Edmonton Health Care Startups: Innovating for a Better Future

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is fast becoming a hub for health care startups that are developing cutting-edge technologies and services to transform the industry. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to medical devices and biotechnology, these startups are revolutionizing the way we approach health care. In this article, we will showcase 15 of the most interesting and innovative health care startups in Edmonton.


Website: http://pulsemedica.com/
PulseMedica is a medical device startup that specializes in developing 3D imaging and laser platforms for vitreoretinal diagnosis. The company’s cutting-edge technology allows doctors to get a detailed view of the eye and diagnose eye-related conditions accurately.


Website: https://divethru.com/
DiveThru is a mental health platform that provides therapy, community, and self-guided resources for people seeking support. The platform is designed to provide a modern, accessible and affordable approach to mental health care.

48Hour Discovery

Website: http://48hourdiscovery.com/
48Hour Discovery is a biotechnology startup that offers peptide-based drug discovery services. The company’s unique approach allows for rapid discovery of drug candidates, making it an ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to expedite their drug discovery pipeline.


Website: https://www.mach32.net/
MACH32 is a medical device startup that develops innovative solutions for medical problems. The company’s focus is on developing devices that can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for health care providers.

Naiad Lab

Website: https://naiadlab.com/
Naiad Lab uses artificial intelligence to connect healthcare providers with remote patients. The company’s platform is designed to improve access to care and enable more personalized treatment plans.


Website: https://www.medo.ai/
Medo.ai is a medical device startup that uses artificial intelligence to simplify the acquisition and interpretation of ultrasound exams. The company’s technology can improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce costs for health care providers.

Alpha Phenomics Inc.

Website: https://www.alphaphenomics.com/
Alpha Phenomics Inc. is a biotechnology startup that is disrupting the fields of veterinary, agribusiness, and medical professions. The company’s technology allows for the development of new treatments and therapies that can improve animal and human health.

Bio-Stream Diagnostics

Website: https://bio-stream.ca/
Bio-Stream Diagnostics is a health care startup that offers a pathogen detection platform for fast, low-cost point-of-care testing. The company’s technology can be used in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and labs.

Andau Medical

Website: https://www.andaumedical.com/
Andau Medical is a medical and dental device company that specializes in providing regulatory and quality products to the market. The company’s focus is on developing devices that are safe, effective, and affordable.


Website: https://cannabit.io/
Cannabit is a cloud platform and service provider for the cannabis industry. The company’s technology can help businesses manage their operations more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Atom Health

Website: https://www.atomhealth.ca/
Atom Health is a health care startup that is focused on healthcare data ownership. The company’s technology allows individuals to take control of their health data, enabling them to make informed decisions about their care.

Mosaic Sensors

Website: https://mosaicsensors.com/
Mosaic Sensors is a health care startup that is commercializing optical sensor technology for disease diagnosis, health monitoring, and the cannabis industry. The company

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