Healing Redefined: 15 Quebec Medical Startups Propelling Us into the Future

Nurturing Innovation for a Healthier Tomorrow.

Quebec, Canada, is rapidly establishing itself as a hotbed for groundbreaking medical startups that are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. These innovative ventures are harnessing the power of technology, data, and creativity to bring about remarkable advancements in precision medicine, medical devices, biotechnology, and more. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of 15 trailblazing medical startups that are redefining the future of healthcare.

Perceiv AI: Pioneering Precision Medicine with AI

Perceiv AI is at the forefront of precision medicine, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to forecast disease progression. Founded by Christian Dansereau, César Laurent, and Maor Zaltzhendler, this startup combines clinical trials, health diagnostics, and predictive analytics to provide personalized treatment strategies for patients.

Congruence Therapeutics: Advancing Biotechnology for Better Health

Congruence Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on leveraging cutting-edge scientific research to develop novel medical solutions. With an emphasis on innovation, this startup aims to address various medical challenges through biotechnological advancements.

Puzzle Medical Devices: Transforming Hemodynamic Care

Puzzle Medical Devices is dedicated to the development of minimally invasive, long-term hemodynamic transcatheter pumps. This Canadian company, founded by François Trudeau, Gabriel Georges, MD, and Jade Doucet-Martineau, specializes in creating innovative medical devices that enhance patient care and quality of life.

Pathway Medical: Empowering Healthcare with AI

Pathway Medical empowers clinicians and healthcare organizations through artificial intelligence and information technology. Founded by Christophe Marois, Jonathan Hershon Saint-Jean, and Louis Mullie, this startup is revolutionizing healthcare delivery by enabling more efficient and effective patient care.

Lotus Medical: Innovating Customer-Centric Healthcare

Lotus Medical is a customer-centric, tech-enabled healthcare startup. Co-founded by Guillaume Simard and Philippe Marcotte, Lotus Medical leverages information technology to enhance patient experiences and streamline healthcare services.

FemTherapeutics Inc.: Personalized Gynaecological Prosthetics

FemTherapeutics Inc. is pioneering personalized therapeutics for women, with a focus on creating customizable gynecological prosthetics. Founded by Inara Lalani, Mihnea Gangal, and Negin Ashouri, this startup combines 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and medical expertise to improve women’s health.

Medzy: Revolutionizing Remote Pharmacy Relationships

Medzy is transforming the way pharmacies engage with their customers remotely. Through innovative health technology and pharmaceutical services, this startup, led by Francis Valois and Sonia Boutin, is enhancing patient-pharmacy relationships and healthcare accessibility.

TherAppX: Simplifying Health Software Access

TherAppX provides healthcare organizations with a curated ecosystem of health software for patients. Co-founded by Alexandre Chagnon and Michael Cardinal, this startup facilitates easier access to therapeutic and wellness applications, promoting holistic patient care.

Statera Medical: Advancing Orthopedic Implants

Statera Medical specializes in orthopedic and medical devices, particularly shoulder joint replacement implants. Founded by Frederik Plourde, Moreno Morelli, and Samuel Bourdon, this startup is driving advancements in orthopedic care.

Factually health: Harnessing AI to Separate Health Fact from Fiction

Factually health utilizes AI to discern health-related information from misinformation. With a focus on health and wellness, this startup, led by Lina Forcier, is equipping individuals with accurate knowledge to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Shapeshift 3D: Custom-Fitting Personalization at its Best

Shapeshift 3D offers a fully autonomous custom-fitting personalization platform. Co-founded by Jonathan Borduas, this startup combines 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and manufacturing to provide personalized solutions in various industries, including medical devices.

eyful: Enhancing Vision with AR Glasses

eyful is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals afflicted by age-related macular degeneration through prescription augmented reality glasses. Founded by Michael Perreault, this startup is leveraging medical device technology to enhance visual experiences for patients.

FLITE Material Sciences Corp.: Empowering Ordinary Materials Extraordinary Abilities

FLITE Material Sciences Corp. specializes in surface engineering that enhances materials’ capabilities. This startup, founded by Dan Cohen, Ogan Gurel, and Rob Katz, is impacting industries such as aerospace, clean tech, and medical devices.

Saguaro Technologies: Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

Saguaro Technologies is advancing drug discovery technologies to combat human diseases. Through cutting-edge biotechnology, this startup contributes to the development of innovative treatments and therapies.

Ethnocare: Enhancing Lives with Orthopedic Devices

Ethnocare is dedicated to enhancing users’ lives through the development of orthopedic devices. With a focus on medical device innovation, this startup aims to improve daily experiences for individuals with orthopedic needs.

Conclusion: Paving the Path to a Healthier Future

The dynamic landscape of medical startups in Quebec, Canada, is shaping the future of healthcare through innovation, technology, and a commitment to improving patients’ lives. These 15 startups showcase the remarkable potential that lies at the intersection of medicine and entrepreneurship, offering solutions that span from precision medicine and biotechnology to medical devices and AI-driven healthcare. As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they are poised to make a lasting impact on global healthcare systems and pave the way for a healthier, more connected world.

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