Get Ready to Download: These 15 Toronto App Startups Are Going Viral

Toronto, Ontario is quickly becoming a hub for startups and innovative technology. With a thriving tech ecosystem and a culture of innovation, it is no surprise that the city is home to a number of exciting app startups. Here are 15 startups that are making waves in Toronto’s tech scene:

Treepz: Safer Transportation for Everyone

Treepz is a Mobility-as-a-Service platform that provides a safer transportation system for over 2.5 million customers in its first 3 years. With car sharing, ride sharing, and mobile app services, Treepz is revolutionizing the way people get around.

Peggy: A Secure Marketplace for Investment Grade Art

Peggy is a secure marketplace for buying and selling investment-grade art. With its unique combination of blockchain technology and mobile app capabilities, Peggy is a game-changer in the art world.

Nuula: Tools for Small Enterprises

Nuula is an application that provides tools that make critical business KPIs easier for small enterprises. With its mobile app and software offerings, Nuula is helping businesses thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Stadium Live Studios: A Digital Playground for Fans

Stadium Live Studios builds a digital playground for fans across sports and cultures. With its mobile app and social network offerings, Stadium Live Studios is bringing sports fans together in new and exciting ways.

Panda Hub: On-Demand Car Care

First there were on-demand taxis, now Panda Hub brings you on-demand mobile car care. With its automotive, mobile app, and service industry offerings, Panda Hub is making car care more convenient than ever before.

Rocket Doctor: Telemedicine Marketplace

Rocket Doctor is a telemedicine marketplace that enables physicians to bring an advanced doctor’s office directly to patients’ homes. With its health care, marketplace, and software offerings, Rocket Doctor is changing the way we think about healthcare.

Mayday: Calendar Assistant for Productivity

Mayday is a calendar assistant that helps you sustainably increase productivity while reducing the potential for burnout. With its mobile app and productivity tools, Mayday is helping people achieve their goals without sacrificing their mental health.

Brokrete: Storefront Solution for Construction Commodities

Brokrete is a storefront solution for construction commodities. With its mobile app, construction, delivery, e-commerce, and software offerings, Brokrete is making it easier for construction companies to get the supplies they need to get the job done.

Formaloo: Build Custom Apps for Your Business

Formaloo makes it easy to build custom apps for your business. With its B2B, collaboration, consumer research, database, developer tools, edtech, and mobile app offerings, Formaloo is helping businesses of all sizes create custom apps without any coding experience.

STAN A.I.: A.I. Property Management Assistant

STAN A.I. is the first A.I. property management assistant for condominiums and homeowner associations (HOAs). With its artificial intelligence, mobile app, property management, real estate, and software offerings, STAN A.I. is making it easier for property managers to keep track of all their properties.

Fyyne: Social Marketplace for Beauty Services

Fyyne is a social marketplace for beauty services. With its beauty, consumer, marketplace, and mobile app offerings, Fyyne is making it easier for people to find the beauty services they need in their area.

Resq: All-in-One App for Restaurant Repair and Maintenance

Resq is the all-in-one app to request, track, and pay for your restaurant’s repair and maintenance needs. With its internet, software, and mobile app offerings, Resq is making it easier for restaurant owners to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Crescendo: Exceptional L&D Experiences with AI-Powered Microlearning

Crescendo delivers exceptional L&D experiences with AI-powered microlearning, world-class content, and intelligent analytics. With its mobile app, artificial intelligence, edtech, information services, machine learning, and messaging offerings, Crescendo is revolutionizing the way people learn and develop their skills.

Reefreshed: 24/7 Goods and Services with Delivery Within Minutes

Reefreshed is an online platform that provides goods and services 24/7 with delivery within minutes. With its mobile app, delivery service, e-commerce, grocery, marketplace, SaaS, service industry, and shopping offerings, Reefreshed is changing the way people shop and get the things they need.

B4Grad: America’s Fastest-Growing Study Platform

B4Grad is America’s fastest-growing study platform. With its mobile app and education offerings, B4Grad is making it easier for students to study and prepare for their exams.


These 15 exciting app startups are just a small sample of the thriving tech ecosystem in Toronto, Ontario. From transportation and healthcare to art and beauty services, these startups are leveraging mobile app and software technologies to disrupt traditional industries and make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to innovate and make waves in the tech world.

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