From Psychedelic Therapeutics to AI Innovations: Toronto’s 15 Game-Changing Biotech Startups

Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Biotechnology Startups in Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto, Ontario has emerged as a vibrant hub for biotechnology startups, attracting visionary entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe. With its thriving ecosystem and a focus on innovation, the city has become a breeding ground for groundbreaking ventures revolutionizing various industries. In this article, we will showcase and delve into 15 remarkable biotechnology startups in Toronto that are making significant strides in their respective fields. From psychedelic therapeutics to AI-driven medical advancements, these startups are pushing the boundaries of science and transforming the future of healthcare.

Cybin: Unlocking the Potential of Psychedelic Therapeutics

Cybin, a Toronto-based life sciences company, is at the forefront of advancing psychedelic therapeutics to revolutionize mental healthcare. With a dedicated focus on leveraging the potential of psychedelics, Cybin aims to transform the treatment landscape for mental health disorders. Through innovative research and development, they are exploring new possibilities to enhance patient outcomes and improve the overall well-being of individuals. With a team of visionary founders, including Eric So, John Kanakis, and Paul Glavine, Cybin is on a mission to create a paradigm shift in mental healthcare.

Notch Therapeutics: Pioneering Immune Cell Therapy

Notch Therapeutics is a leading Toronto startup that is revolutionizing immune cell therapy. By developing a next-generation pipeline compatible with initial cancer cells, Notch is aiming to revolutionize the treatment of various diseases. With a focus on leveraging the power of immune cells, their innovative approach has the potential to disrupt the healthcare landscape and open new avenues for personalized medicine. Founded by Ashton Trotman-Grant, Juan-Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker, and Peter Zandstra, Notch Therapeutics is poised to make a lasting impact in the biotechnology industry.

Awakn Life Sciences: Building an Ecosystem for Psychedelic-Based Treatments

Awakn Life Sciences is a Toronto startup dedicated to creating an ecosystem for psychedelic-based treatments. By combining research, education, and clinical practice, Awakn aims to unlock the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and develop evidence-based treatments for mental health disorders. With a commitment to providing safe and effective solutions, Awakn Life Sciences is a pioneering force in the biotechnology industry. Founded by Anthony Tennyson and Jonathan Held, their visionary approach is poised to reshape mental healthcare.

ProteinQure: Designing the Future of Protein Therapeutics

ProteinQure, a Toronto-based startup, is harnessing the power of computational platforms to design protein therapeutics. By leveraging advanced technologies, ProteinQure is revolutionizing the drug development process, aiming to deliver innovative solutions for a wide range of diseases. Their cutting-edge approach has the potential to transform the landscape of biotechnology and improve patient outcomes. Christopher Ing, Lucas Siow, and Mark Fingerhuth are the visionary founders behind ProteinQure, driving the company’s mission to unlock the full potential of protein-based treatments.

Oncoustics AI: Enhancing Diagnostics and Treatment Monitoring

Oncoustics AI is a Toronto startup that applies artificial intelligence to raw ultrasound signals for low-cost diagnostics and treatment monitoring of structural diseases. By leveraging AI technology, Oncoustics AI is pushing the boundaries of medical diagnostics, enabling more accurate and accessible healthcare solutions. Through their innovative approach, they have the potential to revolutionize disease detection and monitoring, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Beth Rogozinski leads the visionary team behind Oncoustics AI.

QurCan Therapeutics Inc.: Next-Generation Nanoparticles for Gene/Chemotherapy

QurCan Therapeutics Inc., formerly known as Nanology Labs, is a biotech company in Toronto focused on developing next-generation nanoparticles for gene/chemotherapy. Through their cutting-edge research and development, QurCan is poised to revolutionize drug delivery systems, enhancing the effectiveness and precision of treatments. With a focus on improving patient care, QurCan Therapeutics is driving innovation in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Mohammad Ali Amini and Shirley Wu are the founders behind this promising venture.

Cedience: Augmented Regulatory Intelligence for Drug Development

Cedience is a Toronto startup that provides augmented regulatory intelligence for drug development teams. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Cedience aims to streamline the complex regulatory processes in the pharmaceutical industry, accelerating the development and approval of life-changing drugs. With their innovative platform, they are empowering drug development teams to navigate regulatory hurdles more efficiently. Amin Osmani and Krish Perumal are the visionary founders driving Cedience’s mission to revolutionize drug development.

CELL AG TECH: Pioneering Sustainable Cell-Cultured Seafood

CELL AG TECH’s mission is to become the global leader in the development and production of sustainable cell-cultured seafood. By leveraging biotechnology, this Toronto startup aims to address the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional seafood production methods. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, CELL AG TECH is reshaping the food industry and paving the way for a more sustainable future. Josh Pollack and Valentin Fulga are the founders leading this transformative venture.

EcoPackers: Transforming Agricultural By-Products into Eco-Friendly Alternatives

EcoPackers is a Toronto-based startup committed to transforming agricultural by-products into cost-effective alternatives to plastic inputs. By harnessing biotechnology, EcoPackers aims to tackle the plastic pollution crisis and promote a more sustainable future. Through their innovative solutions, they are providing environmentally friendly alternatives that have the potential to revolutionize various industries. Chang Dong, Kritika Tyagi, and Nuha Siddiqui are the visionary founders behind EcoPackers.

NuGen Medical Devices: Revolutionizing Medical Delivery Products

NuGen Medical Devices is a Toronto startup focused on developing needle-free technologies and medical delivery products. By eliminating the need for traditional needles, NuGen is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, enhancing patient comfort and safety. With their innovative approach, they are poised to transform medical treatments and improve the overall patient experience. NuGen Medical Devices is at the forefront of biotechnology advancements in the medical device industry.

Psyence: Harnessing the Power of Natural Psilocybin Products

Psyence is a Toronto-based startup specializing in the development of natural psilocybin products for the treatment of psychological trauma and mental health disorders. By leveraging the therapeutic potential of natural psychedelics, Psyence aims to provide safe and effective solutions to individuals in need. With a commitment to evidence-based treatments, Psyence is making significant strides in the biotechnology and healthcare industries.

Liven Proteins: Fermenting Functional Protein Ingredients

Liven Proteins is a Toronto startup focused on producing functional protein ingredients through the fermentation of agriculture and food industry by-products. By harnessing biotechnology and sustainability, Liven Proteins aims to revolutionize the food and beverage industry by providing high-quality, eco-friendly protein ingredients. Fei Luo is the visionary founder behind Liven Proteins, driving the company’s mission to promote a sustainable and nutritious future.

PharmaTher: Advancing Psychedelic Pharmaceuticals

PharmaTher is a specialty life sciences company in Toronto dedicated to the research and development of psychedelic pharmaceuticals. By exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, PharmaTher aims to provide innovative treatment options for mental health disorders. With a commitment to improving patient outcomes, PharmaTher is a key player in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Deep Biologics: AI-Enhanced Discovery of Biologics

Deep Biologics specializes in AI-enhanced discovery of biologics, fast-tracking therapeutic and diagnostic product development. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Deep Biologics is revolutionizing the biotechnology industry, accelerating the discovery and development of life-saving treatments. With their cutting-edge approach, they have the potential to transform patient care and improve healthcare outcomes. Dea Shahinas and Shraddha Dubey are the visionary founders behind Deep Biologics.

Inolife Sciences: Innovating Specialty Medical Devices

Inolife Sciences is an emerging specialty medical device company based in Toronto. With a focus on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Inolife is dedicated to developing innovative medical devices that enhance patient care. Through their ambitious vision and commitment to technological advancements, Inolife Sciences is poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry.


Toronto’s biotechnology startup ecosystem is thriving with visionary entrepreneurs and innovative ideas that have the potential to transform industries and improve lives. From unlocking the potential of psychedelic therapeutics to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, these 15 startups are pushing the boundaries of science and redefining the future of healthcare. With their groundbreaking research, dedication, and drive, these Toronto-based biotechnology startups are making significant strides towards a better and healthier tomorrow.

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