Marketing Mavericks: 15 Calgary Startups Crafting the Future

Fueling Growth and Creativity in the Heart of Alberta.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, isn’t just known for its breathtaking landscapes and booming energy sector. It’s also home to a vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem, particularly in the marketing space. From sustainability-driven ventures to cutting-edge digital solutions, these Calgary-based startups are reshaping the marketing landscape with their unique offerings. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 intriguing marketing startups that are making waves in Calgary.

Arbor: Pioneering Sustainability Metrics

Arbor, founded by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, and Ben Grande, is a game-changer in the world of sustainability. The company employs proprietary data and a custom dashboard to measure, enhance, and showcase product sustainability for businesses. With a focus on analytics, big data, and consumer research, Arbor’s innovative approach aligns profit with planet.

Inner Spirit Holdings: Brands with Substance

Inner Spirit Holdings, led by Darren Bondar, is dedicated to crafting remarkable brands that stand out. In the realm of marketing and retail technology, this company is elevating branding to a new level. With a keen focus on substance, Inner Spirit Holdings embodies the fusion of creativity and strategic thinking.

Gloprime: Bridging Small Businesses and Manufacturers

Gloprime, founded by Chijioke Njoku, addresses a vital need in the supply chain. By offering procurement services and payment support, Gloprime seamlessly connects small businesses with manufacturers. The company operates at the crossroads of consulting, finance, and marketing, ushering in efficiency and collaboration.

Advoz: Amplifying Business Revenue

Advoz, created by Jordan Boyd, is a social media management and advertising app that empowers business owners to boost their revenue. With a focus on advertising and media, Advoz provides a strategic edge to businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and engagement.

Desi Indian Hypermarket: A Culinary Connection

Bringing a taste of Indian, Sri Lankan, and Pakistani products to Calgary, Desi Indian Hypermarket, spearheaded by Rioj Thomas, is more than just a grocery delivery service. It’s a cultural bridge that enriches the city’s diversity. With a footprint in delivery, retail, and marketing, this startup has carved its niche.

Bōde: Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing

Alan Kelly, Jeff Jackson, and Jordan Allred are the minds behind Bōde Canada. Their digital real estate platform is revolutionizing the way homes are bought and sold. With a focus on digital marketing and real estate, Bōde is redefining the home-buying experience.

Embold: Simplifying Influencer Marketing

Embold enters the scene with a promise to simplify influencer marketing. While details about the founders remain undisclosed, Embold’s vision aligns with advertising, digital marketing, and social media. The company is set to reshape how brands collaborate with influencers to reach their audiences.

Believeco Partners: Building Engagement Agencies

Believeco Partners takes the reins as an owner, operator, and builder of marketing, communications, and engagement agencies. This venture, focused on creative agency and marketing, seeks to drive innovation and excellence across the marketing landscape.

Comflo: Secure Blockchain Transactions

Chike M. Okpanachi Adaji heads Comflo, a blockchain platform that specializes in secure transaction and risk management. With applications spanning CRM, information technology, and marketing, Comflo brings a new layer of trust and efficiency to transactional processes.

pronto: Virtualizing Product Photography

Claudiu Bella’s pronto is changing the game for eCommerce brands. This virtual studio streamlines product photography, bridging digital marketing, e-commerce, and social media. With Claudiu Bella at the helm, pronto is shaping the visual narratives of online businesses.

Passion Dental Group: Elevating Dental Care

Passion Dental Group, founded by Brett Sorensen, Michael Parchewsky, and Richard Burns, marries dental care with a touch of marketing. Situated in the intersection of dental and healthcare, the group’s innovative approach enhances oral health while fostering community engagement.

Arcade: Crafting Digital Experiences

Mike Payne leads Arcade, a digital agency specializing in strategy, content production, and digital advertising. Arcade’s holistic approach to advertising, digital marketing, and social media management brings brands to life in the digital realm.

Marketify: Performance-driven Marketing

Marketify, with its performance marketing, PPC, SEO, and social media marketing offerings, is redefining marketing strategies. By focusing on advertising and digital marketing, this startup plays a pivotal role in propelling businesses forward.

Display Digital Marketing: Crafting Online Presence

Sheldon Semmler’s Display Digital Marketing excels in creating compelling online presences. With services spanning advertising, digital marketing, SEO, and web development, the startup empowers brands to captivate audiences in the virtual realm.

Schemantra: Elevating Website Schema

Ash T. is the visionary behind Schemantra, a web app that enhances websites through over 1,400 schema types. In the marketing arena, Schemantra adds a layer of sophistication that bolsters websites’ visibility and impact.

Conclusion: The Future of Marketing Unveiled

Calgary’s marketing startup scene is a testament to the city’s innovative spirit. From sustainability to real estate, blockchain to virtual studios, these 15 startups showcase the diverse ways in which marketing intersects with various industries. As these ventures continue to evolve and shape their respective niches, they collectively pave the way for a dynamic and impactful future in the world of marketing.

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