Game Changers: 15 Professional Services Startups Shaping Ontario’s Future!

Welcome to, where we showcase innovative and exciting startups in Ontario, Canada. In this edition, we present a diverse range of Professional Services startups that are making waves in their respective industries. From financial services and AI-powered insights to virtual team-building activities and interview preparation platforms, these startups are redefining the landscape of professional services in the region.

My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds is a funding program that offers trading opportunities, earnings bonuses, and profit splits. Founded by Anurag Jaiswal, this startup operates in the realms of Financial Services, Professional Services, and Trading Platform.


Kaitongo is an AI-powered data and insights platform with a unique differentiator of extracted insights suggesting the use of content. Sumathi Pundit is the visionary behind this innovative startup, which spans across the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Professional Services, Sales, and Software.

Goat Cyber Space Inc.

Goat Cyber Space Inc. provides IT Software Services & Solutions. Srishty Dhawan founded this startup, focusing on Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software.


Previance is a financial crimes compliance advisory and automation firm that helps businesses manage risk by embracing digital transformation. Sam Wong is the driving force behind this venture, which operates in the fields of Compliance, FinTech, Professional Services, and Risk Management.

Estahad – The Classified Bhai

Estahad is a full-stack digital marketer who evaluates projects, websites, social media, and determines the best marketing vehicle for clients. The startup’s domain includes Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Marketing, Professional Services, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, and Social Media Marketing.

iTechnolabs Inc

iTechnolabs Inc is a software development company specializing in web applications, mobile apps, and digital marketing services for businesses. Pankaj Arora is the founder of this startup, which covers the areas of Apps, E-Commerce, Information Services, Information Technology, Professional Services, Service Industry, Software, and Web Design.


InWork360 helps job seekers find work and employers discover the right candidates. The startup focuses on Professional Services, Recruiting, and the Service Industry.


BrainStormers provides Startup Development, Strategic Consultation, and Venture Capital (VC) services. The founder, Roger Grekos, leads this startup in the realms of Business Development, Consulting, Legal, Professional Services, and Software.


ESGTree is an online reporting platform to collect, analyze, and report ESG data for investors and corporations. The startup operates in the domains of Analytics, Database, Information Technology, and Professional Services.


Backers is a Security Token LaunchPad and Business Support Services provider. This startup’s offerings span across Consulting, Finance, Financial Services, Marketing, Professional Services, Software, and Web Development.

Equality Street

Equality Street is a recruiting firm that specializes in placing Salesforce professionals. Rob McTavish founded this startup, which operates in the fields of Human Resources, Professional Services, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency.

SMART Envisioning and Research

SMART Envisioning and Research is a research and solutions provider founded by Carlos Leal. The startup operates in the domains of Consulting, Education, and Professional Services.

Vivid Zone

Vivid Zone aims to deliver the best in class BPO & IT services, embracing ideation and innovation to create lasting value. Ali Mallhi founded this startup in the realms of Consulting, Information Technology, Internet, Marketing, Professional Services, Software, and Web Development.


Teamland offers virtual, hybrid, and in-person team-building activities, including retreats, offsite events, and holiday parties. The startup focuses on the Advice and Professional Services sectors.


Ace is an AI-enabled interview preparation platform that aims to give users confidence in interviewing. This startup, covering Artificial Intelligence, Education, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Professional Services, and Training, offers a transformative approach to interview preparation.


Ontario, Canada, is brimming with innovative startups that are revolutionizing the world of professional services. These companies, with their unique offerings and visionary founders, are driving the region’s economy forward. From AI-powered insights to digital marketing solutions and beyond, the startups showcased here are a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Ontario. As they continue to grow and flourish, we can expect even greater contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of professional services in the province.

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