From Zoos to Metaverse: 15 Fascinating Video Startups in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a hub of innovation and creativity, with a diverse range of startups making their mark in various industries. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most interesting video startups in the region. These companies are changing the way we consume media, connect with others, and experience virtual realities. From video streaming platforms to immersive VR experiences, the Toronto video startup scene is certainly worth exploring.

Zoolife: Bringing the Zoo to Your Screen

Zoolife is a fascinating startup that takes you on a virtual trip to accredited zoos, sanctuaries, and rehabilitation centers. Through live and interactive streams, viewers get a chance to experience the wonders of wildlife from the comfort of their homes. The platform combines entertainment and education, making it an excellent resource for animal lovers of all ages.

Artboard Studio: Redefining Collaborative Design

Artboard Studio offers a collaborative mockup design tool, revolutionizing how designers work together. With a focus on brand marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, and product design, the platform enables seamless communication and efficient design iterations. It’s a must-have for teams looking to streamline their creative processes.

Dark Slope Studios: Crafting Immersive VR/AR Experiences

Dark Slope Studios is at the forefront of developing virtual and augmented reality experiences. As the demand for immersive content grows, this startup stands out in the fields of animation, gaming, and digital entertainment. Their innovative projects push the boundaries of what’s possible in the virtual realm.

Rally Video: Redefining Social Group Engagement

Rally Video offers a dynamic video platform that caters to social groups. From hosting virtual events to facilitating networking opportunities, Rally Video has created a space for meaningful connections in a digital world. This startup is a valuable asset for those seeking to enhance their professional and social networks. Showcasing African Content to the World is an exciting streaming site that celebrates African content in various forms, including films and music. By promoting African artists and creators, the platform plays a vital role in expanding the reach of African culture on the global stage.

Eon Media: Empowering Content Providers with ROI Data

Eon Media is a game-changer in the world of video streaming, empowering content providers and sponsors with accurate ROI data. By analyzing sponsor logos in video content, Eon Media delivers valuable insights that help businesses optimize their marketing strategies.

Goodkind: Revolutionizing Business-to-Consumer Sales

Goodkind introduces a new approach to business-to-consumer sales through video messaging. With their innovative platform, businesses can personalize their interactions with customers, making the sales process more engaging and effective. Enhancing Community Management in Esports provides online community management software tailored for esports and gaming communities. By fostering better communication and collaboration, elevates the gaming experience for both players and fans. A New Dimension of Social Networking offers a unique social networking experience through mobile apps, catering to content creators and fostering authentic connections among users. It’s a refreshing take on social media in an age dominated by superficial interactions.

Metaghiti: Exploring the Boundaries of the Metaverse

Metaghiti ventures into the cutting-edge technologies of the metaverse, VR, AR, and blockchain. By combining these emerging technologies, the startup aims to create exciting and immersive experiences that go beyond the limits of traditional reality.

Ennface: Unleashing the Gaming Potential

Ennface is a gaming company that unleashes creativity and innovation in the gaming industry. Through their game development expertise, Ennface aims to deliver thrilling experiences to gamers worldwide.

Ruksack: Personalized Travel Planning for Adventurers

Ruksack connects travelers with local travel advisors, offering personalized trip planning services. By adding an authentic touch to travel experiences, Ruksack is changing the way people explore new destinations.

Utreon: Empowering Content Creators with a Payment Solution

Utreon offers a video platform with a built-in payment solution for content creators. By incentivizing high-quality content creation, Utreon helps creators monetize their work while providing viewers with valuable and engaging content.

Teleport: Reimagining Online Dating with Real-Life Inspiration

Teleport puts a fresh spin on online dating by incorporating real-world experiences. By focusing on authenticity and genuine connections, this startup stands out in the crowded dating app market.

Videolinq: Revolutionizing Live Streaming on Social Media

Videolinq introduces a new way to live stream on social media platforms. With their cloud data services, the startup simplifies and enhances the live streaming process for content creators.


Toronto’s video startup ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation, and the companies mentioned above are just a glimpse of the exciting ventures in the region. From immersive VR experiences to interactive social platforms, these startups are shaping the future of media and entertainment. Their creativity, determination, and vision exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship that thrives in Canada’s most dynamic city. Keep an eye on these Toronto video startups as they continue to make waves in their respective industries.

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