From Zero to Hero: Discover the 15 Hottest Infrastructure Startups Taking Canada by Storm

Paving the Way for a Technologically Advanced Future.

In the vast landscape of Canadian startups, a multitude of companies are making their mark in the field of infrastructure. These innovative startups are revolutionizing industries such as cybersecurity, blockchain, cloud computing, telecommunications, renewable energy, and more. In this article, we will explore 15 remarkable infrastructure startups that are transforming the Canadian business landscape and propelling us towards a technologically advanced future.

Tailscale: Simplifying Secure Connectivity

Tailscale, founded by Avery Pennarun, Brad Fitzpatrick, and David Carney, is a software company that provides zero-configuration virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure connectivity. With their expertise in cybersecurity and network security, Tailscale is revolutionizing the way businesses connect and communicate securely.

FilSwan: Building the Web3 Infrastructure

FilSwan is a cutting-edge startup that is developing a storage and computing infrastructure layer for Web3. With their focus on blockchain, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure, FilSwan is at the forefront of the decentralized internet revolution, providing the necessary infrastructure to power the next generation of applications.

MSP Corp: Empowering Managed Service Providers

MSP Corp, led by Jason Dacosta and Ravi Ramharak, is a company that specializes in acquiring and empowering managed service providers. With their expertise in cloud computing, IT management, and software solutions, MSP Corp is driving growth and innovation in the managed services industry.

Hookdeck: Ensuring Reliable Webhook Infrastructure

Hookdeck is the go-to platform for reliable webhook infrastructure. Co-founded by Alexandre Bouchard and Eric Tran, Hookdeck empowers tech teams to safely ingest, monitor, and troubleshoot webhooks. Their expertise in information technology, infrastructure, and software management information systems is reshaping the way businesses handle webhook integrations.

Latys: Enabling Futuristic Communications

Latys is leveraging antenna technology to enable full-duplex communications that are protocol and modulation-agnostic. With a focus on communications infrastructure and wireless solutions, Latys is driving advancements in the way we connect and communicate.

Commerce.js: Empowering Developers in E-Commerce

Commerce.js is a developer of a modular eCommerce platform that caters specifically to developers and designers. Through their expertise in apps, cloud infrastructure, and developer APIs, Andrew Underwood and Devan Koshal are empowering developers to create exceptional e-commerce experiences.

Connektica: Revolutionizing Telecommunications Testing

Connektica offers telecommunications testing services solutions for RF component measurements in space and terrestrial applications. Founded by Jean-Mathieu Deschenes and Jeremy Perrin, Connektica is pushing the boundaries of cloud infrastructure, industrial automation, and telecommunications to deliver cutting-edge testing solutions.

Niricson: Digital Revolution in Infrastructure Management

Niricson brings the digital revolution to infrastructure condition assessment and risk management. Co-founded by Aki Tomita and Harsh Rathod, Niricson leverages their expertise in asset management, predictive analytics, and productivity tools to enhance infrastructure management practices.

Radum: Advanced AI Development as a Service

Radium provides access to the most advanced AI development tools and systems as a service in the cloud. Adam Hendin and Aron Jackson lead Radum, a company that is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning, offering developers unparalleled access to AI resources.

EverGen Infrastructure: Leading the Renewable Energy Charge

EverGen Infrastructure focuses on acquiring, developing, building, owning, and operating a portfolio of renewable natural gas, waste-to-energy, and related infrastructure projects. Founded by Chase Edgelow and Mischa Zajtmann, EverGen Infrastructure is making significant strides in the energy, infrastructure, and renewable energy sectors.

UME Studio: Revolutionizing E-Learning

UME.Studio is an online platform that simulates in-person cohort learning and collaboration for training complex technologies and workflows. Daniel Roizman and Jean Mistrot lead UME Studio, which specializes in communications infrastructure, e-learning, education, and software. Their platform revolutionizes the way individuals and organizations approach technology training.

Waterbear Cloud: Simplifying Cloud Automation

Waterbear Cloud is a cloud automation company that helps small enterprises build and manage web application environments on AWS. Kevin Lindsay and Kevin Teague are the founders of Waterbear Cloud, which excels in cloud data services, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, cloud security, InsurTech, SaaS, and software solutions.

TritonHQ: Simplifying Brand and Content Ownership

TritonHQ simplifies brand and content ownership through media library automation tools and high-quality video production services. Bryce Hunter leads TritonHQ, a company specializing in cloud infrastructure, consulting, information technology, internet services, media and entertainment, and software solutions.

Quantropi: Quantum-Secure Communications

Quantropi offers quantum-secure communications services, ensuring the highest level of security for data transmission. Founded by James Nguyen and Randy Kuang, Quantropi is at the forefront of communications infrastructure, information services, and network security.

Lux Modus Ltd.: 3D Mapping and LiDAR as a Service

Lux Modus Ltd. provides 3D mapping and LiDAR as a service, catering to industries such as autonomous vehicles, construction, geospatial services, power grid, railroad, and transportation. Joseph Hlady, Lance Fugate, and Matthew Glazner founded Lux Modus Ltd., driving innovation in infrastructure, mapping services, and software solutions.


These 15 infrastructure startups in Canada are pushing the boundaries of innovation, revolutionizing industries, and driving growth in the country. From cybersecurity and cloud computing to telecommunications and renewable energy, these startups are paving the way for a technologically advanced future. As they continue to disrupt and reshape their respective industries, these startups will play a crucial role in shaping Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape for years to come. Keep an eye on these innovative companies as they make their mark in the infrastructure sector, and expect to witness more groundbreaking advancements in the near future.

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