From Gold to Helium: 15 Vancouver Startups Dominating Precious Metals

Unveiling Vancouver's Precious Metals Startup Landscape.

Vancouver, British Columbia, is not only renowned for its stunning natural beauty but also for its thriving startup ecosystem. Among the diverse range of industries, the city boasts a remarkable cluster of precious metals startups that are leaving their mark on the mining sector. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 fascinating precious metals startups based in Vancouver, each contributing to the growth and development of this critical industry.

Luminex Resources: Exploring Gold and Copper Projects

Luminex Resources is a dynamic precious and base metals exploration and development company with a keen focus on gold and copper projects. Their commitment to sustainable mining practices is a driving force behind their success.

Artemis Gold: Creating Identity Value through Growth

Artemis Gold stands as a well-financed, growth-oriented gold development company. With a clear mission to create identity value for shareholders, they are making significant strides in the precious metals arena.

MCF Energy: Identifying Promising Oil and Gas Properties

MCF Energy specializes in the identification, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties, adding a valuable dimension to Vancouver’s precious metals startup ecosystem.

P2 Gold: Financing and Developing Mining Projects

P2 Gold is an exploration company dedicated to exploring, financing, and developing mining projects. Their forward-thinking approach has positioned them as a prominent player in the mining industry.

Nev Gold: Offering District-Scale Exploration in Strong Jurisdictions

Nev Gold has made its mark in mineral exploration by offering district-scale exploration and resource potential in strong geopolitical jurisdictions, setting the stage for continued growth.

Ngex Minerals: Exploring Copper and Gold

Ngex Minerals is a renowned copper and gold exploration company, spearheading the quest for valuable mineral deposits.

First Helium: Pioneering Helium Exploration and Production

First Helium’s expertise lies in the exploration, production, and development of helium projects, a niche area that holds significant potential for the energy industry.

Fosterville South Exploration: Focused on Gold Mining

Fosterville South Exploration’s primary focus on gold mining has garnered attention and accolades within the precious metals domain.

USHA Resources: Focusing on High-Grade Metal Projects

USHA Resources, a junior exploration company, is dedicated to early-stage high-grade metal projects, demonstrating their commitment to valuable mining ventures.

Summa Silver Corp: Targeting High-Grade Silver and Gold

Summa Silver Corp concentrates on high-grade silver and gold exploration on the Hughes Property in Tonopah, Nevada, making strides in the precious metals space.

Nova Royalty: Acquiring Royalties on Copper and Nickel Deposits

Nova Royalty’s strategic focus on acquiring royalties on copper and nickel deposits has carved a unique niche for the company.

BeMetals: Acquiring Quality Base Metals Projects

BeMetals is an industry player specializing in the acquisition of quality exploration, development, and production stage base metals projects.

Solaris Resources: Growing and Discovering Copper and Gold

Solaris Resources has earned its reputation as a major player in mining, with a special focus on copper and gold growth and discovery in the Americas.

GoldShore Resources: Supported by a Leading Management Group

GoldShore Resources, a gold development company, is backed by a leading management group, board of directors, and advisory board, fostering growth in the precious metals domain.

Ridgeline Minerals: Exploring Gold and Silver

Ridgeline Minerals explores gold and silver opportunities, contributing to Vancouver’s rich mining heritage.


Vancouver’s precious metals startup scene is undoubtedly one of the city’s most promising and dynamic sectors. The 15 startups showcased in this article demonstrate the innovative spirit, dedication, and expertise that characterize the mining industry’s future. With the support of Vancouver’s thriving startup community, these precious metals startups are poised to make a lasting impact on the global mining landscape.

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