Disrupting the Status Quo: 15 Transportation Startups That Are Transforming Canada’s Roads and Rails

The transportation industry is continuously evolving with new technologies and startups revolutionizing the way we move. In Canada, the transportation industry has seen a significant transformation with the emergence of several innovative startups. CanadaVenture.news has compiled a list of the top 15 transportation startups in Canada that are making waves in the industry.

Waabi: Driving the Future with AI

Waabi, founded by Raquel Urtasun, is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that commercializes driverless trucks. They aim to bring safer and more efficient autonomous vehicles to the market by leveraging their expertise in machine learning and AI.

Treepz: Mobility-as-a-Service Platform for a Safer Transportation System

Treepz is a Mobility-as-a-Service platform that creates a safer transportation system for over 2.5 million customers in its first three years. Founded by Enagwolor Johnny, John Shaibu, and Oluseyi Afolabi, Treepz provides car-sharing, ride-sharing, and mobile apps to make transportation more accessible and sustainable.

Boxhub: Revolutionizing Intermodal Shipping Containers

Boxhub is a leading online platform that aims to revolutionize the way intermodal shipping containers are traded, transported, and used. Founded by Maximilian Birner and Philip Skov, Boxhub’s mission is to provide efficient, reliable, and affordable shipping solutions.

Hypercharge Networks Corp.: Charging up the Electric Vehicle Industry

Hypercharge Networks Corp. is an electric vehicle (EV) supply equipment company that provides turnkey EV charging solutions. Their aim is to build the EV charging infrastructure of the future, making it easier for people to adopt electric vehicles.

RailVision Analytics: Leveraging AI to Improve Rail Safety and Efficiency

RailVision Analytics uses the power of AI to reduce fuel consumption, and improve safety in the rail industry. Their software integrates with existing rail systems to provide real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Founded by Dev Jain, RailVision Analytics is helping to transform the rail industry in Canada.

Hop In Technologies: Enabling Sustainable Economic Development

Hop In Technologies offers transportation logistics software that enables and amplifies sustainable economic development. Founded by Boyd Reid and Erich Ko, Hop In’s aim is to make transportation more efficient, reduce emissions, and build smarter cities.

IRIS R&D Group Inc.: AI-Enabled Pavement Assessments and Video Analytics

IRIS R&D Group Inc. provides AI-enabled pavement assessments, right-of-way data collection, regulatory compliance, and video analytics. Their aim is to make public transportation and smart cities more efficient and sustainable. Founded by David Keaney and Emil Sylvester Ramos, IRIS is changing the way we think about transportation infrastructure.

Zygg: Simple and Affordable Ebikes for Everyone

Zygg’s ebike-as-a-service is designed to provide “Simple & Affordable Ebikes for Everyone.” Founded by Kevin McLaughlin, Zygg’s aim is to make ebikes more accessible and affordable, helping to reduce traffic congestion and emissions.

Velocia: Loyalty Platform to Reward Smart Mobility Choices

Velocia is a loyalty platform that rewards smart mobility choices that are safe, efficient and which reduce congestion in our cities. Founded by David Winterstein, Greg Boutin, and Hamid Akbari, Velocia’s aim is to encourage people to make sustainable transportation choices.

StoreToDoor: Same-Day Last Mile Delivery Startup

StoreToDoor is a same-day last mile delivery startup that provides a reliable and convenient solution for businesses and individuals. Founded by Scott Love, StoreToDoor’s aim is to make delivery more efficient and reduce emissions.

MoveMate: On-Demand Transportation Solution

MoveMate is an online platform that provides an on demand transportation solution for businesses and consumers. Founded by Jean-Philippe Lemieux, Lucas Francioli, and William Preudhomme, MoveMate’s aim is to make transportation more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Azzera: Climate Journey for Aviation Companies

Azzera is creating a B2B SaaS platform that allows aviation companies to effortlessly start their climate journey and access carbon markets. Founded by Nicholas Houseman and Puja Mahajan, Azzera is providing solutions to the aviation industry’s environmental challenges.

Latium Technologies: Fleet and Asset Management Services

Latium Technologies provides fleet and asset management services like fleet tracking, consulting, fleet maintenance, rental vehicles, and more. Founded by Lori Pecorilli and Tony Pecorilli, Latium Technologies is making fleet management more efficient and sustainable.

Roll: Dock-less Electric Scooter and Bike Share Services

Roll offers smart mobility solutions by providing dock-less electric scooter and bike share services to cities and campuses. Founded by Arda Erturk and Richard Cao, Roll’s aim is to make transportation more sustainable and accessible.

MicroTraffic: Road Safety Video Analytics and GovTech

MicroTraffic provides road safety video analytics, data as a service, and GovTech solutions. Founded by Craig Milligan and Joel Penner, MicroTraffic is making the roads safer and more efficient.


These 15 startups are changing the transportation industry in Canada by providing innovative solutions to existing problems. From AI-enabled pavement assessments to dock-less electric scooter and bike share services, these startups are making transportation more accessible, efficient, and sustainable. With their groundbreaking technologies and services, they are paving the way for the future of transportation in Canada.

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