Elevating Travel Experiences: 15 Ontario Startups Changing the Way We Explore

Ontario, Canada, is not only renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant cities but also for its thriving startup ecosystem. Among the many sectors, the travel industry has seen a surge in innovative startups that are revolutionizing the way people explore the world. In this article, we’ll showcase and explain some of the most interesting travel startups in Ontario that are making waves in the industry.

Treepz: Redefining Mobility-as-a-Service

Treepz has emerged as a dynamic Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that is reshaping the transportation system for over 2.5 million customers within its first three years of operation. By seamlessly integrating car sharing, ride-sharing, and mobile apps, Treepz is not only simplifying urban mobility but also contributing to safer and more sustainable transportation options. Founded by Enagwolor Johnny, John Shaibu, and Oluseyi Afolabi, Treepz is setting new benchmarks for efficient travel experiences.

Enso Connect: Elevating Guest Experiences

Enso Connect is a game-changer in the short-term rental industry. Leveraging smart home devices and AI communication, Enso Connect offers a guest experience platform that enhances the way travelers interact with their accommodations. Founded by Francois Gouelo and Peter Sorbo, Enso Connect bridges the gap between technology and hospitality, ensuring memorable stays for travelers while boosting property management efficiency.

Somm & DINR: Pairing Experiences with Precision

Somm & DINR is a unique startup that combines the worlds of wine and food with cutting-edge technology. As a SaaS platform, it offers a recommendation engine and marketplace that connects wine enthusiasts and foodies with exceptional pairing experiences. Jennifer Tkachuk-Tremblay Stasiewich and her team have created a platform that not only satisfies the palate but also fosters delightful culinary adventures.

Eddy Travels: Your AI Travel Assistant

Eddy Travels introduces a Travel Assistant Application powered by artificial intelligence. Navigating the vast realm of travel planning becomes effortless with Eddy Travels. Adomas Baltagalvis, Edmundas Balčikonis, and Pranas Kiziela have developed an innovative solution that assists travelers in finding the best options, making bookings, and even providing real-time assistance during their journeys.

Canadian Space Mining Corporation: Pioneering Space Infrastructure

While not your typical travel startup, the Canadian Space Mining Corporation is making strides in creating the infrastructure necessary for sustainable life in space. With a focus on aerospace, green tech, and mining technology, this startup, founded by Daniel Sax, is shaping the future of space travel and exploration.

CHIRP: Simplifying Private Aviation

CHIRP introduces an intuitive private aviation platform that streamlines private charter sales for companies. Through a user-friendly approach, Charan Kumar Bommireddipalli and Tim Ray have made managing and growing private charter sales more accessible, contributing to the advancement of private aviation.

Resonance: Building the Tech Intelligence Engine

Resonance is on a mission to build the technology intelligence engine of the future. In an age where data and intelligence are paramount, Resonance focuses on database, market research, media, and entertainment. While specific founders aren’t mentioned, the startup’s vision holds promise for the tech-savvy traveler.

Bookseats: Simplifying Event Travel

Bookseats is transforming the way fans travel to events by offering customized flight, hotel, and ticket packages. As a startup catering to reservations and sports, Bookseats is founded on the idea of providing seamless experiences for event attendees.

Ruksack: Connecting Travelers with Authenticity

Ruksack is an innovative app connecting travelers with local travel advisors. Athir Nuaimi and Tameem Iftikhar have created a platform that helps travelers plan authentic trips while benefiting from the insights of those who know the destination best.

Bonsai Hospitality Management: Elevating Short-Term Rentals

Bonsai Hospitality Management focuses on the guest experience and standardized comforts in the short-term rental market. Founded by Daniel Iliescu and Michael Ng, the startup is contributing to the evolution of hospitality and accommodations.

Let’s: Empowering Themed Group Trips

Let’s introduces an online application that empowers knowledgeable influencers to create, market, sell, and manage themed group trips. While specific founders aren’t provided, the concept of Let’s holds potential for reshaping the tourism industry.

BoatLink: Navigating the Waters of Peer-to-Peer Boating

BoatLink has created a web and mobile peer-to-peer marketplace connecting boat renters with owners and charter companies. While founders aren’t mentioned, BoatLink’s innovative approach to boating experiences is worth noting.

Obruta Space Solutions: Enabling Space Economy

Obruta Space Solutions is a startup dedicated to enabling the space economy through autonomous and safe spacecraft docking systems. Founded by Kevin Stadnyk, Kirk Hovell, and Lucas Brewster, the startup plays a pivotal role in advancing aerospace and space travel.

Flight Club: AirBnb for General Aviation

Flight Club simplifies interactions between aircraft owners and local pilots, akin to the AirBnb model for general aviation. Founded by Ehsan Monfared, Flight Club is contributing to the democratization of air transportation.

Student-Stop: Comprehensive Services for International Students

Student-Stop offers a comprehensive web platform that caters to the needs of international students. Founded by Ankit Gautam, Avishek Gautam, and Siddharth Gautam, the startup’s services span education, finance, real estate, and more, ensuring a holistic experience for students.


The travel startup scene in Ontario, Canada, is a testament to the region’s innovative spirit and commitment to shaping the future of travel. These startups are not only offering groundbreaking solutions but also contributing to the transformation of various sectors within the travel industry. As they continue to evolve, these startups are bound to redefine how we explore, experience, and engage with the world around us.

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