From Access to Innovation: 15 Calgary Health Care Startups Making Waves

Revolutionizing Health Care Delivery and Services.

Calgary, Alberta is becoming a hub for innovative startups in the health care industry. These pioneering companies are leveraging technology, data-driven solutions, and novel approaches to enhance access, quality, and efficiency in health care. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable startups that are reshaping the landscape of health care in Calgary.

PurposeMed: Bridging the Gap for Underserved Communities

PurposeMed is on a mission to improve access to complex care for underserved communities. By leveraging innovative technologies and partnerships, PurposeMed connects patients with specialized health care providers. Founded by Amaan Banwait, Husein Moloo, and Pete MacLeod, PurposeMed aims to address the healthcare disparities that exist in our society.

Clinify Inc: Transforming Electronic Medical Records

Clinify Inc is Africa’s only centralized and standardized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform. This revolutionary startup enables healthcare providers to submit health insurance claims directly to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), streamlining the payment process. With its cutting-edge software, Clinify Inc, founded by Michael Omidele, is revolutionizing health care in Africa.

Corus Orthodontists: Preserving Patient-Doctor Relationships

Corus Orthodontists is an orthodontic partnership network that prioritizes exceptional patient care and the preservation of patient-doctor relationships. Led by Dr. Alan Ulsifer, Corus Orthodontists combines expertise and advanced technologies to deliver personalized orthodontic solutions. Through their commitment to quality care, Corus Orthodontists is transforming smiles and lives.

Wosler Corp.: Enhancing Healthcare Labor Efficiency

Wosler Corp. is dedicated to improving access to healthcare labor and making healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective. With their innovative solutions, Wosler Corp. optimizes workforce management and enables healthcare organizations to provide timely care. Henry Madubuobi, John Paolo Pana, and Marco Gallone are the driving forces behind Wosler Corp.

OraQ AI: Empowering Patients with Clinical Decision Support

OraQ AI is a clinical decision support system that empowers patients to improve their wellness practices through a holistic approach. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, OraQ AI provides personalized recommendations and guidance. Founders Amreesh Khanna, Michael Parchewsky, and Wayne Madhlangobe are leading the way in patient-centered health care.

Cherry Health: Connecting Canada’s Medical Careers

Cherry Health is a unique medical careers network in Canada that connects healthcare providers and empowers them with connectivity and tools to solve systemic healthcare problems. Through their mobile apps and recruiting solutions, founders Jordan Vollrath and Maximilian Kerz are driving positive change in the healthcare industry.

Qualisure Diagnostics: Advancing Personalized Cancer Management

Qualisure Diagnostics develops diagnostic tests that identify the unique properties of each patient’s cancer to inform on the best management approaches. With their innovative solutions, Qualisure Diagnostics is pushing the boundaries of biotechnology and personalized medicine. Founders Brandon Friedt, Cynthia Stretch, and Farshad Farshidfar are paving the way for improved cancer care.

Alethea Medical: Enabling Timely Specialist Advice

Alethea Medical helps family physicians access specialist advice within a day, rather than waiting months. By reducing the wait time, Alethea Medical empowers physicians to provide better and faster care to their patients. Devon Livingstone, Heiko Peters, and Steven Pilz are the visionaries behind Alethea Medical’s success.

Vetsie: Transforming the World of Pet Care

Vetsie offers innovative technology to transform and inspire the world of pet care. By leveraging cutting-edge software solutions, Vetsie enhances the delivery of veterinary services, ensuring pets receive the best care possible. Founders Alex Chieng and Steve Boyer are at the forefront of reshaping pet care in Calgary.

Marvel Biotechnology: Advancing Life Sciences

Marvel Biotechnology Inc. is a pioneering life sciences company focused on innovation in biotechnology and healthcare. By developing novel solutions, Marvel Biotechnology aims to make significant contributions to the fields of biotechnology and health care. Marvel Biotechnology is driven by a dedicated team of founders committed to scientific excellence.

CardiAI Inc: Revolutionizing Medical Diagnostics

CardiAI Inc. is a medical device research and development organization that specializes in creating innovative medical diagnostic devices and software. With their cutting-edge solutions, CardiAI Inc. is pushing the boundaries of medical diagnostics and transforming patient care. Anmol Kapoor and his team are committed to making a positive impact in the health care industry.

ATMA Journey Centers: Delivering Transformative Experiences

ATMA Journey Centers is a health care company that delivers effective and innovative healing and transformative experiences. Through their unique approach to home health care, ATMA Journey Centers is empowering individuals to embark on personal journeys of growth and healing. David Harder and Vu Tran are the visionary founders behind this groundbreaking startup.

Life Support Mental Health: Bridging the Gap in Mental Health Care

Life Support Mental Health offers valuable mental health tools that bridge the gap between medical and mental health care. Through effective virtual support, Life Support Mental Health is revolutionizing mental health care delivery. Founders Dean Morrison and Keith Crawford are dedicated to providing accessible and comprehensive mental health care solutions.

SerenityDTx: Transforming Health Care with Digital Therapeutics

SerenityDTx is a leading medtech company specializing in developing and providing digital therapeutics solutions. By harnessing the power of technology, SerenityDTx aims to enhance patient outcomes and revolutionize health care. Founder Paul McCrea and his team are dedicated to improving the lives of patients through innovative digital therapeutic interventions.

LaSanta Botanicals: Innovating Pharmaceutical Solutions

LaSanta Botanicals is a pioneering pharmaceutical company that leverages biotechnology to create innovative healthcare solutions. Through their dedication to research and development, LaSanta Botanicals is pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical innovation. Founders Andre Succar and his team are committed to making a lasting impact on the health care industry.


Calgary, Alberta is a hotbed of innovation in the health care sector, as demonstrated by these 15 groundbreaking startups. Through their visionary ideas, technological advancements, and commitment to improving patient care, these companies are reshaping the future of health care in Calgary and beyond. With their collective efforts, they are transforming access, quality, and efficiency in the health care industry, ultimately improving the lives of countless individuals. As these startups continue to thrive and innovate, we can expect a brighter and healthier future for all.

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