From Robots to AI: The Future of Healthcare Is Here with 15 Canadian Medical Device Startups

Discover the innovative Canadian startups at the forefront of medical device advancements, transforming patient care and shaping the future of healthcare.

Canada has become a hub for groundbreaking medical device startups that are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. These forward-thinking companies are harnessing cutting-edge technologies to develop novel solutions that address critical medical challenges. In this article, we will delve into 15 fascinating Canadian medical device startups, each making significant strides in their respective fields. From improving patient transfer to advancing personalized therapeutics, these startups are shaping the future of healthcare.

Able Innovations: Enhancing Patient Transfer Efficiency

Able Innovations is dedicated to tackling the painful and inefficient problem of patient transfer in healthcare. With their development of robotic medical devices, they aim to streamline the process, reduce strain on healthcare providers, and enhance patient comfort.

Puzzle Medical Devices: Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Solutions

Puzzle Medical Devices specializes in the development of minimally invasive long-term hemodynamic transcatheter pumps. Their innovative solutions offer improved outcomes for patients requiring hemodynamic support.

Lilia: Empowering Fertility Options

Lilia is a home fertility startup that serves as an egg securing concierge for individuals who desire the option of having children later in life. By providing accessible and convenient fertility solutions, Lilia is empowering busy people to take control of their reproductive future.

Oncoustics AI: AI-driven Ultrasound Diagnostics

Oncoustics AI leverages artificial intelligence to analyze raw ultrasound signals, enabling low-cost diagnostics and treatment monitoring of structural diseases. Their technology holds significant promise in improving healthcare accessibility and affordability.

Cosm Medical: Redefining Urogynecology

Cosm Medical is pioneering digital urogynecology with the world’s first Gynethotic for Pelvic Floor Disorders. By providing innovative solutions, they aim to improve the lives of individuals suffering from pelvic floor disorders.

AtomVie Global Radiopharma: Advancing Contract Development and Manufacturing

AtomVie Global Radiopharma is a global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, contributing to the advancement of medical device manufacturing and development.

myCaribou: Building Successful Partnerships in Medical Device Industry

myCaribou is a digital platform that connects manufacturers and distributors in the medical device industry, facilitating successful partnerships and collaborations.

Wosler Corp.: Improving Healthcare Labor Access and Efficiency

Wosler Corp. is on a mission to improve access to healthcare labor and make healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective through their innovative solutions.

BreatheSuite: Connected Respiratory Health for Better Lives

BreatheSuite is an FDA cleared connected respiratory health company empowering respiratory patients to live longer, healthier lives through their innovative solutions.

PulseMedica: Advancing Vitreoretinal Diagnosis with 3D Imaging and Laser Platforms

PulseMedica develops state-of-the-art 3D imaging and laser platforms for vitreoretinal diagnosis, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes in this specialized field.

VoxCell BioInnovation: Revolutionizing Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting

VoxCell BioInnovation specializes in tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, and biotechnology, providing cutting-edge tools for drug development and advancing the field of regenerative medicine.

FemTherapeutics Inc.: Personalized Therapeutics for Women

FemTherapeutics Inc. is focused on building the world’s first customizable gynecological prosthetic, utilizing 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and personalized healthcare approaches.

Hyivy Health: Empowering Pelvic Rehabilitation and Recovery

Hyivy Health offers a pelvic rehabilitation device with trackable data for women recovering from pelvic diseases and surgeries, promoting personalized and effective rehabilitation.

Luxsonic Technologies: Transforming Radiology Workflow with Immersive Technology

Luxsonic Technologies is transforming the radiology workflow industry by utilizing immersive technology to enhance medical imaging and diagnostics.

NuGen Medical Devices: Advancing Needle-Free Technologies and Medical Delivery

NuGen Medical Devices specializes in the development of needle-free technologies and medical delivery products, improving patient comfort and healthcare efficiency.


These 15 Canadian medical device startups are pushing the boundaries of innovation, transforming healthcare delivery, and improving patient outcomes. Through their creative use of technologies such as robotics, AI, and 3D printing, they are addressing critical healthcare challenges and shaping the future of the industry. Keep an eye on these exciting startups as they continue to make significant contributions to the medical device field and healthcare as a whole.

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