Legal Services, Upgraded: 15 Visionary Startups Transforming the Canadian Legal Scene

Exploring 15 Innovative Legal Startups Redefining the Practice of Law in Canada.

The legal industry is witnessing a transformative shift with the advent of technology-driven solutions. In Canada, a diverse range of startups is leveraging innovative tools and platforms to streamline legal processes, enhance accessibility to justice, and empower both lawyers and clients. From estate planning to AI-powered personal injury claims, these startups are making significant strides in reshaping the legal landscape. Let’s take a closer look at 15 remarkable legal startups that are pioneering the way forward for the legal sector in Canada.

Goodlawyer: Connecting Entrepreneurs with Business-Minded Lawyers

Goodlawyer is an exceptional platform that connects entrepreneurs with a network of business-minded lawyers. Co-founded by Brett Colvin and Thomas Alvarez, the startup is revolutionizing the way legal services are accessed by businesses, making it more convenient, cost-effective, and efficient.

Willful: Simplifying Estate Planning for Canadians

Willful offers an online estate planning platform designed to simplify the process of preparing for and dealing with one’s estate. Founded by Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds, Willful is empowering Canadians to manage their end-of-life planning efficiently and effectively.

PainWorth: AI-Driven Automation for Personal Injury Claims

PainWorth employs artificial intelligence to automate personal injury claims for victims, streamlining the legal process and providing much-needed support during challenging times. The startup offers a user-friendly application that assists injury victims throughout their claims journey.

Cadence: End-to-End Estate Planning and Settlement Solution

Cadence offers an end-to-end estate planning and settlement solution, catering to the needs of individuals and families planning for the future. Founded by Krystian Olszanski, Rachel Drew, and Rachelle Perron, Cadence brings convenience and peace of mind to estate planning.

iComply Investor Services Inc.: Reducing Regulatory Friction in Financial Markets

iComply Investor Services is an award-winning software company that focuses on reducing regulatory friction in financial markets. Co-founded by Matt Masiar, Matthew Unger, and Qayyum Rajan, iComply’s solutions aim to enhance compliance and streamline operations for financial firms.

Lawbrokr: Empowering Lawyers with Templated Storefronts

Lawbrokr provides lawyers with templated storefronts, enabling them to convert and pre-qualify prospective clients through a dedicated link. Founded by Daniel Steinberg and James Ziavras, Lawbrokr is making it easier for legal professionals to showcase their services and connect with clients.

Dealcloser Inc.: Simplifying Transaction Management for Legal Professionals

Dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals, offering a seamless platform to manage deals efficiently. Co-founded by Amir Reshef, the startup is streamlining the legal transaction process and enhancing collaboration between legal teams.

Matter365: Cloud Platform for Law Firms

Matter365 is a cloud platform tailored for law firms, providing time-saving features, improved billing efficiency, and the flexibility to work remotely. Founded by Michael Carr, Milovan Milic, and Tom Serani, Matter365 is at the forefront of enabling law firms to adapt to the modern work environment.

Neolegal: Facilitating Access to Justice Through Technology

Neolegal aims to facilitate access to justice by providing simple, fast, and cost-effective legal services. Founded by Fabien Navet and Philip Hazeltine, Neolegal leverages technology to make legal assistance more accessible and efficient.

BorderPass: Simplifying Newcomer and Visa Management

BorderPass is a platform that simplifies newcomer and visa management processes. Founded by Josh Green and Sally Daub, the startup streamlines the immigration journey for individuals and families, reducing complexity and enhancing transparency.

SuperVisas: Making Immigration Simple

SuperVisas is dedicated to making immigration processes more straightforward and accessible. Co-founded by Joe Chen, Sean Fu, and Spencer Dobrik, SuperVisas offers user-friendly solutions for individuals seeking immigration services.

Orchid B: An End-to-End Back Office Platform

Orchid B provides an end-to-end back office platform for the self-employed and SMEs, catering to their accounting and insurance needs. Co-founded by Claudio Romano, the startup offers streamlined solutions for businesses to manage their financial matters effectively.

Intelli Network: A Peer-to-Peer Crime Report Platform

Intelli Network operates a peer-to-peer crime report platform using a distributed ledger network. Founded by Kamea Aloha Lafontaine, the startup enhances security and transparency in crime reporting.

Om Company: Protecting What Matters

Om Company is a legal and financial technology company dedicated to helping individuals protect their hard-earned assets. The startup offers innovative solutions to safeguard people’s financial interests.

Legalese Decoder: Simplifying Legal Jargons Instantly

Legalese Decoder aims to simplify complex legal jargon instantly. Founded by William Tsui, the startup empowers individuals to understand legal terms and contracts more effectively.


These 15 legal startups exemplify the power of technology in reshaping the legal landscape of Canada. From enhancing accessibility to justice to streamlining legal processes and empowering lawyers and clients alike, these innovative ventures are ushering in a new era for the legal industry. As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they are poised to leave a lasting impact on how legal services are delivered and experienced across the country.

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