potential.

Koru – Venture Foundry by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Koru is a groundbreaking venture foundry created by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. With a focus on venture capital, Koru is helping to drive innovation and growth in Canada’s startup ecosystem.

Stacktronic – Modular Battery for Industrial Vehicles

Stacktronic provides a modular battery for industrial vehicles that connects LEGO bricks to make a battery of any size. With a focus on autonomous vehicles and battery technology, Stacktronic is helping to drive innovation in the industrial sector.


These 15 business development startups in Canada are just a small sampling of the innovation and creativity that is happening in Canada’s startup ecosystem. From fintech to mineral exploration, these startups are tackling some of the biggest challenges facing businesses in Canada and around the world. As Canada continues to be a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, we can expect to see even more exciting startups emerge in the years ahead.

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