From Concept to Console: 15 Ontario Gaming Startups You Can’t Miss

Fueling Innovation at the Intersection of Gaming and Technology.

Ontario, Canada, is quickly becoming a hub for groundbreaking gaming startups that are pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment. With a focus on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, and more, these startups are not only changing the way we play games but also how we interact with the digital world. In this article, we’ll showcase and explain 15 fascinating gaming startups based in Ontario, each contributing to the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry.

AI Arena: Where Gaming Meets Artificial Intelligence

AI Arena stands at the forefront of AI-powered gaming, offering native gaming experiences and training NFTs using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Founded by Brandon Da Silva, the startup combines the realms of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and gaming to create a unique gaming experience that’s both engaging and futuristic.

Matterverse: Crafting Photorealistic Metaverses

Matterverse is on a mission to democratize the creation and exploration of photorealistic metaverses, accessible on any device. With a strong focus on 3D technology and virtual reality, co-founders Austin Zheng and Shawn Pang are bringing virtual worlds to life, enabling users to immerse themselves in visually stunning and interactive environments.

Sportiqo: Merging Fantasy Sports and Stock Market Strategies

Sportiqo introduces a novel concept that merges fantasy sports with stock market dynamics. Founded by Anindya Kar, the startup offers a unique blend of gaming and sports, allowing enthusiasts to engage in a strategic fantasy experience that reflects the real-world dynamics of stock markets.

OverActive Media Group: Elevating Esports and Entertainment

OverActive Media Group is a global esports and entertainment organization that’s making waves in multiple esports titles. Founded by Adam Adamou and Babak Pedram, the startup is at the forefront of bridging the gap between gaming and mainstream entertainment, bringing the excitement of esports to a broader audience.

Dark Slope Studios: VR/AR Adventures and Beyond

Dark Slope Studios is a trailblazer in the VR/AR development space, focused on delivering immersive experiences. With Raja Khanna at the helm, the startup creates captivating augmented and virtual reality content that pushes the boundaries of digital entertainment and gaming.

Kero Sports: Revamping In-Game Betting

Kero Sports is revolutionizing the in-game betting experience by offering a curated engine that’s integrated within the apps of major league teams, leagues, and licensed sportsbook operators. Through their innovative approach, they’re reshaping the landscape of fantasy sports and gaming.

Extra Dimension Games: Pioneering Puzzle Game Experiences

Extra Dimension Games specializes in casual puzzle games, catering to Android and iOS users. Co-founded by Chris Gallinaro, Chris Gander, and Sean Wylie-Toal, the startup is dedicated to delivering engaging gameplay experiences that challenge players’ minds and captivate their imaginations.

Highmark Interactive: Bridging Gaming and Medicine

Highmark Interactive is on a mission to fuse gaming technology with medical innovation. Founded by Sanjeev Sharma and Sunil Sharma, the startup is breaking new ground in the intersection of gaming and healthcare, offering solutions that challenge traditional boundaries.

i3Soft: Where Gambling Meets Gaming

i3Soft merges the worlds of gambling and gaming, offering an innovative approach to both industries. Founded by John Caldwell, the startup is shaping the future of interactive entertainment through its unique blend of gaming and gambling experiences. Revolutionizing Community Management in Esports introduces online community management software tailored for the esports and gaming community. With Arwina Mogul as a driving force, the startup empowers players, teams, and fans to connect, engage, and thrive within the dynamic world of competitive gaming.

Ennface: Crafting Memorable Gaming Experiences

Ennface is dedicated to crafting and developing captivating games across various platforms. With co-founders Jate Wittayabundit and Krittin Wittayabundit leading the way, the startup is committed to delivering enjoyable and immersive gaming experiences for players of all backgrounds.

Versus Reward: Engaging Sports Fans through Gamification

Versus Reward is all about engaging sports fans through innovative gamification platforms. Founded by Daryl Hemingway, the startup enables fans to predict and win alongside their favorite sports, creating an interactive and exciting experience that adds a new dimension to fandom.

Future Anthem: Elevating Player Experiences with AI

Future Anthem is a pioneer in using AI to amplify player experiences. Under the leadership of Leigh Nissim, the startup leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance gameplay, providing players with more immersive and tailored adventures.

X2 Games: The Blockchain-Powered Gaming Publisher

X2 Games is a trailblazer in the world of blockchain-based game publishing. Co-founded by Nolan Bushnell, the startup is disrupting traditional gaming models by incorporating blockchain technology, offering gamers new levels of ownership and engagement.

AIO: Connecting Gamers through AI Matchmaking

AIO is transforming the way gamers connect by offering an AI matchmaking platform. Founded by Vladimir Rigenco, the startup utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring together like-minded gamers, fostering friendships and camaraderie within the gaming community.


Ontario’s gaming startup ecosystem is thriving, with each of these 15 innovative ventures contributing to the evolution of gaming, technology, and entertainment. Whether through AI-powered experiences, photorealistic metaverses, or blockchain-based games, these startups are not only shaping the future of gaming but also showcasing Ontario’s status as a vibrant hub of innovation at the intersection of technology and entertainment. As these startups continue to grow and develop, the gaming world can anticipate a future rich with creativity, interactivity, and endless possibilities.

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