Fashion Forward: Unveiling Ontario’s 15 Most Exciting Startups

Unveiling the Vibrant Fashion Startup Scene in Ontario.

Ontario, Canada is not only renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultural heritage but also for its thriving fashion startup ecosystem. The province is home to a plethora of innovative fashion startups that are redefining the industry with their unique offerings and entrepreneurial spirit. In this article, we will showcase and delve into 15 exciting fashion startups that are making waves in Ontario. From sustainable apparel and accessories to cutting-edge technology solutions, these startups are revolutionizing the way we experience fashion.

alder: Empowering Women with Outdoor Apparel

alder apparel is a direct-to-consumer line of outdoor apparel designed specifically for women. With a commitment to quality and style, alder aims to empower women to embrace the outdoors with confidence and comfort. By merging functionality with fashion, alder has carved a niche for itself in the e-commerce landscape, catering to the needs of adventure-seeking women.

loopt: Pioneering the Circular Economy in Retail

loopt is a software company driving the circular economy across various retail verticals. By providing innovative solutions, loopt enables businesses to embrace sustainability and reduce waste. Through their cutting-edge software, they facilitate the recycling and upcycling of fashion products, transforming the way consumers engage with brands.

Ribitt: Discovering Local Shops with Mobile Rewards

Ribitt is a mobile rewards application that introduces users to local shops in every neighborhood. By promoting local businesses and offering incentives, Ribitt encourages consumers to explore and support their communities. With a focus on fashion, food and beverage, and retail, Ribitt is reshaping the shopping experience while fostering a sense of community connection.

krippit: 3D Printing FashionTech for Women’s High Heel Accessories

krippit is a pioneering 3D printing FashionTech company specializing in women’s high heel accessories. Their innovative products combine style and functionality, allowing women to elevate their footwear with customizable and sustainable accessories. krippit’s commitment to leveraging technology for fashion innovation has garnered attention and acclaim in the industry.

NAIJ Hair: Ethical Hair Extensions for Black Women

NAIJ Hair provides Black women with ethically sourced, premium quality hair extensions. In addition to offering high-quality products, NAIJ Hair connects customers with curated stylists near them, fostering a personalized and empowering experience. This e-commerce platform celebrates the beauty of diversity while addressing the unique needs of Black women in the fashion industry.

Calico: Streamlining Production Management for Fashion Brands

Calico offers a smart production management platform designed to help fashion brands bring their products to market faster and with fewer errors. By optimizing the supply chain and enhancing collaboration, Calico empowers brands to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. With their innovative software, Calico is revolutionizing production management in the fashion industry.

ICEBAE: Accessorizing with Designer Jewelry

ICEBAE is a designer jewelry brand that provides exquisite accessories to fashion enthusiasts. With their unique designs and attention to detail, ICEBAE offers a range of jewelry pieces that enhance personal style and make a statement. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, ICEBAE’s collections capture the essence of elegance and individuality.

Koy Gear: Affordable Technical Apparel for Men

Koy Gear is a dynamic apparel company that combines affordability and innovation in its clothing for men. By leveraging new material technologies, Koy Gear delivers technical apparel that meets the needs of active individuals without compromising style or budget. Their commitment to merging performance and affordability has positioned them as a frontrunner in the e-commerce fashion space.

Hairstrong: Empowering Women Athletes with Adjustable Scrunchies

Hairstrong has developed an adjustable scrunchie that provides a customizable fit, allowing women athletes to compete without being distracted by their hair. By prioritizing comfort and functionality, Hairstrong’s scrunchies offer a practical solution for active individuals while adding a touch of style to their sportswear. This fashion startup caters to the needs of women who value both performance and fashion.

Benchwork: On-Demand Fashion Production Made Simple

Benchwork revolutionizes fashion production with its on-demand manufacturing platform. By simplifying the process and making it accessible with just a few clicks, Benchwork enables brands to bring their designs to life swiftly and efficiently. With their innovative approach, Benchwork transforms the traditional manufacturing landscape and empowers emerging fashion labels.

Cooks Who Feed: Combating Hunger with Handmade Aprons

Cooks Who Feed is a social enterprise on a mission to alleviate hunger by selling handmade, fairly traded aprons. With each purchase, Cooks Who Feed donates a portion of the proceeds to organizations fighting hunger worldwide. By merging fashion with social entrepreneurship, this startup empowers individuals to make a tangible impact on global food insecurity.

Legends RIP: Paying Tribute to Iconic Legends

Legends RIP is a fashion startup that honors the legacies of iconic individuals who left this earth too soon. Through their unique apparel collections, Legends RIP celebrates the achievements and impact of influential figures, keeping their memories alive. With a blend of fashion and storytelling, this startup appeals to individuals who appreciate both style and cultural significance.

Shomigo: Bridging Social Media and E-Commerce

Shomigo bridges the gap between social media and e-commerce by consolidating the online shopping experience and fostering social interactions. With their platform, users can discover fashion products, interact with fellow shoppers, and make informed purchase decisions. Shomigo’s innovative approach merges the power of social networks with the convenience of e-commerce, enhancing the overall shopping journey.

The Fitting Room: Virtual Try-On for Made-to-Fit Garments

The Fitting Room introduces the next generation of apparel shopping with virtual try-on technology for made-to-fit garments. By leveraging 3D technology and e-commerce integration, The Fitting Room allows customers to visualize how garments will fit and look on their unique body types. This revolutionary approach enhances convenience and confidence in online fashion shopping.

Odessu: AI-Powered Assistance for Plus-Size Women

Odessu utilizes an AI-powered Chrome extension to help plus-size women find clothes that fit them perfectly when shopping online. By addressing a common challenge faced by many consumers, Odessu provides personalized recommendations and enhances the online shopping experience for plus-size individuals. With their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Odessu is reshaping the fashion landscape.


The Ontario fashion startup scene is a hub of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. The showcased startups exemplify the diversity and ingenuity present in the province’s fashion industry. From e-commerce platforms and sustainable apparel to cutting-edge technologies and social entrepreneurship, these startups are shaping the future of fashion in Ontario, Canada, and beyond. With their unique visions and dedication to excellence, these fashion startups are testament to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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