From Robots to Cannabis: The Hottest 15 Industrial Startups in Canada

Canada is home to a thriving startup ecosystem that has produced some of the most innovative industrial startups in the world. These companies are harnessing the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, to transform manufacturing, logistics, and sustainability. In this article, we’ll showcase the 15 most interesting industrial startups in Canada.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp: Accurately Diagnosing Faults in Machines

Nanoprecise is an AI and IoT company that is revolutionizing the field of predictive maintenance by accurately diagnosing faults in machines. Its technology can predict breakdowns before they occur, which helps prevent costly downtime and increases productivity.

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation: Developing Human-like Intelligence in Robots

Sanctuary is focused on developing human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. Its mission is to build robots that can learn from humans and collaborate with them to solve complex tasks.

Xebra Brands: Global Cannabis Cultivation and Product Company

Xebra Brands is a cannabis cultivation and product company with global brands and intellectual property. It is a leader in the emerging cannabis industry, with a focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Aurora Hydrogen: Developing Next-Generation Hydrogen Production Technology

Aurora Hydrogen is developing the next generation of hydrogen production technology. Its goal is to create a more efficient and cost-effective way to produce hydrogen, which has enormous potential as a renewable energy source.

Boxhub: Revolutionizing Intermodal Shipping Containers

Boxhub is a leading online platform on a mission to revolutionize the way intermodal shipping containers are traded, transported, and used. Its platform streamlines the container trading process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Axya: Easy-to-Use Marketplace for Subcontracting

Axya provides an easy-to-use marketplace that standardizes and centralizes the subcontracting process. Its platform connects manufacturers with subcontractors, making it easier for them to find the right partners for their projects.

Basetwo AI: Optimizing Production Processes

Basetwo helps manufacturers troubleshoot and optimize their production processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Its AI-powered platform provides real-time analytics and insights, which enable manufacturers to make data-driven decisions.

Darwynn: Positioning Inventory Closer to End Consumers

Darwynn is building an ecosystem that enables anyone and everyone to compete in e-commerce by helping position inventory closer to end consumers. Its platform streamlines the fulfillment process, making it faster and more cost-effective.

aDolus Technology Inc.: Cloud Platform for Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

aDolus provides a cloud platform to safeguard critical infrastructure, brokering information about ICS and IoT software and firmware. Its platform helps organizations identify and mitigate security risks, which is essential for protecting critical infrastructure.

Connektica: Telecommunications Testing Services

Connektica offers telecommunications testing services solutions for RF component measurements in space and terrestrial applications. Its platform helps organizations ensure the quality and reliability of their telecommunications networks.

Gastronomous Technologies: Autonomous Cooking Products for Foodservice Industry

Gastronomous Technologies is revolutionizing the foodservice industry by developing a network of interconnected, autonomous cooking products. Its technology enables chefs to create high-quality, consistent dishes, while reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

Valent Low-Carbon Technologies: Industrial Technology Development for Renewable Fuels and Refining Process Innovations

Valent Low-Carbon is an industrial technology development company focused on emerging renewable fuels and refining process innovations. Its goal is to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy industry.

Relocalize: Micro-Factories for Food

Relocalize builds micro-factories for food. Its platform enables local food production, which is more sustainable and reduces the carbon footprint of the food supply chain. Relocalize’s micro-factories are designed to be modular and scalable, enabling them to adapt to changing demand and local conditions.

P2 Gold: Precious Metals Exploration Company

P2 Gold is a precious metals exploration company that explores, finances, and develops mining projects. Its focus is on the exploration and development of high-grade gold and silver deposits in North America.

NeoGreen Hydrogen: Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Developer

NeoGreen Hydrogen is a large-scale green hydrogen developer focusing on emerging markets. Its technology produces hydrogen from renewable sources, such as solar and wind power, which can be used as a clean and sustainable energy source.


Canada’s industrial startups are at the forefront of technological innovation, leveraging AI, robotics, and sustainability to transform industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and energy. These 15 startups represent the best and brightest in Canada’s startup ecosystem, and their innovative solutions are shaping the future of the industrial landscape. As they continue to grow and expand, they will undoubtedly contribute to Canada’s economic growth and technological advancement.

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