Health Care Disruption Alert: Alberta’s 15 Startups Revolutionizing the Industry!

Discover a diverse range of health care startups in Alberta, Canada, driving positive change and reshaping the future of medical services.

Alberta, Canada, is witnessing a surge in health care startups that are revolutionizing the industry with their innovative approaches and technological advancements. These trailblazing companies are dedicated to improving access to care, enhancing patient outcomes, and addressing systemic healthcare challenges. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable health care startups in Alberta that are at the forefront of transforming the landscape.


PurposeMed aims to improve access to complex care for underserved communities. With a focus on medical, personal health, and pharmaceutical industries, PurposeMed leverages innovative solutions to connect patients with the care they need.

Clinify Inc

Clinify Inc provides a centralized and standardized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform, enabling health care providers to streamline health insurance claims and payment processes.

Corus Orthodontists

Corus Orthodontists is a network of orthodontic partnerships that prioritizes exceptional patient care while preserving patient-doctor relationships. They deliver high-quality and personalized orthodontic services.

Wosler Corp.

Wosler Corp. is dedicated to improving access to healthcare labor and making healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective. They focus on leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency of health diagnostics and medical device industries.


PulseMedica is a developer of 3D imaging and laser platforms for vitreoretinal diagnosis, catering to the needs of the medical device industry.


Dynaleo specializes in manufacturing cannabis-infused gummies for the adult-use market, combining expertise in cannabis, health care, and manufacturing sectors.


OraQ AI offers a clinical decision support system that empowers patients to improve wellness practices through a holistic approach. They leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide valuable insights.


DiveThru connects today’s generation with therapy, community, and self-guided resources. They operate at the intersection of health care, media and entertainment, mobile apps, and psychology.

Cherry Health

Cherry Health is a medical careers network that empowers providers with connectivity and tools to address systemic healthcare problems. They bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and job opportunities.

Qualisure Diagnostics

Qualisure Diagnostics develops diagnostic tests that identify the unique properties of each patient’s cancer. They aim to provide personalized information to guide disease management decisions.

Alethea Medical

Alethea Medical helps family physicians receive specialist advice within one day, significantly reducing the waiting time and enabling better and faster patient treatment. They focus on leveraging medical devices to enhance healthcare outcomes.


Vetsie offers innovative technology solutions to transform and inspire the world of pet care. They provide software and veterinary services, combining expertise in healthcare and pet industries.

48Hour Discovery

48Hour Discovery is involved in peptide-based drug discovery services, catering to the needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and therapeutics industries.


MACH32 is a medical device startup that develops innovative solutions for new and longstanding medical problems. They are dedicated to advancing the healthcare industry through their cutting-edge devices.

Marvel Biotechnology

Marvel Biotechnology Inc. is a life sciences company dedicated to advancing biotechnology and healthcare. They focus on research and development to drive scientific progress in the industry.


The health care startup scene in Alberta, Canada, is teeming with innovation, passion, and dedication. These 15 remarkable startups are reshaping the industry, leveraging technology, and implementing disruptive approaches to enhance access to care, improve patient outcomes, and solve systemic healthcare problems. As these startups continue to evolve, they hold the promise of a brighter and more inclusive future for healthcare in Alberta and beyond.

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